Ten Ways To Pay It Forward When Blogging

I joined in on a fun discussion on Twitter yesterday.  Every Monday at 1pm PST, Crafterminds has a chat with a specific topic. Yesterday’s topic was “Promoting Other People”.  I think that I spend a fair amount of time promoting other bloggers.  I have a “Pay It Forward” philosophy on blogging.  If I promote other […]

#PopCameraAction Pop Secret Twitter Party

At the beginning of the month, I held a movie party at my house where my best friend and her daughter came over for a fun night.  We all had a great time, and ate tons of Pop Secret popcorn.  I was able to get the kids to pay attention for a few minutes, where […]

Surfing, Rather Than Writing

Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? I probably hear this at least once a day from Angry Husband.  “If you didn’t spend so much time lurking on the Internet, you might actually get something done.”  He has always called me a lurker.  […]

Best Local Micro-Blogger

Guess who’s a winner? Really, what category do you think I won? I’m not known for my awesome writing, and stuffs…. It is all about the Twitter… Yep, that’s right! TWO YEARS…in a ROW! “You’ve Just Been Spotted” OC Blog Awards Best Local Micro Blogger

Twitter at Night

Picture 3

I love Twitter, don’t you? Are you on Twitter? Am I following you? Twitter is good for people like me who have ADD, and only have to think in a 140 characters.  Some of the best online experiences that I have are on Twitter.  Lately, my Utah friends have been keeping me in hysterics late […]

Twitter Name Badges

In February at Blissdom, I wore my Twitter name badge every day.  It love it, because it is easy to read and has a magnetic back.  I feel that sometimes Conference Name Badges are hard to read. When I was cleaning out my purse, I re-discovered my Twitter Name Badge.  I was thinking that it […]

Too much caffeine, makes Julie crazy

I was in utter panic last week.  I had to leave for work and could not locate my keys.  I was yelling at Angry Husband for like an hour.  I ran an errand real quick, and took his truck.  I came back and tossed the house again, looking for my keys.  Gee, guess where they […]

Pink in a Sea of Black

Tanya from Design Action Studios and Angry Julie I went out for a little retail therapy with the bff, Stacey, last week. Lately retail therapy could be called, “let’s look and not buy, cause we are poor and/or Christmas is coming”. We hit the usual places…Pottery Barn, Z Gallery, and one of my favorite boutiques. […]