Being Active, Means Activewear

It is official, I have become “a runner”. Which means that I need the right clothing to do my “runs” in.  After running awhile, I’ve found what types of clothing work and don’t work for me. I’ve also discovered my favorite brands to run in.

Because I’m running several times a week, 4+ days…this creates a ton of laundry.  I think I wear workout and workout clothes and/or running clothing more than normal clothing. But really, what is normal clothing for me, jeans and t-shirts.  Because I have my favorite brands and I know the sizes that fit me right, I’ve turned to online shopping for I can find the best deal on running clothing.

I was recently given the opportunity to shop online at Macy’s Department Store in their Activewear section.  They have great brands like Nike, Puma, and The North Face available.  I focused in on what Nike had to offer as I have several other items that are Nike currently at home. Nike’s sizing is usually the same across the board, so I know that if I select the size online, it is usually spot on.

I chose the following items:

Nike Skinny Active Dri-Fit Shorts (black)

I love love love the shorts. Yes, they are a bit short but so comfortable. They are perfect for yoga or a short run.  They are not quite compression shorts but just loose enough where they are don’t cling. I’ve washed them already and they are super soft also.

Nike Skinny Active Dri-Fit Shorts

Nike Dri-Fit Pro Combat Sports Bra (black)

This a great sports bra. It is tight enough where everything is not bouncing while I run. Plus, black is a basic for my workout/running wardrobe.  I usually size down so that my sports bra fits a teeny bit tighter.

Nike Dri-Fit Pro Combat Sports Bra (black)

Nike Dri-Fit Pro Sports Bra (purple)

This bra is very similar to the black sports bra above but is a simpler style. And a gorgeous purple color. I love purple.

Nike Dri-Fit Pro Sports Bra (purple)

All of the items that I selected where on sale for great prices.  They shipped super fast also and were here in less than a week.  I love when you receive online orders fast!  Also, there is nothing better than coming home to find a package on your doorstep. It’s like Christmas!!!

I’ve shopped at Macy’s for years. I actually worked there for a year while in college (random trivia for you).  I had a great shopping experience finding Activewear online.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review via GigaSavvy. All opinions and random thoughts on fitness are mine.