Hello Monday…Almost March

Hello Monday!

Hello to starting a fresh new week! Eeek…

Hello to school {for the kid}, work {me and the hubs}, dentist appointments, run club {kid}, running {me}, and soccer {kid}!

Things You Find In A Runner's House: @nuunhydration & @runTeamSparkle water bottles everywhere, along with running clothes taking up the shower curtain rod. #teamsparkle #running #runchat

Hello to never catching up!

You know how you always wish for a week free of commitments so you can just be lazy? And then that week happens, and you are totally bored and unmotivated?

Ya, that never happens around my house. I remember those times. But mostly, my house and life is chaos. My kitchen looks like this {with water bottles everywhere}, and my son’s bathroom looks like this {running clothes hanging}.

Trying out chairs with super tall backs @Homegoods.

Hello to taking the kid out shopping!

My mom wanted my opinion on some things at Homegoods. We also made our way to Costco. My son was not impressed. But the chair he was sitting in, super cool!

Totally bought this cute swimsuit @DownEastBasics tonight. I needed a new swimsuit bad! #downeastbasics
Hello there new swimsuit!

I went to a blogger event at DownEast Basics last week and came home with a new swimsuit. I tried on a couple of things and went back and forth on them.

I’ve become really picky about clothing recently. I make sure that I really love something before I purchase it. I used to grab something off the rack, guess my size, and then I would live with it.

But…I did take a chance….that night. I LOATHE swimsuit shopping. But this blue and green tankini with cute little anchors caught my eye. And it fit! Super cute! It covers most of my lumps and bumps, and I feel comfortable in it! Win! Win!

My wild and crazy mutts setting themselves up to brawl.
Hello crazy dogs!

If it is sunny outside, our dogs love to go out and play in the front yard. Our backyard is like a concrete jungle so they get bored. As soon as I open the front door, they are practically begging to race through the house and run into the front yard.

And about five seconds later you hear growling amongst the two dogs. They love to play-fight with each other. I caught them in a stand off the other day.

Who's gonna rock Race on the Base in her @runTeamSparkle camouflage skirt today??? Me! #raceonthebase #teamsparkle
Hello there camouflage sparkle skirt!

Saturday morning, I ran my first 10K race with my friend, Monique. I’ve ran many 5K races, and 4 half marathons, but never any 10K’s. I love wearing this green camouflage skirt from Team Sparkle.

Hello to race curse being over!

I will write my race recap later, but I was happy to finish the race without any “issues” like I usually do. Yippee!

So Hello Monday!

Hello to March 1st at the end of this week!

Hello to Spring Soccer Season!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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Disclosure: I attend an event at DownEast Basics and was given a $25 giftcard which I used towards the purchase of my swimsuit.

Holiday “Pin Inspiration” from World Market

The Holidays are upon us and I’m online looking for gifts, as usual. I’m always stumped for gifts for certain people in my life. Along with the gift giving, I have Holiday parties to attend, baking to do, and people asking what I want for Christmas. Luckily, there’s this awesome online website called, “Pinterest”. Have you ever heard of it? I thought so.

As as avid shopper of World Market, I was recently asked to create a PinInspiration Board on Pinterest of my favorite things that I found online at World Market’s website for the Holiday Season. I had a ton of fun working on this board, and started calculating all of the money that I mentally spent while making it. World Market is going to drive me to the poor house. At least, my house will be decorated for the Holidays, and everyone will great gifts…virtually and mentally, of course.

Because there are so many awesome things that I “pinned”, I thought that I would share some of the best items:

Holiday Baking Essentials: I bake a ton during the Holidays and I found some fun and cute things at World Market. The Gingerbread House Kit and the Sleigh Cupcake Stands are two of my favorites in the baking department.

