Pinter Test Kitchen: Success in October

Jessica Johnson from Keeping up with the Johnsons started a little project called PinterTest Kitchen. This project basically is where you post about things that you have tried or made from the ideas that you “pin” on Pinterest. As of right now, I have 36 boards and 1154 pins on Pinterest.  1154 pins is a lot. I’ve done a few projects that I’ve found on there so I thought I would join in and share.

Halloween Bunting

Of course, I caught on the bunting trend like everyone else. My only problem is that I don’t sew. I found this Banner Tutorial awhile ago. I got all of the fabric for a Halloween theme.  I cut out the banners, and got the bias tape. I prepped everything….and then outsourced the sewing to Alissa from Rags to Stitches.  Alissa is always sewing something. I bribed her with usage of a basket of mine that she covets. I’m going to start looking for some fabric for a Christmas themed bunting next. Hopefully by the time I’m ready, I will be able to do the sewing myself.

Besides poking myself in the fingers with the pins and outsourcing the sewing, this project was a big win! The author of the tutorial has a great template for the banners also. I have permanently saved that template.

I made a few extra banners and sent them to my cousin-in-law Jackie in Arizona.  I’m going to make her some Christmas ones too.

Project 365 289/365: Mailed this Halloween bunting to cousin-in-law today. I outsourced the sewing to my seamstress @ragstostitches yet again.

CrockPot BBQ Chicken

Ironically, I tried a recipe from Jessica last month. In October, she posted an easy recipe for CrockPot BBQ Chicken.  I’ve had a crockpot for quite some time and I barely use it. I thought this simple recipe was something that I could do.  I got all the ingredients and made it on a Monday. The recipe says to cook it between 4-6 hours. I found that 5.5 hours is the perfect time for it. We came home from soccer practice and our house smelled so good.

Angry Husband and Angry Kid are super picky. They ate every bite of this chicken. I served it with baked beans and corn, plus a loaf of fresh french bread. This chicken is now a family favorite.

Another Pinterest Win for me!

CrockPot BBQ ChickenNutter Butter Ghosts

I’ve known about this recipe for Nutter Butter Ghosts for about two years. I always forgot about it when it came time for Halloween. This year, I remembered.  My friend Kelly posted about the recipe, that she actually got from her cousin Marta. Marta has the step-by-step directions. Yes, it looks super easy right?

Well, I was dumb and forgot about the double broiler part. I burnt my white chocolate upon my first attempt. I had to make a call for help to Kelly. She advised me that you cannot put chocolate straight onto heat because it will burn. She talked me through the double broiler method and the microwave version. The microwave version is to put the white chocolate into a bowl, and microwave it for 30 seconds. You take it out, and stir it. You put the bowl back into the microwave for 30 seconds, and stir again. You keep using 30 second intervals until the chocolate is finally melted. I had to do this three times.

But I survived and the cookies turned out awesome. Even my parents were impressed.

Nutter Butter Ghosts. Thanks to @according2kelly for helping me with "technical difficulties".

So far, I’ve had no Pinterest fails. I am picky about the projects that I chose. And I don’t like to lose. Hopefully, I can practice on some Christmas-themed goodies this month.

Have you completed a project or recipe from Pinterest? What was your favorite thing that you’ve done? What projects should I or other people stay away from?

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pinterest FAIL- dried strawberries. they were NOT dried. not sure if it was user error, or recipe error. dumb. other than that- all pinterest stuff has turned out great!


I made those pumpkin cupcakes Witt only "two ingredients." I used a box cake mix and a can of pumpkin purée. They were disgusting. I don't like to write negative things, some just deleted the pin from my board. Now every time I see someone pin that recipe I cringe. Other than that everything has been great.

mel @ the larson lingo
mel @ the larson lingo

you have 36 pinterest boards?!?! amazing! Your stuff turned out so cute. I should have made those ghosts for my halloween party...swill have to remember that for next year! I had 2 pinterest fails last month, but this month was a success! yeah! Off to stalk your pinterest boards :)

Sugar Mama
Sugar Mama

I'm heading over to your Pinterest right NOW.

Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson

truly, another great post from Julie. you outsource your sewing??!! and barter trade for basket usage?? brilliant. another reason to love you. and those ghosts are perfect. so happy you linked up!!!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

I know several people who made the two ingredient cupcakes....everyone said they were awful.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Yes, 36 boards...I could probably make more if I categorized them better.

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