Instagram and Twitter Running Challenges

Obviously, I’ve been quite the runner for the past year or so. You are probably wondering how I keep up the motivation? Sometimes, I even start to wonder. There are two things that have kept me focused: 1. A training plan and 2. Haus of Girls Instagram and Twitter Mileage Challenges.

Prior to each race {half marathon}, I’ve been following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Program for 12 weeks, with a little mix-up of the mileage here and there. I always take a blank calendar and map out the twelve weeks of running. I know what mileage I have to do that week in advance. Although I have certain mileage scheduled on certain days, it doesn’t mean that I always follow the schedule, by-the-book. I lead a very busy life and sometimes, have to flex around my mileage. I’ve only missed a couple of my scheduled runs in the past year, because the guilt seriously gets to me.

I don’t have my next race until November, and I’m kind of winging it right now. I’m not following a dedicated schedule right now, and it is very hard for me to remember to get my mileage in. But I am working on some different things with running, like speedwork, and eeekkk running on a treadmill because of time constraints. I have improved my speed and I’m about 30 seconds faster per mile now, because of this training. Yay me!

You are probably wondering what the Haus of Girls Instagram and Twitter Mileage Challenges are? Marta posts a “mileage challenge” every month on Instagram. Each month she posts a cute graphic with a hashtag similar to #56milesinjune which is this current month’s challenge.

I did a pretty good job in early 2012 with updating and posting about my running and mileage, but obviously, I haven’t posted much in the past few months. I had to go through my archives and I found that the last time I posted was September’s mileage. So I went through and found the challenge miles, and then I also added my actual mileage. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Challenge: 41 miles Reality: 81 miles

Challenge: 50 miles Reality: 74 miles


Challenge: 46 miles Reality: 74 miles


Challenge: 43 miles Reality: 92 miles


Challenge: 48 miles Reality: 74 miles


Challenge: 50 miles Reality: 84 miles


Challenge: 48 miles Reality: 79 miles


Challenge: 52 miles Reality: 81 miles

Is there something that you do to motivate you motivated to work out? To keep running? Goals? Competitions? Challenges? 

Let me know, I love to hear ideas from other people. I have several friends who are experiencing burnout right now. And I want to be able to have some other options for myself, because I’m getting there…


My mileage has taken a nose dive the last few weeks. My 10k is over, and the redic OT that has been happening, has ruined my schedule...


I'm kind of floundering right now. Too much personal stuff going on, lack of time, and lack of a long term goal. Right now I am working on the runner world's streak challenge, which is helping some. I am hoping that some issues clear themselves up over the summer, and I find my inspiration this Fall.

Robin B
Robin B

This is cool- I like the idea of a challenge. I am not in serious training mode right now, but I do track my workouts and keep accountable with them with an app called GymPact. You put $5 into the pot, and promise yourself to X number of workouts a week. It has to be at least 3, at least 30 minutes, and if you're walking or running, it needs to be at least a mile in that time. You can check in at gyms, or just walk around your neighborhood/do your own elliptical. It's kind of a scout's honor thing. If you don't make your pact, you lose $5. If you do make your pact, you're rewarded with about .35-.55 per workout done. There's something about making that pact and NOT losing my $5 that keeps me motivated. I am going to start training for running later this summer. I'm signing up for the Tink AND Princess half marathons at the respective Disney parks. Woo! 

angryjuliemonday moderator

@Brandy01 I've been floundering since my last race in May. I'm not really following a training schedule but just trying to get mileage done. I am also doing the #RWRunStreak right now too. I almost flaked on it last night but ended going out for a run at 8:30pm with my headlight on. I have a ton of personal stuff going on, plus work.

angryjuliemonday moderator

@Robin B GymPact sounds like a great app and motivator. Tink was a great race this year, I'm hoping to make Princess too. I'm doing Wine and Dine in November for the 2nd time.