Twelve Months of Great Design with IKEA: February

I was a really big fan of IKEA when I was in college. They made simple, yet inexpensive furniture, which was perfect my lifestyle.  After college and through the early years of marriage, I had a different taste for design and style.  I really think that IKEA is a hidden gem now.  Lately, decorating is about integrating different styles into your home. I love this mix and max philosophy.  Now, I see IKEA in a whole new perspective.


February’s topic is about sleep. Are you tossing and turning all night? Did you know that you can customize your sleep experience to be the most comfortable for you? Have you heard about IKEA’S Sultan system?

IKEA Sultan Laxeby

You can tailor firm or softness on either side for “his and hers” sleeping at its best.  The slats are adjustable to get your body the perfect amount of support.

You can also try sleeping Swedish by using two sets of covers. Each person uses their own blankets, which helps if you are a “hot” or “cold” type person. Angry Husband and I already do this. We’ve always used our own blankets. At almost fifteen years together, we still haven’t learned to share, our blankets.

IKEA Mysa Vete

IKEA’s Mysa Vete is a 3-in-1 quilt. It is three comforters in one. You can use them all together, or split them up individually for a cooler comforter. This is also economical because you are using one product year round.  We mostly use our down comforters in our house. The comforters we use are a bit heavy. Having a comforter like this would enable us to have a “cooler” type of comforter.

Stay tuned for next month where I talk about organizing kitchens with products from IKEA.

Disclosure: Images provided by IKEA Design and the IKEA website.  I was provided a small item from IKEA for attending their online webinar.  I was not compensated with cash. I shop at IKEA. They did not persuade me to write this post.


I am a huge fan of the Mysa Vete comforter. I got one for my little dude and then took it for myself when he didn't really care for it. I know, I'm a thief like that. Love the Ikea posts!