Wordless Wednesday: First Day of Third Grade

Kindergarten Through Third Grade, 1st Day of School

Yesterday was my son’s first day of school. He started third grade. Yes, his school district started really really really late! Paper sign from Designs By Nicolina. And my kid, he doesn’t even look like himself in this picture. So odd. Maybe because he is smiling so big! I even got him to take a […]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Plus Giveaway

The Third Wheel Book 7_ABRAMS

My son is a HUGE fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He was super excited when he heard that Book #7 The Third Wheel was coming out last month. You should have seen his face when he opened the package that contained the book. He was screaming, over a BOOK! I was […]

Second Grade

Today was the first day of school for Angry Kid. I was anxious about whom his teacher would be this year, and what kids would be in his class. At the beginning of last year, he was bummed that some of his best friends weren’t in his class. But he got over it real fast […]

Hello Monday, Hello Summer

Hello Monday! Hello Summer! Hello to my new running coach! Isn’t he cute? He’s kinda mean. He yells things at me, like “Mama, you run too slow. You need to catch up! Run Faster!” Hello to the end of the school year! Hello to photos from the first day and last day of school!  Hello […]

Wordless Wednesday: Star of the Week

Angry Kid is “Star of the Week” at school this week. As usual, the Angry Family likes to wait till last minute to do everything. It is how we roll. I’m sure that you can guess what time I was up until on Sunday night.  Angry Kid knows how Type-A and umm crafty I am […]

Project 365: Week 45

I’m trying something a little different with my Project 365 pictures this week. I’m bored, and I thought I would switch it up a little, so I did some collages. My life consists of reading Twilight novels the past week or so, and my son’s homework, as usual. Oh, and of course, I’m starting to […]

How We Survive Homework

Thanks to Tervis for sponsoring my writing. Visit their website http://www.tervis.com to learn more about the world’s first smart cup. Angry Kid is in first grade. This is not his first year doing homework though. Luckily, we knew what we were in for, so we were not surprised when the homework starting coming home. At […]

First Grade Writing Prompts

Every week my son has journal writing as part of his homework.  Last year, Angry Kid had some very simple prompts.  But this year’s first homework prompt actually gave me an idea for blog material.  I figure that I could manipulate it a little to fit my writing. We will see how it goes. I […]