Holiday Baking Essentials at World Market.Items featured in “Baking Essentials”: Christmas Tee Cake Pop Kit, Kokeshi Measuring Spoons, Red Melamine Batter Bowl, Mint Dots Round Tin, Red and White Heart Wisk, Holiday Embelished Picks, Crunchy Peppermint Candy Cane Sprinkles, Sleigh Cupcake Stands, Holiday Sprinkles Shakers, and Gingerbread House Kit.

Hanukkah Items found at World Market: For my Jewish friends like Ciaran, who celebrate Hanukkah. For the past few years, I’ve heard about the limited selection of Hanukkah items in Orange County via my friend Ciaran’s rants. Well, World Market has quite the selection, and there are more things than just dreidels.

Hanukkah Gifts from World MarketItems featured in “Hanukkah Items”:Silver Moon Menorah, Hanukkah Tower of Treats, Multicolor Menorah Candles, Hanukkah Candy, Star of David Decor with Bell, Bag of Gelt Milk Chocolate Gold Coins, and Hanukkah Sprinkles Shakers.

Gifts for People with Awesome Taste (Like Me): These are some ideas of things that I, ummm I mean people like me would like. You know, if you need suggestions for gifts. These items are great for a 37-year old, married mom, with one kid, and likes gifts category.

Holiday Gifts from World MarketItems featured in “Gifts For People with Awesome Taste”: Purple Marbled Touch Screen Gloves, Broken Bangle Jewelry Box, Christmas Glitter Bubble Bath, Glass Retro Camper Ornament, and Heart and Destiny Metal Plaques.

Also, during this Holiday Season, World Market is promoting the Life of Pi Movie with in-store promotions, giveaways and an awesome Sweepstakes!   

Life of Pi is the story of an Indian boy named Pi, a zookeeper’s son, who survives a disaster at sea and is thrown into an epic journey. While adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, he forms an amazing and unexpected connection with another a fearsome Bengal tiger. The movie opens in theaters November 21, 2012. You can watch the trailer for Life of Pi here: http://www.lifeofpimovie.com/#!/watch-trailer

Life of Pi Sweepstakes:

  • Grand Prize package includes: a dream trip for 2 to India and a $1,000 World Market Gift card.
  • There will also be 3 runner up prize winners that will each receive a $500 World Market gift card!
  • The Life of Pi Sweepstakes runs from 11/17 – 12/28.
  • If you share the sweepstakes with 5 of your friends (via FB share or email) you can receive 5 additional bonus entries. This is part of the registration process when entering. Users can also enter daily for more chances to win.
  • Enter online at http://worldmarketsweepstakes.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/worldmarket?fref=ts

BLACK FRIDAY and Life of Pi Giveaways:

The first 100 customers to shop in-store on 11/23/12 (Black Friday) will receive a FREE Limited Edition Life of Pi ornament and a FREE Life of Pi movie ticket. The first 100 customers to shop in-store on Saturday, 11/24/12 & Sunday, 11/25/12 will receive a FREE Limited Edition Life of Pi Tote Bag and a movie ticket.

For more World Market Awesomeness, you can find them online at:

Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own. http://cmp.ly/3/KqtZiE.

Project 365: Week 47

Last Saturday, we went to Disneyland all day, and enjoyed all of their Holiday events. We had a great time. My post about Disney will be up this week. On Sunday, Angry Kid and I were exhausted, so we just hung out at the house. We started prepping our decorations for Christmas early in the week. On Thanksgiving Day, I had to work so Angry Husband cooked. He sent me pictures of the food. And I was a crazy person and went to Macy’s at 12am with my mom on Black Friday, just to get more Fiestware pieces…CAH-RAAAAZY!

Project 365 322/365: Angry Kid is too cool with his 3D glasses for the Toy Story Ride. #disneyholidaysProject 365 323/365: Angry Kid is too cool with his 3D glasses for the Toy Story Ride. #disneyholidays

Project 365 323/365: Playing Monopoly Junior with my little gamer.Project 365 324/365: Playing Monopoly Junior with my little gamer.

