Aloha Monday

Aloha, is my way of saying, “Hello Monday”, today!

How is everyone? Can you feel summer creeping up on you? Is it almost the end of the school year? Where did the time go?

Hello to some speedwork on the treadmill!

A little over a week ago, I ran the OC Marathon Half. I had no issues with my race, yippee! But I had to get back into my running post-race. My only problem was that the temperature is getting warmer out there, making it difficult to run during the day. I’ve had to work on my relationship with the treadmill, which has always been a love/hate thing.

I was cracking up though because everyone had been staring at the back of my leg. I realized that I still had my “Team Sparkle” tattoo on, and it looked brand new.

Fast treadmill run today brought on my @brooksrunning PureFlow 2's and my @runteamsparkle tattoo from last Sunday's Half Marathon. #teamsparkle #runhappy

 Hello to the end of the spring soccer season!

I signed my son up for soccer last minute this season. He was bored, and needed something to focus on. I think we totally lost the lack of focus a few games into it. I think the league is much smaller in the spring, so they had to merge some of the age groupings. He was older than most of the kids on his team, which was very noticeable.

So after Saturday’s game, the husband and I were quite relieved for it to be over. Although my son randomly got really good at defense in the last half of the game. Go figure!

Last soccer game of the season! What will we do with all our free Saturdays now?

 Hello gluttony!

I am admitting publicly that I have a love for Mexican food. I can’t get enough of it. One of the main reasons that I keep running, so I can eat all of the good things…but not all of the time.

Solo dinner while working tonight. Total glutton. Another reason why I run. #eatallthethings

 Hello to Mother’s Day!

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! We went to brunch with some family friends in Newport Beach. I was a hot mess trying to cover up all of my awkward tan lines with a dress. It was pretty funny. I should also work on drying my hair before taking photos. At least the kid and I clean up well!

Happy Mother's Day!


Hello to a new week!

Hello to a heat wave!

Did you have a good weekend? SoCal people, what is with this heat?

Anne Pelczar
Anne Pelczar

Aw, what a happy Monday post! Love the enthusiasm! Go Team Sparkle ;)


happy mothers day late the heat yes and all the poor folks dealng wit fires so early in the season. do you have a way to watch videos while on the treadmill? recently started scifit pedaling and unfortunately I am a captive of the cnn station they have running. perhaps they are trying to get the adrenaline going to help us tackle our machine ???


test comment. I am testing comments. Test, test, test.