Instagram has killed my blogging mojo

I’m sure that you have heard or seen this written by several bloggers already…

Life is just getting busier, and when I sit down to the computer, I can’t find the words to actually blog. I’ve done several races, attended several events, and even a conference recently. I want to recap all the awesomeness.. But it is just so easy to post a photo on Instagram. I even get rewarded on my Instagram posts with “likes” and comments. People don’t really comment on blogs anymore, but they take the time to comment on my photos.

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I have posts in draft and when I find the time I will write them. I’m slowly plugging away at them. My main problem is the photos. I have hundreds of photos to go through and post-edit. But if I could find the time in between family, work, running, kid’s hockey, and now crossfit…

I hope you enjoy my Instagram feed though. Even if you don’t follow me already, I’m @AngryJulie on Instagram also!

If you are a blogger, are you having the same issues as me? Finding the time to keep up with your blog?


I'm having the same problem. I've done one post since last June. I just can't bring myself to find the time to sit down and write. And it takes time to edit the pictures, not just writing the post. And I don't have that much going on. I just don't have the motivation to blog right now, but I am always posting on IG. And I love following you on IG. 

delovely details
delovely details

I suck at blogging as of recently. hoping to change that though. i can't even bother to really post IG pictures anymore. I fail at social media today.


Yes to the first.  And, not well at all to the second.  I understand the gratification and simple enjoyment there is in sharing a quick li'l pic versus what goes into a post.  I'm still writing, just more offline than on lately.  Things teeter back and forth.  I figure I'll tip the other way again or just keep tipping back and forth for now.   In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying Instagram, including your pics. :>


I enjoy you on Instagram :) I haven't blogged for awhile but I'm trying to write more so I made a commitment to write for a few minutes every day. Something short on my blog. 

So we all go through it! But yes, FB and IG are so gratifying with the likes and comments! 

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@luvnlaughter  Aww thanks!! It is soo hard to find time to do "actual blog posts" these days. I'm such a perfectionist and posts usually take me at least an hour or more. Who has time for that?

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