Insta-Friday: The sickness edition

We started the week of with a very early morning visit to the Emergency Room with Angry Kid.  My husband took the time to put on jeans and a t-shirt.  Of course, I was wearing my fancy pants, you know, Victoria’s Secret, and my chucks. While I was home sick with the kid for three […]

Hello Monday-The Fun, Food, and Fever Edition

Hello Monday! Hell to a busy, yet crazy weekend. So many stories from this weekend, there’s not enough time. Hello to Bubblefest at The Discovery Science Center. We got a sneak preview last Friday night. It was amazing! Hello to an early Saturday morning with Sharon. We headed off to Knott’s Berry Farm for a […]

Million Moms Challenge, Being Prepared

As a mother, I have all sorts of advice to give.  Whether it be good or bad.  I have being participating in the Million Moms Challenge for the past three months as a contributor.  This month’s topic is about “Tips For Raising A Healthy Baby”. I wrote about my son, Angry Kid, having several febrile […]

Project 365: Week 39

This is how life in suburbia looks. We’ve got soccer, a little blog conferencing, homework, crafts, illness, and caffeine. My son must have brought some bug home last week because I had a full blown cold come on at 12am, Monday morning. I was pretty sick until Wednesday when I started feeling better. On Thursday […]

Future Gynecologist?

I had a doctor’s appointment last week. I have to go every month for my crazy, I mean ADD meds. Angry Toddler was complaining that his ear’s hurt.  Great, well we all know that means, ear infection, or something stuck in there.  Luckily, my doctor also works within an urgent care center.  Plus, his pediatrician […]

What a Week

We started off the week with Angry Toddler getting a cold. Because of Angry Toddler’s history with bronchitis, asthma, and those lovely febrile seizures..we freak when his nose starts running. I swear our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are like a mini pharmacy. I should buy stock in the over-the-counter medications that we buy for Angry […]

Dentists, Doctors, and Growing Up

Every year Angry Toddler has his “well check” at his pediatrician’s office. I always make it months in advance. I actually look forward to this check-up. I save all my questions up and we discuss the milestones. I love his pediatrician, and was so delighted last year when she stepped forward and left the big […]

My first parent/teacher conference

Well, Angry Husband and I went to pick up Angry Toddler from preschool today. There was a note in his folder. AT had bit a kid 3x. The teacher wanted a meeting with us. Also, AT had been bitten by a kid on his back this morning. Angry Toddler was trying to take a toy […]