Things I Have Done

Last week I participated in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. The topic was 22 Things I’ve Never Done. It was a very popular post and the comments were pretty funny. Apparently, everyone wants me to rush out and buy a jar of Nutella.  Oh, and I can wash down the Nutella with some coffee. These were two things on my list that I have never tried.

Well, one of this week’s prompts is “22 Things That I Have Done”.

Sorority Girl Julie1. Joined a sorority

2. Received my Master’s degree

3. Was in The Junior League

4. Went to elementary school with Fergie

5. Seen Metallica in concert over five times

6. Got a tattoo

7. Read Gone With The Wind in 5th Grade

8. Blogged for over four years


9. Flown in a helicopter

10. Died my hair burgundy

11. Had plastic surgery

12. Been on TV

13. Had a c-section

14. Gone to the movies alone

15. Attended over 10 blogging conferences

16. Bought two houses

17. Broken a bone

18. Gone to a gun range


19. Ran a mud run

20. Had veneers put on my teeth

21. Made a dinner that my family actually ate and loved

Angry Julie and her celebrity BFF, Peter Facinelli

22. Taken a photo with Peter Facinelli at Disneyland

Mama’s Losin’ It

Mama Kat
Mama Kat

You...and the skirt...and the sorority's just too much. Where have you been hiding that photo? It's priceless!


You should submit some of these to a project I came across. It's kind of interesting! I go to the movies by myself all the time. LOL. My friends think I'm crazy but ooh well. I had red hair for about a year and a half. :) I loved it actually, just dyed it back to my original color (or at least close) a couple weeks ago. Sadness!


Can I tell you I have always wanted to dye my hair red.. but I am too chicken. As to # 22 Love that guy you are so lucky :D Hailing from Mamakatslosingit

Leigh Ann
Leigh Ann

Awesome list. The mud run sounds fun...I think? And the last one...he's so dreamy.


Officially jealous of #22.