I miss sharing all of my random photos with you every week. Now that I’m not doing Project 365, you don’t get to see all of my food, and other random crap that I take photos of. Well today, you will get to see all of my randomness!

Happiness is pork quesadillas @CafeRioMexGrill.
Lunch at Cafe Rio with my husband, son, and husband’s co-worker. We used to go to Cafe Rio all the time, but I got totally burnt out. I got something different this time, a pork quesadilla.

Angry Kid playing on the iPad
Last Sunday, Angry Kid and I lounged around. He sat in the bed in our master bedroom and played on iPad for a few hours. He was all warm and cozy in the down comforters.

Antipasto Salad and Garlic Bread. Tis' my dinner tonight.
My antipasto salad from Haus of Pizza. I love the shell bowl that they serve it in. It makes it look so pretty. Everyone on Instagram commented that I eat so well. Obviously, I’m not posting the bowls of Lucky Charms, etc. that I also eat.

Random Jeep
Random orange Jeep. We used to have a Jeep, which was more like a beast, a 1984 CJ7. It was a complete nightmare. I love the orange color though. Husband’s response, “Not a Rubicon, only 2 doors, but has hard top”. Obviously, he likes the 4-door Rubicons. A Jeep is totally not happening though, been there, done that.

Is it against the rules to have breakfasty stuff for lunch? Because if it is, I'm a rule breaker.
Why yes, I had breakfast for lunch last week. I realized that it was 2pm, that I hadn’t eaten, and that the Rooster Cafe closes at 3pm. I had a Hearty Scramble, which is bacon, eggs, cheese, sausage, and ham all scrambled together with red potatoes.

My son is obsessed with watching old GI Joe cartoons on The HUB. I'm tired of our DVR being filled. I used giftcards and bought this 17 DVD box set on @Amazon. He was very excited. Pic taken by husband.
$150 is what is costs for hours of silence for me, and enjoyment for the kid. Vintage 1980’s via Amazon. Purchased with gift cards and Christmas money. SEVENTEEN DVD’s!

A little bit of sunshine on my walk back from school drop off. My neighbor, a video game designer, says that they call them "God Rays" in the gaming industry.
I’m such a hipster. I walk my kid to school. And I take photos with my iPhone along the way. My neighbor says that they call those “God Rays” in the video game design industry. Totally unedited photo.


This is pretty much it for my week. The rest of the photos on my iPhone are screenshots to remember things, coupons, and photos from work that go along with the “what happens at work, stays at work” theory.

life rearranged


Yummy food pictures, my favourite!


I LOOOOVE the colours of your master bedroom! There's just something awesome about teal and red together! :D

Day 2 Day Printing
Day 2 Day Printing

The quesadilla from Cafe Rio looks delicious. I should stop by that place with my wife, we go to see her mom every week in Huntington Beach.


What? You don't eat like a queen every meal of every day? so sad =(