30 Things I Vow

Today is my first time participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. Every week she picks a list of topics to write about.  This is helpful for people like me whom have horrible ADD and have a lack of focus.  Seriously, I have lists and lists of things to do, but I get distracted by shiny things.  One of the topics, “30 Things I Vow To Do This Summer” was perfect for me.  Because I love lists.  So here it goes.

30 Things I Vow To Do This Summer

1.   Learn to use my camera better. That means actually use it the right way, in manual.
2.   Learn to edit videos on my Macbook. This was actually a resolution too.
3.   Work out three to five times a week.
4.   Finish teaching my son to ride a two wheel bike.
5.   Organize my office.
6.   Organize my garage.
7.   Finish Angry Kid’s room makeover.
8.   Start/Finish our room makeover. Shhh, don’t tell Angry Husband, he doesn’t know about this.
9.   Take some kind of mini vacation with the family.
10. Go through the stuff in my closet.
11.  Go to the pool 3-5 times a week.
12.  Take Angry Kid to the beach because he loves it so much.
13.  Ride our bikes along the boardwalk at the beach.
14.  Organize the Legos that are taking over my house.
15.  Get Angry Kid prepared and ready for Kindergarten.
16.  Sell all of the stuff that I have put aside to go on Craig’s List.
17.  Call Goodwill for a huge pick-up.
18.  Get all of my blog reviews done. Seriously, I have a few to do.
19.  Organize my computer.  I have some issues, ok maybe OCD.
20.  Plant some new flowers in our front yard. Damn rabbits keep eating them.
21.  Take thousands of pictures.
22.  Go to Disneyland a lot. We have Season Passes. We need to get our use out of them!
23.  Annoy my husband with “Honey Do” projects.
24.  Walk around Homegoods several times a week.
25.  Increase my headband collection.  A girl has got to accessorize.
26.  Panic about what to wear to BlogHer.
27.  Attend BlogHer in NYC.
28.  Attend and Speak at Bloggy Boot Camp in San Francisco.
29.  Watch the Season Premiere of Weeds in August.
30.  Have fun and not drive my family crazy!

I have always said that I’m a little ADD and random.  I hope my list entertained you!! Now let’s see if I can accomplish everything!

Mama's Losin' It

Secret Agent Mama
Secret Agent Mama

Love this list, but #26 is TOTALLY. THE. WORST. Or the best? I dunno, but I'm totally panicking!


Great list! We all need to make one of these! Good Luck! xo


LOVE ure list! All sounds "Do-able." That's the important thing. Now ure making me need 2 start a list. Thanx Angry Julie. lol.


I too am a list-monster, very ADD, and plan to spend lots of water time!! And I'm not sure how I spent that extra 45 minutes in my day BEFORE I discovered Craigslist..

Nap Warden
Nap Warden

Dang girl...you are going to be WAY busy!


You are always entertaining... and about half your list is on my list too! dang... we have a lot to get done this summer...

Angry Julie
Angry Julie

YES we do....just don't tell our husbands because they will give us that look. You know the look!


just saw this reply... and yes. I know the look well... *sigh* :)


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