iTry Triathlon, My Race Volunteer Experience

@according2kelly and I volunteering at the 2013 iTRYathlon

So the day before I was leaving on a week long camping trip, I got up at the crack of dawn….um 4am-something. I somehow also forced my friend, Kelly, to get up with me. I (We) had volunteered to help out/volunteer at the iTRYathlon Women’s and Youth Triathlon. There are always a ton of races […]

Renegade Summer Trail Series #3

Renegade Races Summer Trail Series #3

Obviously, I did not learn my lesson, and I signed up for a 2nd trail race within a one month time frame. In July, I did the Renegade Summer Trail Series #2, which was race 2 of the 3. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t do the first one so that I could say that […]

CuppaKim’s Annual Mug Swap

Two year’s ago, Kim started her blog, “A Cuppa Kim”. For her annual blog anniversary, she hosts a “Mug Swap” which is quite rad for Kim to do on her blog anniversary. Kim was great about pairing everyone up and sending out the information with the person’s name, address, blog etc. for the mug swap. […]

A Pinterest Party

A few weeks ago, my friend, Kara Noel had a Pinterest Party at her house. I was super excited to go because I know that Kara Noel was planning big things. She told us to bring $20 and some kind of food dish. She would take care of the rest. I really needed a girl’s […]

Pinter Test Kitchen: Success in October

Jessica Johnson from Keeping up with the Johnsons started a little project called PinterTest Kitchen. This project basically is where you post about things that you have tried or made from the ideas that you “pin” on Pinterest. As of right now, I have 36 boards and 1154 pins on Pinterest.  1154 pins is a […]

Blog Sugar, The Conference

A few weeks ago, I grabbed my buddy April from her hotel in Huntington Beach, and we headed towards a little town called Westminster.  We were attending Blog Sugar, a one-day conference. Photo from April Kennedy. I love this picture of us. We arrived at the location, a little early and I got my chatter […]

Friday Favorites: Pre-BlogHer Link Party

Next weekend I will be in San Diego attending the BlogHer Conference. I will be hanging out with my roommates Kelly and Laurie. This will be my 3rd BlogHer Conference and their first.  BlogHer can be a bit overwhelming just because there will be a ton of people attending (over 3000), and it can get chaotic.  I […]

Wordless Wednesday: Craft Party

On Friday night, I attended a craft party.  I had some sweet treats, good conversation, and lots of laughs.  I entertained everyone with my lack of craftiness.  I can be crafty when I try, but I’m a perfectionist.  I got a bit frustrated when trying to cut out something with a pattern.  It was quite […]