Going The Distance, #40milesinJune

During the first week of June, I committed to run 40 miles in June.  Marta had the great idea for this challenge and a ton of people posted their mileage on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and their blogs.  I use Daily Mile to track all of my mileage for running.  I checked my account today and saw that I did 92 miles in May. Holy crap!!

#40milesinJunePhoto via Haus of Girls

On the 17th of June, I hit my 40 miles in June, but kept going.  I knew that we were going camping the last week of the month, so I had to get my mileage in.  We did a ton of hikes while camping, plus I walked to the village for wifi, quite a few times.  At the end of June, I logged in 63 miles total.  Several of June’s miles were ran with Angry Kid riding his bike alongside me.

Chose Your Path
Chose Your Own Path

I’m still running. It is super hard to find time to run during the summer with all of our activities going on, and then you also add in the heat! I’m waiting longer and longer at night. Sometimes, I run at 8pm or so, because it has finally cooled down.  I ran around 9:30am this morning because it was super overcast.  I was quite thankful for that.

Committing to my run regime has taken over a large chunk of my spare time. Laundry is piling up, emails are overflowing, and my house is not as tidy, but I really don’t care. Choosing my own path, and following my running goals is also setting a good and healthy example for my family.  Plus, I have another random topic to talk about.

Do you want to go the distance?

45 miles in July! Are you with me?

I’ve already done 10 miles so far.


Photo via Haus of Girls

I swear I haven’t turned into a super running freak. I am slow. Like turtle slow. I also need to start making To-Do lists. Like really bad!


I love this and I'm in! I'm pretty slow, but I've been killing the distance this summer. Now I just need to keep working on getting in strength training a couple times a week... Happy running!


Ahh... Slow is modest and relative. Maybe slower than some racers, but not that slow! I was trying to catch you & could not! I am slow :) then again I'm okay woth being slow! Gives me something to work for. And I love to do lists. And reminders. And alarms. I may actually put reminders on my to do list to set my alarm to do something at a certain time. I think even without Siri my iPhone is my personal assistant (and running partner!)


I'm in! Gotta start my training for Disney in September


Well I can by no way run 45 miles...but maybe I can bike it? Of course, this 112* heat needs to leave, pronto! ;-)