Project 365 324/365: I went with the romantic theme for my @dominos pizza tracker.Project 365 325/365: I went with the romantic theme for my @dominos pizza tracker.

Project 365 325/365: Christmas Decor Prep is underway. All categorized: outdoor decor, indoor decor, and Christmas tree stuff. Husband is on a mission. #GriswoldsProject 365 326/365: Christmas Decor Prep is underway. All categorized: outdoor decor, indoor decor, and Christmas tree stuff. Husband is on a mission. #Griswolds

Project 365 326/365: Love this wreath that I saw at @TaiPanTrading aka TPT Home. Gorgeous!Project 365 327/365: Love this wreath that I saw at @TaiPanTrading aka TPT Home. Gorgeous!

Project 365 327/365: Husband texting me meal progress. The Creamy Mashed Potatoes via @thepioneerwoman's recipe. Yum!Project 365 328/365: Husband texting me meal progress. The Creamy Mashed Potatoes via @thepioneerwoman’s recipe. Yum!

Project 365 328/365: Yawn....Peacock Fiestaware for me while everyone else is buying rice cookers?Project 365 329/365: Yawn….Peacock Fiestaware for me while everyone else is buying rice cookers? #blackfriday

Visual reminders of my faults, via iPhone

My husband is the king of sending picture and video messages via his iPhone.  Sometimes, it is great because I am at work and I get to see pictures of the fun things that my husband and son are doing together.  Other times, Angry Husband likes to comment on chores I may have not finished, or certain purchases I have made.

I recently purchased a new planner, which was personalized.  I knew that the planner wasn’t cheap, but I ordered it anyway.  I have been very good with my purchases lately, so I treated myself.  I checked the FedEx tracking yesterday, and saw that it was “out for delivery”.  I had to leave for work around 11am, and FedEx had not come yet.  I already knew from prior experience that, this was a bad omen.  Sure enough, I got a picture message later in the night.

This was added underneath the picture message, “$60 W-T-F”.

So that was NOT one of my finer moments in life.  Note to self: Mail higher priced items to work, or tell them to not include actual purchase prices on receipt.  Not that I would ever lie about something like this.

A few days ago, Angry Husband and I were discussing some of the left over child-proofing devices that we still had intact within the house.  Angry Kid was a very smart baby, and somewhat ninja-like.  This kid could figure out everything.  We had to flip the deadbolt on our access door between the house and garage, because he kept getting out, and would open the garage door.  Angry Husband agreed that it was time to flip the deadbolt back to the original position.  I removed the key from the garage side of the door, and placed it on the hook in our kitchen.  Well, I just went to work after that.

Angry Husband walked to get Angry Kid from school, and left through the garage.  I think that somehow on his way out, the interior twist-lock got turned and locked the door.  Well, when they came back, the door was locked.  Angry Husband and I rarely use our keys and mostly go through the garage.  Well, luckily, Angry Kid is still somewhat of a ninja, because I received this video, via text, once again.

I wonder if Angry Husband would appreciate me texting him pictures of his failures? Hmmm…. Cause you know, I’ve never passive/aggressive like that.

Dressing Julie 101

Last week, I did a post about my fabulous new rain boots.  I’ve also made a few other purchases recently. I always have a love/hate for fashion.  I try and get a few new pieces each season, but at the same time, I’m quite picky.  When you wear a uniform 40+ hours a week, you don’t need as many clothes as the person who works in an office.

I’m not a big fan of the skinny jean trend right now.  I have thick short legs, and the “skinny” look does not flatter me at all.  I am starting buy the darker washes, which seem somewhat dressy to me at times, but they are quite slimming. I picked up two new pairs of Gap jeans when I was shopping with Stacey, the BFF, a few weeks ago. I have to buy petite or ankle length jeans, so I always have to try on a million pairs to get the length right.  I’ve tried all the brands (expensive, mid-range, and even cheaper brands). But I’ve found that the length on Gap jeans is always the perfect length for me.  I was lucky that it was Tuesday also, because Gap gives 10% off for their cardholders.

