Hello Monday: Busy As Usual

Hello Monday!!!

Hello Day 2 of My Work Week!

Hello to starting off the weekend without any rest.

Hello Cake!

I met an old friend for frozen yogurt and umm cake last week.  We went to the 85C Bakery. It is super popular here and always crowded.

Afternoon cake date with an old friend.

Hello to the fabric store.

I’ve been away from the sewing machine for quite some time.  I went to the fabric store on Friday and saw all kinds of goodness.

I got some patriotic fabric which I actually went to the store for…and USC fabric….and my Star Wars fabric.

If I see Star Wars fabric, I buy at least one yard if I don’t have it already.  You never know when you might have to do a Star Wars project, right?

There is way too much going on in this shopping cart. Stocking up for future projects.

Hello Early Saturday Morning at Discovery Science Center!

We were treated to an early morning preview of their Wild Summer Program.

Angry Kid made a new friend, a green tree frog.

Angry Kid with a green tree frog on his arm @DiscoveryCube. #wildsummer

Hello Summer Races!

After leaving Discovery Science Center, we headed to Snail’s Pace where I signed up myself and Angry Kid for Huntington Beach’s 4th of July 5K Run. Angry Kid is doing the one mile kid’s run.

Hello New Shoes!

I blame my friend Casey, for this purchase of Saucony Kinvara 3’s. Totally her fault!

I completed 18.7 miles in the first week of June for the #40milesinjune challenge!

Showing off my new pretty @Saucony Kinvara 3's. My week 1 reward for #40milesinjune. Like I needed an excuse to buy them, right? Actually I blame @caseyruns! 18.7 miles done!

Hello Monday!

Hello to running in my new fancy shoes!

Hello to catching up with blogging.

I have some reviews and other fun things to work on!!!!

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Disclosure: I was invited to Discovery Science Center for a preview of their summer programs. Angry Kid and I were admitted free of charge. All opinions are mine. I will blog more about their summer stuff this week.


Phew! For a second there I thought I purchased some running shoes and might be expected to do something with them. Close one.


You should totally check out M&L fabric in Cypress/Stanton, if you haven't. It's a great place to check out for fabric for super awesome discount prices! I get most of my fabric there and I see so much fabric there that's the same in Joanns and other craft stores!


hello i would steal your shoes through the screen if i could. ;) seriously. they are like candy for my eyes.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

My shoes are like eye candy. I kinda love the neon laces. They have an aqua and red pair that I've been eyeing also.