The house of ill

Angry Toddler and I are both sick right now. AT picked up some kind of bug from preschool, I’m sure. He went to doctor on Tuesday and was diagnosed with double ear infections. So they give him some antibiotics and send us on our way.

I noticed that I was getting a sore throat Tuesday night. Well sleeping from Tuesday to Wednesday morning was awful. I woke up several times throughout the night, coughing myself. AT came into our bed at 5:30am, Wednesday morning, coughing also.

It just made for a miserable day yesterday. No preschool for him. No breaks for the momma. So today, we are both sick. It totally sucks! I want someone to take care of ME, for once. I want to be able to sleep this off, take meds, go into a coma.

Hopefully, the AH will come home soon and relieve me from childcare.

Poor Angry Toddler, he does love his preschool and he’s sooo bored at home with me.