Hello Monday {Post Holidays}

We survived the past week, but I’m not quite sure how. It is Monday and the beginning of a brand new week. Angry Kid and I are chillin’ today, but we have some fun plans the rest of the week. Here’s a recap of the past few days.

His game on the iPad is very important. He chose to sit in the itty bitty cart.Hello to last minute stops to the craft store and tiny shopping carts.

Christmas Eve at The Angry House: Husband's 38th Birthday, 7 men, 2 kids, 2 dogs, me....beer, pizza, chips, cake and Biloxi Blues.Hello to my husband’s 38th Birthday on Christmas Eve.

Hello to chips, pizza, and beer and watching old movies.

Lights on, TV on, Lego minefield, kid out cold in his bed.Hello to sleeping kid.

Hello to Lego minefield.

Hello to a fun night.

Santa left some packages for Angry Kid. I guess the next year will be filled with bike riding, Nerf shooting, book reading fun!Hello Santa.

Hello BMX Bike, Nerf, Star Wars, and Sharks.

Hello to kid getting sick at 2am, doing laundry, and cleaning carpeting.

Lasagna: Christmas Dinner Deliciousness. Recipe via @thepioneerwoman of course. Our family tradition for the past three years.Hello to Pioneer Woman’s Lasagna.

Hello to unwrapping presents.

Hello to husband getting the flu, sigh.

My son hiding in the corner. He's been playing @SkylandersGame on his new XBox all day. I heard about this game @BlogHer. I told my husband about it. He is totally impressed by the concept.Hello to Nana and Papa’s Christmas gift of an XBox with a Kinect.

Hello to The Skylander’s Game.

Hello to hours of entertainment for the kid.


Hello To Monday.

Hello to another week of vacation for the kid, and a few days off for me.

Hello to decluttering, cleaning, and even a little relaxing.

Hello to fun events planned this week.

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Veronica @ Germlisch
Veronica @ Germlisch

Love this post! Such a good collection of photos. And the "Lego minefield" made me laugh out loud! hahaha. Hope you're enjoying your week!

Paige Whitley
Paige Whitley

Just an XBOX fyi, It will stay cooler and be less likely to damage the discs if you have the xbox on it's side. You'll see when you look at it, the "bottom" has a vent, and that should be at the right side. Jealous of the Kinect! I totally wanted us to get one. We didn't.