Hello Monday {Post Holidays}

We survived the past week, but I’m not quite sure how. It is Monday and the beginning of a brand new week. Angry Kid and I are chillin’ today, but we have some fun plans the rest of the week. Here’s a recap of the past few days. Hello to last minute stops to the […]


Hey friends, guess what? Somebody is having a birthday today? Who’s that somebody? Oh, yay it is me! Angry Kid and I bonded yesterday. I may have stolen his rad vampire/devil hat. You may be jealous. I’m looking all gangsta’ cruisin’ the streets aka suburbia in my Tahoe! Please ignore the obnoxious six-year-old who is […]

Six Layer Rainbow Cake Tutorial

I sometimes try to be Super Mom.  But with working full-time, I sometimes have to outsource.  I called my BFF Stacey the weekend before Angry Kid’s birthday party, and asked a favor.  This was not a small favor, but a relatively huge favor.  I asked her if she could make a rainbow layered birthday cake […]

Six Years Ago Today: A Tale of Pregnancy, Hyperemesis and Two Surgeries

I am finally sitting down and writing about my pregnancy with Angry Kid.  It is the first time that I’ve actually blogged the details.  It is nothing really dramatic, more of a rollercoaster involving drugs, and surgeries.  In 2004, we attempted to get pregnant, nothing happened.  After fourteen months, we went to the doctor, you […]

Thirty-Five or Halfway to Forty


Doesn’t this look delicious? It is a white chocolate cheesecake tower from The Painted Pony in St. George, Utah.  This was my birthday dessert that I had after a delicious dinner with my two road-tripping buddies, Kelly and Tiffany. We had a fabulous, wonderful, and somewhat odd road-trip to St. George, Utah from Southern California […]

5th Birthday Celebration

This is a little late, about two weeks or so, but I’ve been quite swamped lately.  Plus, I had to edit all of the pictures. We had Angry Kid’s Birthday Party on a Friday night at Scooter’s Jungle, which is a bounce type place here in Orange County. The party was from 6:30-9pm.  Angry Husband […]

Camouflage Cupcakes

Angry Kid’s 5th birthday party was last Friday.  We did a Star Wars theme, even though it was held at a bounce place.  I’m pretty Type-A, and need to follow through with my themes.  You are thinking, what does camouflage have to do with Star Wars? Well nothing really, but they are quite boyish, and […]

Angry Kid had his Family Birthday Celebration

It has been quite the week in the Angry Household.  I switched my work shift from nights to days, and had one day off.  I’m working a different schedule for  two weeks, and then switching again.  It has been hard to fit in swim lessons, and party planning in between everything. Today was Angry Kid’s […]