2013 Herbalife Triathlon 5K Race Recap

On Sunday morning, I got up super early and headed to Los Angeles with my friend, Alex. We were going to run the 5K ¬†race which was part of the Herbalife Triathlon. I had never done this race before, but I figured why not, because it was ONLY a 5K. Of course, I took some pictures prior to the race with friends, Alex and Kyle. I was wearing some Sparkle Athletic gear, as always….

Early 5K in LA this morning with @puckfarmer and @herbashark. The non-runners survived even with all their pre-race whining. #herbalife5k #teamsparkle #24takeover #herbalifetriathlon #latriathlon

The race started and it was a nice flat course. I should have probably researched the course, because there was a gigantic hill on the course. And right before I started running up the hill, I started to fill sick. I’m not sure what my issue was that morning. But I don’t think that my breakfast digested very well. But along the course there was a lot of encouraging people. Everyone was commenting on my skirt, and cheering me along. Even when I felt like puking (literally).

Finish line photo from today's  5K. I was making bee-line straight to the bathroom. Sickness has taken over me today post-race. Cold/Sinus Infection. But I did PR at the race. Win Win! #latriathlon2013 #herbalife5k #teamsparkle #herbalife #racecurse

As you can see from this photo, I finished and survived the race. I ran straight to the bathroom… I did not throw up but I still felt like I was going to. That is an awful feeling when you are running a race. It totally sucked. I’m not sure if it was the heat or something I ate.

But as for the course, except for the gigantic hill, it was nice and fast. It was a smaller race and everyone, even the spectators were great motivation. This race used to be called the LA Triathlon, but for the past few years it has been called the Herbalife LA Triathlon, as Herbalife is the official sponsor of the race.

As for Herbalife, I am a Herbalife Health Coach and avid user of Herbalife products. I’ve lost around 15 pounds since I started Herbalife and have kept it off for about a year. If you are interested in Herbalife, just send me an email.

The race is scheduled for September 21 in 2014. Unfortunately, I have another race scheduled that day, otherwise I would be doing this event again.