My Pre-School Drop Off Attire

Angry Toddler started preschool in June. I used to get up before him, take a shower, get dressed and pulled myself together. I was ok with doing this, because I was awake. Also, Angry Husband took the small child to school most of the days.

At the beginning of the September, AT started school 5 days a week. My morning went to, grabbing jeans and a shirt from the closet, with no shower.

Today, I’m picking my pants from the floor, throwing them on, putting on a t-shirt (no bra), grabbing a pink fleece jacket, and putting on blue Crocs. I combed my hair, because I looked like a rooster. I then grabbed the kid and off we went.

I’m a complete mess today, oh well…

Believe me, if I didn’t have to go sign the kid in, I would be wearing pajama pants every day.


I'm with you. unbrushed ponytail and barely brushed teeth. More important I get the kid clean than me!