Hello Monday: The NYC Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello Reality!

Hello Post-Travel Coma!

I got back late last night after being in New York City for the past five days.  I was there for the BlogHer12′ Conference.

Hello NYC at Night!

I arrived at JFK Airport at around midnight Wednesday night.  I didn’t make it to my hotel until about 1:30am or so. Luckily, I caught a cab from the airport with my friends Janice and Susan from 5 Minutes For Mom.

Hello NYC!

Hello Central Park!

Hello Six Miles Done!

I followed my training plan and my 6-mile long run for the week. Yippee!! Worst run ever though. It was hot, humid, and muggy outside.  I was also having side pain the few days prior to leaving for New York. I held my side a ton while running.  I also did the BlogHer 5K the next day.  Nine miles of running done while in New York.

Oh hai...just a little run around Central Park. 3 miles of 6 done.
Hello Subway!

I have never taken the subway. I took the subway all by myself to meet Carrie in Chinatown at The Garment District. Go Me!

I posted on my personal Facebook that I felt like I was in an episode of Law and Order.  I didn’t get attacked running in the park, and I braved the subway.  Silly Julie. But seriously, the subway was so much cheaper than taking a cab. Silly bloggers were spending tons of money on cabs.

Hello Garment District!

Hello Jem Fabric Warehouse!

Jem had great stuff. I was overwhelmed.

Jem Fabric Warehouse

Hello Times Square!

I went to an event at a very tall building overlooking Times Square!

I had to get a shot of The Hunger Games DVD Release Advertisement from above.

Taken from above, Ad for Hunger Games on DVD, NYC! #latergram

Hello Good Friends!

I was super excited to see my friend, Cynthia aka Nap Warden.

I met Cynthia in person at BlogHer in 2009.  She lives in Chicago so we see each other only once a year. But we talk on the phone or text at least once a week.

I may have had a glow stick in my hair as a headband.

The lovely @NapWarden and I at #sparklecorn last night. #blogher12 #latergram

Hello Tired and Sore Feet!

After tons of walking and nine miles of running while in New York, my feet were done!

I was hungry and lazy. I totally wore my pj pants and flip flops to Chipotle. I dressed it up with my Lululemon jacket. I’m fancy like that.

I totally just wore a @lululemon jacket, Target Pants with Koi fish, and black rainbow sandals to @chipotletweets tonight. Yes, I walked three blocks in NYC in my pjs to get Chipotle. #blogher12 #nyc

Hello Reality!

My flight got in at 8pm last night. Got home at 9pm. Work at 7am.

Busy day at work, and a ton of laundry to do.

I hope to post more about New York soon with photos, stories, etc.

Hello Monday!

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Looks amazing! Maybe one day I'll do one of these blog conferences.


It was great to see you again, feet and all.