Dry Nail Applique

My friend Lindsay, told me about this product recently. It’s a Dry Nail Applique. It’s nail polish, but not the wet kind. It’s really kewl.

Unfortunately, I can’t use it on my nails, because I have a permanent crack on my right hand. I slammed my hand in a car door when I was 13. The only time my nails look good is if I have acrylics.

So Lindsay purchased this kit at her local Walgreens, for $3.99 on sale.

Lindsay sent me a pic of her hand after 48 hours. She is amazed by this. I told her I would blog about it, why?, because I can. I really want to try if, but unfortunately my jacked up nails won’t let me.

Disclaimer: The company didn’t pay me to advertise this, I just thought it was cool and wanted to get the word out to my mommy blogger pals.


hm, think it would make me quit biting my nails?