Hello Monday, The St. Patrick’s Day Week Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello to Angry Husband returning from a two-week trip to England.

Yes, my husband was gone on a two-week pilgrimage to England with two of his friends. They visited castles, museums, and other random stuff in Europe.

Hello to Angry Husband taking pictures like this, A View of London from The London Eye.

View of London from The London Eye

Hello to me making fancy dinners like this, while he was gone.

I make fancy dinners and I always use the fine china.

Hello to working on school projects with Angry Kid last week, without Mr. Creative’s (Angry Husband) help.

I might just give myself a pat on the shoulder for completing the project. Although it started out like this.

These are supposed to be gold coins. Just another step in the #LeprechaunTrap project!

Hello to Angry Kid and his random cleaning sprees.

He was cleaning the bathroom before Daddy came home. This is the same kid that I ask a 1000 times to put on his shoes each morning.

Husband coming home tonight after his two week trip in Europe. My son is cleaning his bathroom to make it shiny.

Hello to my new baby.

Why yes, that is a new iPad. It arrived on Friday. Angry Kid and Angry Husband each have their own. It was time for momma to get one.

My new iPad
Hello to running a 5K on St. Patrick’s Day in my Team Sparkle Skirt.

Hello to two birthday parties for Angry Kid this weekend.

I only have a few, ok a few hundred photos to go through from this weekend. Blog posts coming soon.

How was your week last week?

How was your St. Patrick’s Day?

I’m kind of excited that it is Monday. In between every else, it was raining this weekend also.

Hello Monday!

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Yea, yea it was time.. momma deserves that iPad ;) Have lot of fun with it!