Hello Monday, Crafting, and Gaming

Hello Monday! Hello Brand New Week!

Hello Hectic Life. Can you tell that I’ve been busy?

My post is totally late tonight.

Hello to Angry Husband being out of town for two weeks.

Hello new shoes.

No coincidence about husband being out of town and the new shoes. Ok maybe, just a little one.

I bought myself a little present @Homegoods today. Love me some shoes!
Hello Angry Bird.
How did you get there way up high in the ceiling fan?
An Angry Bird is stuck in our ceiling fan. I guess the kid threw it up there earlier this week. We have tall ceilings too. Hilarious!
Hello Crafty Kid!
He wanted me to make masks with him. We, well more he than me, make masks with paper and popsicle sticks.
Whatever works, it kept him busy.
Making masks with Angry Kid. I was tagged by @wmgg to show what I am doing right now.

Hello Gamer!
In between all of his crafts, he found time for some games.
XBox and the iPad.
Angry Kid, The Gamer

Hello Lazy Weekend.
I worked part of the weekend, while Angry Kid hung out with my parents.
On Sunday, I cleaned all day. Not-so-much fun for the kid.
I promised him a new video game if he was good while we ran errands.
He picked more crafts instead of a video game.
I caught the kid mid-craft. He is also making me do Perler Beads. I am doing a cupcake one.

Hello to Little Gamer-Crafter.
My BFF asked me if my son was ever not crafting or gaming?
I had to seriously think about it. He likes to read, and run.
Angry Kid really is a combo of Angry Husband and me. So much it is scary!


Maybe I will actually blog something this week since my house is still clean.

If I ever find the time to edit my photos, etc.

I’m a total blog slacker lately.

Hello Monday, almost Tuesday!

I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard and her Hello Monday Series.


I kid you not, just 2 weeks ago my husband said to me "why do I feel like your shoe collection grows when I'm gone."


eh. blogging is overrated ;) do more crafts. take more iphone pics. tada! instant blog post!

Lynda @Me and My Pink Mixer
Lynda @Me and My Pink Mixer

Love the shoes and Angry Kid is so cute! Wish my daughter still liked to do crafts, but she's a teenager and way to cool for crafts right now :) Hope you have a great week!!