Good Job Mama

Ugh, I have the day off cause we are going to a wedding today. I thought “maybe” I could sleep in a little. Nope. My body is programmed now to wake up at 5-6am. While I was starting to wake up, I heard Angry Toddler waking up, cause he was coughing.

I went and got some Tylenol Multi-Symptom. I took it to him and he drank it right away. I’m soooo happy that he will take medicine now. This is a totally new thing as he refused medicine before. He then decided that he wanted to get up and go into the front room to watch Noggin.

I decided to go to the bathroom. Well he following me in, to our tiny bathroom. There was no room for him to stand, so he stood in the shower while I went. And OMG, while I went to wipe. He started clapping and said, “Good Job Mama.”

Yea, umm kid. I’ve been going on the potty for 30+ years. It’s your turn now. He is still trying to potty train. Maybe I inspired him for the day.

My Charmed Life
My Charmed Life

That is seriously funny as all get out!!! Good Job for pottying!! LMAO!!!