Sexy Boot Jeans (saturated dark wash)

Sexy Boot Jeans from Gap

Curvy Jeans (saturated dark wash)

Curvy Jeans from Gap

I think the perfect pant or jean can be a great foundation.  I buy a ton of basics and mix and match my shirts and/or accessories with them. I do buy some bolder stuff from time to time, a girl has got to be a little wild and trendy.

When it comes to shoes, I’m a total tennis shoe girl.  I am that person, who will wear my Converse, with just about anything.  I think I have at least five pairs.  But, I had to get some girly shoes.  I love the ballet flat trend, but I try and avoid toe cleavage.  Seriously, I’m just weird like that. But, I don’t like any part of my toe showing.  I was super excited when I found these Born ‘Lovely’ Flats from Nordstrom.

Born 'Lovely' Flat

So I wrote about buying basics, but I do wear some non-basic things. I do buy many things that are denim, black, navy blue, and other dark colors. But I try and mix in some color to make it pop.  If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you will remember my awesome pink coat.  I bought this in November at a local boutique.  I am still in love with it. But I’ve also found some great patterned shirts that are on my mental wish list.

Field of Fancy Blouse

Anthropologie-Field of Fancy Blouse

Lush Rosette Top in Eggplant

Lush Rosette Top from Nordstrom

INC Embroidered Jersey Tunic

INC Jersey Tunic from Macy's

I do buy dresses and skirts from time to time. I just don’t wear them all the time.  I bought this skirt from Anthropologie earlier in the Fall. I also have new newer dresses that I haven’t worn yet.  But I have fallen in love with these dresses lately, and I think they are very classic.

Blooming Sapphire Wrap Dress

Blooming Sapphire Wrap Dress from Anthropologie

Longing-For-Yellow Dress

Longing-For-Yellow Dress at Anthropologie

I could do an entire post about earrings, necklaces, and hair accessories.  But I mostly find these items at random places. I’ve found things at local boutiques, Target, and in clearance baskets at some of my favorite stores.

It may look like I only buy expensive clothing.  I’m a budget too.  I have tons of solid colored tees from the Gap and Target, that I wear daily.  But sometimes, you need something nicer.  I also try and figure out cost per wear.  I may spend a little more on a pair of shoes or a dress, but if I know that it has a classic look, and I will get several wears out of it.

You are probably wondering, why is Julie talking about fashion today? Well next week I’m leaving for the Blissdom Conference in TN.  I need to start thinking about what I am going to pack.  I completely over packed for BlogHer.  I actually had to pay a ton of money on my way back from Chicago.  I do not want to let that happen again.  So I’m trying to evaluate my closet, and make the most out of my outfit choices.

It may look like I have my act together on what to wear, but I don’t.  I’m always so unsure.  I see great outfits put together in the store, and I think to myself, “I could never do that”.  I see the current trend of mix and matching different patterns and colors.  I just can’t seem to do that.  I may always be one of those preppy matchy-matchy people.

Tis’ The Season At South Coast Plaza

What is South Coast Plaza? Where is South Coast Plaza?

South Coast Plaza is the third largest mall in the United States, with the second-highest sales volume in California.  It is an upscale luxury mall located in Costa Mesa, CA, which is part of Orange County.

But why am I writing a post about the mall? Duh, I’m a consumer, silly…I love the mall. I blame my mother for that. I swear she raised me at the mall. Angry Toddler even loves the mall. I can’t tell you how many times I strolled him around as a baby. But during the Holiday Season, it’s all about the decorations.  I have quite an obsession with the decorations.  You can ask my co-worker, Nicole.  She laughed at me tonight, because she saw that I finally got my reindeer picture. These reindeer, sitting on an ornament, are scattered throughout South Coast Plaza’s exteriors, and on street corners. I think they are hilarious, don’t you?


