Ten on Tuesday, The March Edition

It’s Tuesday and it is already starting to look like spring around here in Orange County. It was beautiful last weekend and the weather was in the low 80s. I am not a fan of cold weather plus I love love love daylight savings.

And since I am a bit scatter brained lately, I will share my “Top 10″ things for this week.

10 on Tuesday

1. The Bachelor

I’ve never been a big fan of that show. I watched a few episodes this season. I could not get past Juan Pablo’s accent. It made me a little crazy. When I think of Juan Pablo, I think “le douchebag”. The whole thing was a trainwreck.

If you are in for some online entertainment, Kristen and Sarah do video recaps of The Bachelor every week.

2. My Hair

Wore my hair down yesterday and only put a little product in. Proof that I have natural curly hair. Nobody believes me. #pixiegrowout #pixieproject

I’ve been growing out my hair since August of 2011. My hair was very short, like 1″ long. I’m still getting used to having long hair. My hair is also very curly. I’ve been wearing in a ponytail, pigtails, and even braids. But when my hair is down and I have an event to go to, I love it!

3. Chores

I gave the husband a chore list the other day. I got this picture sent to me later that day. Child labor. I like that he is using a pylo box to access the dryer. I heart my @boschhomeus washer and dryer! #childlabor #crossfitkid

The kid is getting old enough to do chores now. Even though we only have one child, we are super busy in our house. With both parents working, and a busy 8 year old, stuff doesn’t get done. On my husband’s days off from work, I make a “to do” list. Most of the time, the list is made with intentions of my husband doing several or most of these projects. Obviously the laundry has been outsourced to the kid.

I guess everyone in the house is using my pylo boxes. Whether it be for box jumps or as a step stool.

4. Binge Watching of TV Shows

Have you ever had a marathon of TV watching? Or hyper-focused on a certain TV show? These “binge watches” started a few years ago with me when I watched the show, LOST, on Netflix. Anytime I have an hour or so, I would watch an episode of LOST. It took me about a month to finish the entire series. After LOST was over, I continued my binges with Alias, Dexter, Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and now True Detective.

True Detective is on HBO. The season finale just happened. I started it last night and I have already watched two episodes.

What will be my next binge show?

5. Running

Two words: Speedwork Sucks. The only way that I can achieve my fiitness goals is to do things that I loathe sometimes. Had to hop on that dreaded treadmill for some miles. #speedwork #instarunner #fitfluential #renegaderaces #sweatyselfie

My running has slowed down lately. My last half marathon was in November. I’ve done a 10K and a few 5Ks since then. I started CrossFit recently and I’m working on my strength now. My legs are strong from running, but the rest of me is a hot mess.

When I have ran lately, it has been low mileage. I usually only do 3-4 miles. I have been doing some speedwork to get faster. I ran on the treadmill last week and I felt like I was dying. Last year, I was running about 25-30 miles a week, spread over 5 days… Lately, I run about 2 days a week.

6. Pinterest


I was an original user of the site, Pinterest, when it first started. I use it as a bookmarking feature. My boards are expanding and I’m starting to work on organizing them more. I love all of the beautiful things on Pinterest. And I’m pretty obsessed with their iPhone app also.

7. Hockey

Inline Hockey, Winter 2013.jpg

My son is still obsessed with hockey. He plays inline hockey at a local rec program. His skills have greatly improved this season. I’m not sure if it is all the practicing, camps, games, or my parents offering him cash for goals, but something is working! It is almost playoffs and then a break before the next season.

8. PicMonkey

It is the 2 year anniversary of the online photo editing company, PicMonkey. I am so grateful for services like this. I go in spurts with my photography and photo editing. Photoshop, Lightroom, and all of those other programs confuse me. I never have enough time to sit down and learn how to use those programs. But PicMonkey has been my photo editing BFF for a solid 2 years now. I highly suggest using this site!

9. Summer Camp

OC kids helping promote their favorite summer camp @catalinaislandcamps at the @parentingocmag Camp Jamboree today! #iheartcamp #campchat #cic #catalinaislandcamps

Spring Break hasn’t even happened yet and we are thinking about summer camp in our house. I have my calendar printed out and things already “inked in” during June, July, and August. Deposits and payments are already due for some camps.

On Sunday, the kid and I attended a Summer Opportunities Jamboree here in Orange County. My son’s favorite camp, Catalina Island Camps was at the event, and my son put on his camp shirt and helped give information to potential campers and parents during the event. He cannot wait to go back to camp this summer.

