Tis’ The Season At South Coast Plaza

What is South Coast Plaza? Where is South Coast Plaza?

South Coast Plaza is the third largest mall in the United States, with the second-highest sales volume in California.  It is an upscale luxury mall located in Costa Mesa, CA, which is part of Orange County.

But why am I writing a post about the mall? Duh, I’m a consumer, silly…I love the mall. I blame my mother for that. I swear she raised me at the mall. Angry Toddler even loves the mall. I can’t tell you how many times I strolled him around as a baby. But during the Holiday Season, it’s all about the decorations.  I have quite an obsession with the decorations.  You can ask my co-worker, Nicole.  She laughed at me tonight, because she saw that I finally got my reindeer picture. These reindeer, sitting on an ornament, are scattered throughout South Coast Plaza’s exteriors, and on street corners. I think they are hilarious, don’t you?


Every year, I seriously giggle when I see these? I took this photo at 6 in the morning. I’m crazy, I know…

These deer are frolicking outside another area located in the general area of South Coast Plaza, it’s called Metro Pointe.  They look so happy. I love the round lights in the trees. They look very similar to the ones at Downtown Disney.


I finally went into the main area of South Coast Plaza tonight. I really haven’t had the need to go there. I did a ton of shopping online this year.  I haven’t felt like fighting the crowds, and I actually got a ton done on Black Friday. I ventured around the stores, and made my way to the tree inside. I took a photo of it with my iPhone, but isn’t it beautiful?

Tree at South Coast Plaza

I started a little story last week about the decorations at South Coast Plaza. Check out my whrrl story here for more photographs.

I also went to Walmart recently with my friend, Kelly.  We did a little story while we were shopping at Walmart. Check it out here, we had way too much fun!


We have those sily green reindeer at our outlet mall. There is one that always makes me laugh. It is laying on a hammock and just looks uncomfortable...like it fell over or something.

Beth P
Beth P

What fun decorations! I wish I had a mall like that near me, I might enjoy it more. Please come by my blog, I have an award for you!


wow, that shot of the tree under the dome is just gorgeous!! I love the mall too. But not two days before Christmas. I avoid it like the pest.