Every year, I seriously giggle when I see these? I took this photo at 6 in the morning. I’m crazy, I know…

These deer are frolicking outside another area located in the general area of South Coast Plaza, it’s called Metro Pointe.  They look so happy. I love the round lights in the trees. They look very similar to the ones at Downtown Disney.


I finally went into the main area of South Coast Plaza tonight. I really haven’t had the need to go there. I did a ton of shopping online this year.  I haven’t felt like fighting the crowds, and I actually got a ton done on Black Friday. I ventured around the stores, and made my way to the tree inside. I took a photo of it with my iPhone, but isn’t it beautiful?

Tree at South Coast Plaza

I started a little story last week about the decorations at South Coast Plaza. Check out my whrrl story here for more photographs.

I also went to Walmart recently with my friend, Kelly.  We did a little story while we were shopping at Walmart. Check it out here, we had way too much fun!

My Favorite Things in 2009

I wanted to share some of my favorite things that I have received or purchased within the past year. I’m a total consumer, I admit that. But almost all of these have helped me make my life easier, more relaxed, and helped with time management.

My Macbook

I should have switched to Apple over a year ago.  I’m in love with my Macbook.  I got rid of my Dell laptop on Craig’s list and saved up money to buy my Macbook. One of the best things I’ve done in 2009. I have no clue on what I was doing at first, but took some great FREE classes at the Apple store.

My iPhone 3gs

Angry Husband’s cellphone died in September.  He could not find any Verizon phones that he wanted.  He had been begging for an iPhone for months.  I really really really loved my Blackberry Curve. But since we have a shared cellphone plan, I agreed to switch.  I love all of the FEATURES that the iPhone has.  I’m not really sold on AT&T’s service though. Plus, it’s a lot harder to text message. But overall, the pro’s outweigh the con’s.

Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandals
My BFF, Stacey, is an avid Rainbow Sandal wearer.  Really, these are the only shoes that Stacey wears. She hates shoes.  I’ve always been a Birkenstock girl. I’ve had Birkenstock’s since 8th grade.  My friend, Londie, bought me my first pair of Rainbow Sandals.  I’ve been an addict ever since then.  I have two pairs. I like the WestCape style. They are a bit wider. I usually buy the men’s style.

Oakley Vertical Computer Bag 3.0
oakley computer bag

After buying my Macbook, I wanted the perfect bag to carry it around in.  I searched high and low for weeks. I wanted something durable, yet stylish.  I selected the Oakley Vertical Computer Bag 3.0. It comes in titanium and black. I have the titanium one. Angry Husband covets this bag. He borrowd it recently for a business trip, and he has raved ever since about this bag.

Chicago Metallic Mini Cheesecake Pan
Mini Cheesecake Pan

I recently purchased this pan to make these brownies. I’ve had cheesecake pans before, but I think they got lost in the pan graveyard.  I was amazed at how easy the brownies came out of this pan.  Angry Husband was just as impressed as I was.  I can see many more treats being made with this pan.  I don’t think I will ever make square brownies again.

Harvey’s Seatbeltbag in Convertible Style Tote-Forever Blue Jeans
Harvey's Seatbeltbag

I got this purse in the Spring. I use it all the time.  I like the fact the it’s big, but not huge. I can fit my wallet, my cellphone, keys, and many other things in it. I also am able to fit my DSLR camera (Nikon D60), when I need to. I don’t have to carry two bags anymore (camera bag and purse).  The strap adjust so you can wear it messenger style or you can make it smaller and put it on your shoulder.

Expedit Shelving Unit

I was introduced to the Expedit Shelving Unit by my BFF, Stacey. She used these in her business.  I recently did a project in my hallway closet using this shelving unit.  We have begun a makeover on Angry Toddler room also.  I have this shelf turned sideways in his closet for toy storage.