Have you even thought about summer and summer camp yet? I’m starting to freak out already!

10. Pokémon

pokemon cake pops.jpg

My son and his friends are obsessed with Pokémon cards. They collect them, they trade them, they discuss them. I’m not sure where the obsession came from. But my son spends all of the money that he gets on those cards. He attended a friend’s birthday party last weekend and the mom made Pokémon cake pops, which was super creative!

Anyone else’s kids obsessed with this?

Run All The Races

I figure that if I want to keep up with this running thing, I should sign-up for more races, right? I mean really, it totally makes sense? I swear that I’m going to be following some kind of training plan that is affixed to my refrigerator for the rest of my days.

So if you are wondering where I’m going to for vacation this year, besides Yosemite, it is probably race-related. Race-cations are my new vacations. Now if I could get the rest of my family racing…. And somehow I need a rich relative to pay for all of these racecations. Anyone want to volunteer?

So far, my race agenda for the rest of the year is as follows:

Baker To Vegas

As of now, I’m an alternate for our Baker To Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team. We have a co-ed team, and I’m not as fast as I want to be. I was trying to get under 9-minute miles, which I could probably do if I pushed myself. But I have way too many other races to do this year.

OC Half Marathon

The OC Half Marathon will be my third race in the Beach Cities Challenge. I started the Beach Cities Challenge with the Long Beach Half in October {my first half marathon}, did my second race in February, Surf City, and The OC Half will be my third and final race.

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

This will be my second year running Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon. I absolutely loved this event last year. It was so fun running at night through all of the parks at Walt Disney World. I will also be completing the Coast to Coast Challenge, because I ran {trotted/walked/ran} the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January at Disneyland.

and just because I’m really really crazy….

Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon

I will flying to Florida, two weeks after the Wine and Dine Half to participate in the Space Coast Half Marathon. I blame Krissy for promoting the awesomeness of this race.

but really, this race is all about the bling…race bling = awesome medal for finishing the race!

Space Coast Marathon Big Bang Series

Yes, the race re-designed their medals. And they also added a 3-year finisher and 5-year finisher medal, starting in 2013. How awesome are those medals? My husband actually encouraged me to sign-up for this race after I showed him the “Big Bang Series” graphic. I blame him!

So if you are wondering what I will be spending all my spare time doing….running!

A Year of Running

Several of my friends did races {running} this weekend. I hadn’t signed up for any special St. Patrick’s Day themed races because I couldn’t find any that sounded really awesome. I could have run a St. Patrick’s Day half marathon if I live in another state, because there were several occurring yesterday.

But just because I wasn’t racing, didn’t mean that I couldn’t dress-up my run for the occasion. I put on some funky green socks, my green Team Sparkle Skirt, and my green Team Sparkle visor for my training run around my neighborhood.

No race for me today. But that doesn't mean that I can't do my training run in a green @runTeamSparkle skirt and fun socks? This is kind of an anniversary run of an anniversary run for me! #teamsparkle

I don’t usually wear my Sparkle Skirts out on my neighborhood runs, so I got “lots” of attention while running. With my work schedule, I try to fit in my runs when I can. Because I had missed some mileage in the past few days, I was doubling up, and attempting to do six miles. I ended up doing a little over five. I was ok with the five, because it was starting to get a bit warm outside while I was running. Along the way, I had several people wish me “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” and even had someone scream at me from a car….cough cough…Heather!

Running on St. Patrick’s Day was somewhat of a RUN-niversary! Looking back to 2008-2009, I was running frequently, and doing about a race a month. And then work stress, and odd schedules changed things. I slacked on my runs, and workouts. And basically hit bottom. I had done some 5K runs here and there, but I really didn’t “train” for them.

Finished the @bookthatevent #leprechaun5k earlier. A picture of @according2kelly, me, and @elisewallace in our @runTeamSparkle skirts.Kelly, Me, and Elise

Last March, I signed up for the Leprechaun Leap 5K in Tustin. My friends were doing it, and I got super excited to dress-up for the race. It was raining when the race started, and I ran slow. At the end of the race, I looked at my finish time and was overly saddened. I finished at almost 40 minutes. Looking back at that photo above, I am still overly saddened. I looked like a mess. And probably felt like one too, I can’t remember.

