Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween!!! It’s already been very chaotic for me. Well at least in my head. Angry Toddler’s school did orange day today. I am glad that I bought a long sleeve orange shirt from Old Navy about a month ago.

Tonight we are going to Mickey’s Treat at Disney’s California Adventure. We went last year. We had a great time. We trick or treated around and took lots of pictures with the characters.

I’m soo not ready for this. I need to organize Angry Toddler’s costume, and do some modifications. I need to take a shower and do some laundry.

Plus, I need to go to the Toddler’s school at 3pm. They are having some pumpkin thing, I think?

Angry Husband played around with my camera yesterday. I think he has it fixed. He compared the settings to my work camera. Stupid Nikon!!! I wish I would have bought a Canon.