Oakley iPhone Case V.2


This was the first case, and probably only case I will get for my iphone. Yes, it is huge, and industrial looking.  But it’s also solid, and very easy to remove. It is made of rubber.   I’ve dropped my iPhone many many many times, and this case has protected it perfectly.

lululemon Flow Y Bra IV

I’m a runner, I swear! I just haven’t had a ton of time lately to run, and to also post about it.  I haven’t done a race since the 4th of July. Ye gads, that’s a long time. But race season is coming up.  I purchased the lululemon Flow Y Bra IV earlier in the Spring. It is my official race sports bra. I love it.  It also has removable cups that you put inside it. Trust me, the cups make a difference.

Apple TV


Apple TV was actually Angry Husband’s Christmas gift last year from my mom.  I use it as much as he does.  After asking around, not that many people know about Apple TV.  It has really changed our life. I use it mostly for turning on my iTunes with our surround sound, and/or putting on movies for Angry Toddler.  Angry Toddler can visually see what movies we have on Apple TV, and tell me what he wants to watch.  I love Angry Toddler watching Apple Tv, because we don’t have to forward through all the commercials. I’m sure you’ve bought a DVD lately, and seen that code for “digital copy”. Well you can input the code into Apple TV. I promise to do an instruction vlog about Apple TV soon.

*If you have any questions about any of the things I posted, please let me know. Ask away!

From Love to Hate

I headed out to dinner with Angry Toddler and my parents tonight. They got over here late, as usual. Late is 6pm for us. Angry Toddler is literally crawling the walls by then. And he had not eaten. You can only imagine what this 4 yr old was like when they got here. But we headed to dinner.  It was a place where you order and sit down  to wait for your food, type place.  Angry Toddler immediately refused to eat his food. I wasn’t in the mood to fight with him. I just let it go.  We eventually finished eating and then we walked around. We ended up at Nordstrom, because my mom wanted to look at some boots. She ALWAYS buys boots, yet she complains how they hurt her feet.

I got bored and saw this little area set-up for Santa. Apparently, Santa is there on the weekends. Well we pushed their sign to the side and had some fun.  After the 4th picture, he gave up playing with me. He then proceeded to tell my parents that he “NEEDED to go look at some shoes”.

Holidays at Nordstrom

We ended up in the extensive children’s shoe department. Well not so extensive. Angry Toddler began to look at shoes. He picked out a few, and the employee got the boxes in his size.  She doubted me, I guess, and began to measure his feet.  His one foot measured a 10.5 and the other foot measured an 11.  What size shoes did he walk in wearing? He was wearing a 12.  He has wide feet, I know that. I requested a 12. She finally let Angry Toddler try on the shoes. Of course, what shoes does he pick? Yep, that’s the right, the almost $75 Geox Light-Up Shoes. Did Julie pay for these, hell no! Nana and Papa politely obliged for the shoes.

While the salesgirl was ringing up the shoes, and helping another person at the same time. We played some more. Cause it’s really hard to avoid meltdowns after 8pm.  He started trying on coats and hats. He actually requested a coat. Umm dude, you have plenty. But he did try on this hat. He looked quite dapper in it actually, but the price $45, meh…

Trying out hats at Nordstrom

After five minutes after this photo was taken, all hell broke out. He wanted an umbrella, a raincoat, anything, and everything.  He finally gave up and left the shoe department walking towards the exit doors.  We thought he was fine.  He then hit the outside, and ran, and ran. My dad went off to chase him.  My mom and I just stood there shaking out heads.  We finally caught up with my dad, who was holding Angry Toddler.  My dad gave him a new nickname, “El Diablo”, which means “The Devil” in Spanish. He (my dad) put him down, and he ran again. I had to drop my purse and chase after him.  I finally got him, and we shoved him into the car.  He did the classic movement in his carseat. He crossed his arm tightly. He crossed his legs. He tucked his chin into his chest.

And then he said it, “I hate you mama”….