After that race, I decided to start running and working out again. I had to “hit bottom” to realize that I was blessed with really bad genetics and an awful metabolism. I gain weight super easy. I know that I have to work out to maintain/lose weight. There is not really an option. But life does get in the way sometimes, and then I get lazy. I finished the month of March 2012, with 15 miles clocked in at the gym. At the end of April 2012, I had 75 miles logged into my DailyMile account. Each month, I began accruing more and more mileage.

Life Is Better When You're Running

In May, I decided to sign-up for my first half marathon, The Long Beach Half Marathon, which was occuring in October. My friend, Casey suggested Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Plan, and I plotted all of my runs out on a calendar. I completed the LB Half without dying, and since that race, I’ve completed three other half marathons, a few 5K races, and even my first 10K race.

A Year of Running

I want to seriously thank Team Sparkle {Kelly, Carrie, and Elise} for all of the motivation and inspiration. These super fast crazy girls make me want to do more, and run faster! I want to give a bit of credit to my all the running gear that I have acquired. It is sorta taking over my house.

Enough rambling now, I thought I would post a March 2012 to March 2013 comparison. I’ve only lost about 15 pounds from all of this crazy running. But obviously, you can tell that I’ve acquired more muscle, etc.

Proof is in the photos!

March to March Comparison, Running

Yes, I’m still training for more races. After I figure out my calendar this week, I’ll write a post with my upcoming races, etc. because people always seem to ask. Also, I have no idea what I’m even doing tomorrow, let alone, racing…

A Year From Now

Awesome 80’s Run Recap

Last Saturday, I did a 5K Run/Race in Pasadena called the “Awesome 80’s Run”.  I did the race with my friend, Monique, whom I’ve done a ton of races with.  I got up bright and early and carpooled with Mo to Pasadena. We live about an hour away.

Because I love a good theme, I had to get myself a little costume for the Awesome 80’s Run.  The first rule of costumes for races is that you have to be able to actually run in them. I’ve seen some great costumes, but about a half mile down the road, you start to notice discarded items like hats and butterfly wings that were not worn properly.

I wore my slime green Saucony Kinvara 3’s, knee highs with neon stripes, black Lululemon shorts, a pink Team Sparkle skirt, a tank top with an 80’s theme from Target, and a pink sparkle Bic Band in my hair.

I had Monique take a picture of me with this 80’s sign before the race. After the race, there was a huge line to pose in front of it.

Awesome 80's Run

After taking pictures with the sign, Monique find this umm guy in an interesting costume. He was so big, and goofy that we had to take a picture of him.  He kept saying that there were going to be 100’s of Facebook photos with him in them. Well dude, if you are going to dress like that, you better expect to be in pictures.

Mo, Julie, and random Creepy Guy

While having a pre-race dance party and waiting to start, I ran into Jen.  I knew Jen would love this theme. She had an 80’s themed Christmas card a few years back. It was awesome. Jen was totally rockin’ it!  We waited for what seemed like, FOREVER for the race to start. It was past 9am and getting warm, at almost 100 degrees outside. Not fun at all.

Julie and Jen

The race course was not closed down and it went around The Rose Bowl.  Obviously, on  a Saturday morning in Southern California on a Holiday Weekend, everyone is out and about enjoying the last rays of summer sunshine.  This was not good for the race course. I had to dodge walkers, joggers, people with dogs, and everything else that you could think of while running. Plus, just add in the heat and lack of water, which was a total fail. They had water cups at mile 1.5 but it was like a tiny shot glass of water, not enough for someone whom was running in this type of heat.

Because I was extremely thirsty and just wanted to be done, I started running faster at the last mile. I finished at 33:05 which was decent, but I knew that I could do better.  After I hit the finish line, I headed straight for the water table, where there was NO WATER.  Apparantly they had run out of water and more was coming. Once again, to run out of water at a race where it was sold out with FOUR THOUSAND (4,000) runners was not a good idea, just saying.

For once, I was smart and stashed some cash in the pocket of my shorts. I spotted a food truck nearby and bought myself a water. It was like the best water that I’ve ever had.  It was really sad because it looked like everyone was dying of thirst after the race, and there was no water. Serious FAIL!

Awesome 80's Run

I was able to find my friends via text message after they had finished running. They were totally pissed off about the water situation also. Monique and I took some more photos, and then we left. Luckily, we left in time because I heard that the traffic exiting the race was horrible and it took some people over an hour to get out. We headed for a fancy Denny’s breakfast, and some Dr. Pepper for me.

