Innocent Wonder

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Farm

My son went on a field trip last week to The Centennial Farm at the Orange County Fairgrounds. He went with his kindergarten class.  This was their first field trip and for many of the kids, their first time on a school bus.  I stopped by and spent about an hour with the kids while they toured the farm. The farm is a 3-acre working farm.

My son was very excited.  I laughed when he asked to go there again.  I had to tell him, “umm dude, we go here every year during the Fair in the summer.”  He replied, “I knew that, I was just kidding.”   He says stuff like that all the time. “I’ve never been here before, this is soo cool.”

At the end of the tour, they went inside a room where the had baby chicks.  The tour guide told them about how they have a fertilized egg and the yolk eventually turns into a baby chick.  They all we given little baby chicks to hold.  My son kept calling his chick a bird.  It was hilarious watching the kids with these chicks.  Some of the kids were completely freaked out, and I think some of the kids wanted to take the chicks home.  It was all over though, when the chicks started to poop.

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Aww, such a cute picture. I hope you're having a great time in Blissdom, I bet it's cold and snowy...haa!

Maggie @ Home Decorators Outlet
Maggie @ Home Decorators Outlet

My two boys really love chicks they just freaked out if they haven't taken home the chicks... hope he had a fantastic day in his field trip..lovely pic.

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