Diary of a Wimpy Kid Plus Giveaway

The Third Wheel Book 7_ABRAMS

My son is a HUGE fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He was super excited when he heard that Book #7 The Third Wheel was coming out last month. You should have seen his face when he opened the package that contained the book. He was screaming, over a BOOK! I was […]

The Book Vs. The Movie Version

My son is in second grade now and he’s well on his way to reading chapter books. We had a bit of a freak out in August about school starting, and I bought my son a book to read. Because it was summer still, and I know that he is sometimes a bit random, I […]


Yes, it is Insta-Friday again. How did this week end so fast? Yikes, summer is almost over!!! I can’t believe how fast it flew by.  We are gearing up for school to start soon, yet we are still enjoying the last of our summer. I have tons of stuff to write about, but literally no […]

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Break

Angry Kid is on Spring Break. We are at home.  No fancy resorts for us, unless some kind of rich Uncle came along? Any volunteers? Angry Kid has been going to soccer camp, while I have been doing some reading and running…ironically, my reading is about running. Books highly recommended by friends.  I actually met […]

Wordless Wednesday: Chapter Books

Angry Kid is in first grade. Unbeknownst to us, he was/is a great reader. He is plowing through chapter books. I took this photo tonight while he was reading his book for homework. The book was 36, yes thirty-six pages. Ye gads!! Welcome to “Angry Julie Monday’s Wordless Wednesday Linky”! If this your first time […]

The Surprises of Motherhood

I learn something new every day about Motherhood. Sometimes, it is good things, and sometimes there are bad things. But there are a ton of surprises. For the past month, I have been a Community Leader for the Million Moms Challenge. I have learned some great things from the blog posts, and discussions within the […]

We broke up

It’s official. It has been FIVE weeks since I’ve had a Monster Energy Drink.  I was starting to have crazy sugar cravings when drinking them.  I constantly wanted more and more Monsters.  I then wanted candy.  It was time to stop.  We had quite a long standing relationship.  I’ve broken up with my Monsters before.  […]

Giving Away My Books

I recently got a Kindle. I also live in a small house so I’m also trying to organize my office. I have a ton of books that I’ve read in the past two years.  I want to pass these books onto other people, whom also like to read.  If you live locally in Orange County, […]