My Insta-Week 12-2 to 12-7

It’s been awhile since I posted my week through Instagram. I really need to start doing that more. Actually, I need to use Instagram more also. I figured that everyone got sick of my running pictures and would be like, “geez Julie, you are running exciting…not so much”!

But it was a busy and fun week, so here it is:

A Week of Instagrams 12-2 to 12-7-12

From left to right:

1. Christmas Tree all decorated. The Mickey Mouse tree topper was made by my husband last year. 3 plastic Christmas ornaments in different sizes glued together.

2. The light-up Bumble at Ace Hardware. I want this decoration to put on the roof of my house. But ye gads, $60 is too pricey for 18 inches of Bumble awesomeness.

3. Monday Night Football at ESPN Zone in Los Angeles. My son is just starting to get interested in football. It is so cute to watch him.

4. Nokia Live in Los Angeles with a beautiful tree and ice skating rink outside.

5. Me and the kid. Super excited to be watching the Jingle Ball concert.

6. Posted the day after, the kid playing one of those dance games at ESPN. He was hilarious to watch.

7. Our Griswald Christmas decor is done. My husband says that we still need more lights.

8. Finally made it to see Tera Rae Stephens to get my hair cut and colored. YES, I do have more fun being blonder.

9. Caramel Hot Cocoa at iHop with Kelly. Who knew that iHop had such tasty hot cocoa?

My calendar is starting to get VERY full with Holiday parties and events. Hopefully I can maintain my sanity? Most of my Christmas shopping is done. I still need a “big” gift for the kid though. This is a difficult age to buy for, seven.

life rearranged


LOVE your hair!


does psy look as if he is riding an imagineery pony or skipping about the corral to miss the doodoo when he is on stage or just on video???