Sanrio Small Gift Mobile Pop-Up Tour


This is the picture that you get when you hand over your camera to a stranger.  Do I care, not really.  Because I got to check out the Sanrio Small Gift Mobile Pop-Up Tour which is to celebrate Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary.  I’m a huge Sanrio and Hello Kitty fan.  I have been a fan since I was about Angry Kid’s same age, if you do the math, it is 30 years.

I anxiously awaited Angry Husband’s return home from work on Sunday so that I could go and check this out.  I may have told him this, “I sound a little lame, but can you tell when you are coming home because I want to go to this Hello Kitty thing in Tustin.”  He laughed and said he would be home in a bit.  As soon as he came home, I dashed over there.  I was able to land parking quickly, but I had to stand in huge line of other Sanrio fans.  I may sport my addiction to Hello Kitty every time it rains, and I get tons of compliments, so it was nice to find other adult fans.  I barely saw any small children there, as most of the attendees were adults.


I couldn’t help but focus on the beautiful sunset while I was waiting in line.  While everyone was chatting, I was taking photos.  I couldn’t help myself.  And if you heard the conversations going on around me, you would be slowly loosing IQ points.  I had a group of Asian girls behind me commenting on white girls or white parents not buying Hello Kitty and Sanrio for their daughters.  That only “Asian” parents supported this brand.  Well this white girl, whom grew up in the 1980’s was a HUGE Sanrio fan.  But I will have to say that I did grow up in a Korean neighborhood, so that did have a little influence on my addiction. But everyone I knew growing up, was a huge Sanrio fan.


I had to take a picture of this truck that was towing the main trailer.  I think it is adorable.  I think every Sanrio fan would love one of these.  The employees at the event handed out menus with the special items that they had for sale at the event.  It seemed that many items were selling out.  I was totally unsure of what to buy when I was looking at the menu.  I figured that I would wait to see what was available when it was my time to make a purchase.


I ended up buying two t-shirts and a iPhone4 case.  I don’t have an iPhone4 yet, but I will probably be getting one in the next few months.  Everything is still in the bag, otherwise I would have photographed it too.  I will try and take a photo of everything to put on my Facebook Page sometime this week.

After paying for my purchases, I stopped to take a few more photographs.  I just loved the vehicles that they brought to the event.  They were quite awesome.




If you are fan of Sanrio like me, they are hosting more events.  You can check out their Small Gift Mobile Pop-Up Shop List for where they will be next. Plus, they are having an entire week of events in Los Angeles the week of November 12-21, 2010, to celebrate Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary.


My kids all thought this looked so cool. Very fun day :)


When I was little, I had this little Hello Kitty colored pencil set. It came in this little flip, plastic purse thing, and I carried it with me everywhere. That is when the obsession began. Granted, I no longer decorate my home in Hello Kitty crap like I did when I was a single gal in my 20s, mostly because my Hubs would protest too much, but I am enjoying the fact that I now have a daughter who WILL LIKE HELLO KITTY, darn it. Looks like a great time!


OMG. I loved Hello Kitty when I was little. Favorite Santa gift ever was a big bag full of that crap. My daughter loves it now, too. She loves kittehs and all things girly. Score on the pop up gift tour.


I LOVE Hello Kitty! Yeah, this little white girl had tons of HK stuff, as did all my friends!