The Superbowl of Cupcakes

I could care less about football. Yep, I said it. The SuperBowl is all about the commercials and food for me. I was sick all last weekend, but I found the time to make some cupcakes in the “team colors”. I’ve used this same cupcake recipe several times and it works perfectly. Using multiple colors always impresses everyone.

But seriously, that game put me to sleep!

The Superbowl of Cupcakes. Will it be Denver or Seattle? They are tie-dye in the middle. #superbowl14 #cupcakes

My kid looks like he is up to no good eating a cupcake tonight. Apparently he had 5 of the Superbowl cupcakes that I made. He never eats sweets like this. #superbowl14 #cupcakes

I think my son loved the cupcakes, don’t you?