Summer Showers

After an awkward humid and somewhat rainy day yesterday in Orange County, we headed to the pool at 5pm…

Taking advantage of our HOA (Homeowner’s Association) benefits, we headed to the lagoon, only to find it closed for a private party. Luckily, there is a second lagoon nearby. Kelly brought her kiddos and even an additional kid (neighbor).

The kids loved the whole idea of a swimming pool with a beach-like feel with the sand. They built sandcastles and we didn’t have to worry about monsterous waves coming by.

Making sandcastles at the lagoon.

The husband brought his Weber Q and we (he) cooked up some hotdogs on the grill. We hadn’t used the grill since our Yosemite trip last year and it fired up with no problems at all. I love this tiny BBQ. It is perfect for summer. Kelly arrived with an assortment of regular and bacon-wrapped hotdogs. The bacon-wrapped hotdogs were delicious.

Hotdogs, and even bacon wrapped hotdogs on the grill.

After the kids had swam for a few hours, we decided that it was getting a little too cold and windy, so we forced them out of the water. And because we are awesome parents, we bathe our children. A group bath at the pool showers is good enough for us during summer.

Summer showers, the only kind you need.

We were joking after we had left the pool that it was almost like we had a mini day of camping. And then I found this box of S’mores granola bars on the floorboard of the car. Seriously, made me laugh.
What's a summer night without S'mores?

And then the night ended at 7-11, for Slurpees. Trying organizing a herd of children and attempting to find shoes and shirts for them was quite a process, but we managed to get Slurpees for everyone and make it out the door.

Slurpee stop.

The weather is still quite ugly outside today, and ugh the heat and humidity. I swear it feels like we are in Florida today. So weird. Hopefully, I can fit a run in tonight. It has been awhile since I ran. Especially when I just found that I’m doing a half marathon in a few weeks, and I totally haven’t trained.

Jill of All Trades
Jill of All Trades

What a great kid-filled-summer day!  That will be a day they will go back to in their memories in later years, I can guarantee!