Renegade Racing Representative

2014 Renegade Racing Reps

I have been chosen as a “representative” or “ambassador” for Renegade Racing for 2014. I’m super excited to be a part of this group! They are a fabulous local company, and I love doing local races! I had the opportunity to volunteer at two of their iTry events in the past year and had a […]

The Magical Mile, Working on my Speedwork

The Magical Mile

Last weekend, I posted a picture on  Instagram. I was at a local high school running laps on the track. Although I have not been doing regular “long runs”, I have been working on my speed. I can keep running half marathons, PR, but my speed needed a little work. I’ve done speedwork before, mostly […]

Ten on Tuesday, The March Edition

10 on Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and it is already starting to look like spring around here in Orange County. It was beautiful last weekend and the weather was in the low 80s. I am not a fan of cold weather plus I love love love daylight savings. And since I am a bit scatter brained lately, I will […]


Macbook Pro and Dre Beats

With a busy family, it is hard to get everything done. I feel like I’m constantly apologizing for forgetting things, and being behind. But there are only 24 hours in the day, and 7 days a week. I cannot fit it all in. I took some time last week, and checked out to get some […]

runDisney Tinker Bell 10K Race Recap 2014

runDisney Tinker Bell 10K Race Medal

As with any runDisney race, registration comes up quickly, and the races also sell out quickly. Last year when the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend race registrations came up, I made the decision to only register for the 10K. My sole decision at that point was based on two things, 1. the medal was pretty […]

Kids Run The OC 2013

Kids Run The OC

Every year my son’s school participates in “Kids Run The OC”. Kids Run The OC is a 10-12 week program that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle to kids to help prevent the onset of child obesity. During the 10-12 weeks, the kids have practice before, during or after school, where they accumulate a total of […]

Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run Race Recap

Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Race 2013

I usually sign up to run races in advance, most races it is 6+ months in advance. This was the case with the Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run. I signed myself and my son up in July, which was cost effective, but not very smart. When it got closer to the event, I realized that I […]

Ragnar Relay SoCal 2013 Race Recap

Ragnar Relay SoCal 2013

So this race recap about Ragnar Relay SoCal is a bit overdue. It was a 2-day event which is more than your average race. It was more of an experience than a race. At least it was for me. But then, I was so overwhelmed with writing about it, I never got around to actually […]