Angry Kid and the TB Test

I’ve been running around like  a crazy person for the past few days trying to organize things for Angry Kid.  I have some minor things to turn in still for Kindergarten and also paperwork for the new after school program in the Fall.  On Tuesday, I took Angry Kid to the doctor for a TB test (Tuberculosis Test).  He asked if he was going to get a shot, I told him that it wasn’t really a shot, but just a little prick in the arm.  At least I told him the truth.

We promptly got into the room and the assistant put out the tray with the syringe on it.  She then began to clean Angry Kid’s arm.  He has had shots and vaccinations before.  But I don’t think he realized that the needle would be going into his forearm.

He immediately stated, “I gotta go potty.”  I said, alright.  He jumped off the table and went to the bathroom.

He came back a few minutes later. He sat down and she went to clean his arm again. He says again, “I gotta go potty”.

Well we waited about ten minutes and he didn’t come out of the bathroom.  I then went and knocked on the door.  He did not answer.  I then realized that he was hiding in the bathroom because he did not want the TB test.  I tried the door several times and realized that it was locked.  I then started pounding on the door.  I had other kids in the waiting room knock on the door, and tell him to come out. He wouldn’t budge.

I finally asked the receptionist for the key to the bathroom.  They looked all over and could not find the key.  She actually called the building maintenance for a key.

A few minutes later, Angry Kid walked out of the bathroom like nothing had happened.  He then walked to the room and sat down.  We got ready to do the test again and he jumped up and said, “I need to wash my hands.”

Not a chance kid.  I held him down on my lap. Seriously, the kid is strong.  And we did the test.  It was a tiny needle prick into his forearm.  He got a band-aid and we were done.

I told Angry Husband the story later that night.  He asked Angry Kid about it.  Angry Kid pretty much ignored all of the questions.

I took him back to get it checked today.  We all laughed at the doctor’s office about Tuesday’s events.

Oh, and the test was fine.  He has completed all the medical testing required for elementary school. You would think he was applying to college with all of this paperwork and running around that we’ve been doing.

Stacy Addor
Stacy Addor

Wow, all the things you have to do to put your kid in school. I am going back to school for nursing and I have to go through the same thing!


Ha! If he works that hard to get out of a TB test, what does he do when it's time for a real shot?


hahahahaaa! Smart boy, hiding in the bathroom. When we went last month for all the school baloney- the TB test was the worst, by far. He sat pretty much still for the other 800 vaccines, but the TB test- not so much. He was less than thrilled. And this post reminds me... I need to take his birth certificate in still. I forgot when I took everything else.