Tuesday’s Thoughts…

It has been almost two weeks since my last blog post. I apologize. Every time I sit down to write a blog post, I get distracted. Mostly because I have to edit the photographs for my posts, which takes forever. I have a zillion posts in draft, waiting for additional photos, links, etc.

I have been rehab’ing myself a bit also. I hurt my knee during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon {post in progress} in January. After going to my regular doctor, I moved on to a chiropractor/physical therapist. He was recommended to me by my superstar running friend, Kelly.

Rehab'ing my hurt knee

I had been having groin pain in my left side since October/Novemberish. And my hip started hurting in December…then you add in my total knee buckle/collapse at the end of January. I had to figure out what was going on. Some people in my life think that “I need to stop running so much”. Ya, thanks for the support and encouragement folks….not!

I found out that my main issue was a problem with my psoas. “The psoas (so-az) muscle runs through your hips to connect the lower portion of your back to the top of your thigh. It’s one of your body’s main back stabilizers and hip flexors (the muscles that line your hips and allow you to bring your knees toward your chest).” By sitting for a prolonged time {umm work, 40+ hours}, my iliacus and psoas shortened over time. This shortening of the muscle has caused the groin, hip, and now knee pain. It also caused my left leg {non dominant} to be weaker.

So we some physical therapy/active release, stretching, and massage….I am actually ok. I’m so happy that my aches and pains were nothing major. But I just need to remember that I have to stretch throughout the day or else I will start having these problems again.

Ready to run Surf City Half Marathon

The day after my 2nd physical therapy appointment, I ran a half marathon {Surf City} and PR’ed {personal record}. I beat my fastest time by 7+ minutes. Yippee! The PR totally made up for my race fail, Tinker Bell Half, in January. I also wore an awesome new skirt design from Team Sparkle. Isn’t it cute?

I was a bit dehydrated after that race, and I will talk more about the actual race in a future post {seriously, post in draft}.

Watching the end of season 4 of Alias. Just startes season 5 a few minutes ago.    I heart Netflix. #10on10

I started watching Alias on Netflix a few months ago, and never quite finished all of the seasons. I’ve spent the past few days trying to finish watching it. I’m mid-way through Season 5 now. I will miss Sydney Bristow when it’s over, sigh.

All boy. iPad gaming, and hole in the knee of his jeans. #10on10

I attempted to participate in #10on10 this past Sunday. Ten on ten means posting ten pictures from throughout the day. I started posting them on Instagram. By the end of the day, I only had 6 photos taken. I’m a total fail. It’s hard to get photos when you are being lazy, and you have to work. My son has his own iPad but I guess my latest generation iPad with blue sparkly Juicy Couture case is more awesome than his.

Finally got around to hanging up my Valentine's Day decor. Love this wreath my cousin-in-law made last year for me. #10on10

Oh hai…Valentine’s Day creeped up on me this year. I have a ton of cute decorations but I somehow misplaced them all. Dumb! I did find this super cute wreath that my husband’s cousin made me last year. I hope to organize my house someday so I have all of my Holiday decor in one place. I figured out Valentine’s Day cards for my son to bring to his class party this week, and they are already finished, yippee!

So that about covers it…..

I’m trying to run again {slowly} without injuring myself. I just started training today for the OC Half Marathon, which is on May 5. I’ve been busy with school projects/homework/etc. with my son. I’m working a new schedule at work {adjusting still}. And I’m addicted to Netflix {nothing new}.

Did you miss me?


misplaced V-day decor? If by misplaced you mean in a tote in the garage. somewhere. buried under rubble. Then misplaced would be accurate ;)

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Sad but true...misplaced in my home office cabinetry. I did find my St. Patrick's Day bunting today though...when I completely gutted the office. I still had boxes from Christmas on my sewing desk.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

My updates = too exhausted to finish race recaps, clean, or anything else so just putting it out there!