I would not recommend this race, just because of the company that organized it, Superhero Events.  They were totally disorganized.  I wish that they were more organized because it was a great theme. But seriously, no bananas, oranges or fruit at the end of the race plus no water, was a huge disappointment. There were some pretty nasty comments on the race Facebook page after the event, but of course, they were deleted.

Team Sparkle Skirt and Awesome 80's Run Medal
The medal was a super cool one though shaped like a cassette tape with a pretty ribbon.  I took a picture of the medal on top of my Totally Awesome Team Sparkle skirt that I wore for the race.

GTL vs. WRL aka Work Run Laundry

As they say on Jersey Shore “GTL” (Gym, Tan, Laundry), my life is “WRL”.  What does “WRL” mean? Well in my world right now, it is Work-Run-Laundry with a little bit of this and that in-between.

I’ve been increasing my running the past few months as I’m training for a half marathon in October.  I have also been participating in a little running inspiration online via Marta from Haus of Girls. In June, the goal was #40milesinJune, I did 63. In July, the goal was #45milesinJuly, I did 61. And in August, the goal was #42milesinAugust, I did 74.

Yes, I ran 74 miles while working full-time, traveling to New York, shuttling my son back and forth to summer camp, and dealing with this extreme heat wave in California right now.  You can imagine how much laundry is piling up in my house right now. I’m constantly doing laundry, whether it be work uniforms, running clothes, swim trunks, and/or beach towels, the laundry is quite overwhelming!


I texted this picture to my BFF Stacey on Friday.  Her response, “Dang you are tan. Frick. GTL for you?” This is a typical Stacey response and totally cracks me up. I fixed some of her text language.  She always responds, “Effing Autocorrect”. I told her to turn it off the other day. Her response, “No I like it for the most part. It fixes my drunk texts.” Awesome!

I had my husband take this picture yesterday. He HATES when I ask him to take my picture. Especially when I say, “Um it’s too dark, grainy, bad, omg I look fat, etc.” Just ignore the garage randomness, please.  This was the first time that I wore the tank top that Marta ordered for our little online inspirational running journey in June, “Strong Is The New Skinny”.  I may not be skinny, but I am definitely stronger. I paired it with a Team Sparkle Skirt, of course and my favorite running shoes, my Saucony Kinvara 3’s.

If you are wondering what I did over Labor Weekend, just look at the title of this post. I worked, ran (Awesome 80’s 5K), and did laundry. I also helped out my friends at Team Sparkle with the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo on Friday (post coming later).

And you are probably asking where my kid was the entire time? He was with my parents in Palm Springs. He has a hard life!

Happy September!

P.S. Yes, I actually referred to the TV show Jersey Shore in today’s post.

The Color Run 5K Race Recap

A few months ago, Megan (who I met through blogging, but Megan rarely blogs) posted a link to The Color Run on my Facebook wall.  I was pretty sure that she was giving me a strong suggestion that she wanted me to sign up.  Megan lives in the Santa Barbara area, which meant that she would have to make the trek down here to Orange County to do the race with me.  I signed up for the race that day, and pretty much forgot about it until a week or so before the race.

I realized that I had overbooked my weekend of The Color Run, and that I would be doing the race with only a little bit of sleep.  I was busy the Friday and Saturday before the race with The Ragnar Relay SoCal.  I was helping my friends, Team Sparkle, by doing photography and social media for them.  So on my way home from Ragnar, I had to stop by Target to get myself a white tank top for The Color Run.  Luckily, we have a Target near us that is open till 11pm.

Megan got to my house at 7am, and we got organized and left for the race.  I grabbed some towels, baby wipes, and a trash bag.  I’ve done two mud runs and I remember how dirty I was after the runs.  I brought the towels to sit on in my car, the baby wipes to clean off with, and the trash bag to throw some of our paint covered clothes in.
The Color Run-Irvine, CA

After parking our car, and wandering a bit, we headed to the starting line. It was very “white”, as we were advised to wear white shirts.


The Color Run-Irvine, CA

Megan and I took a self-portrait pre-race.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA

And I had to take a portrait of our Team Sparkle Skirts with our knee highs from Target.

After taking these pictures, I placed my iPhone inside a plastic bag.  I did not want it to get damaged with the “color” during the race.  Right before taking off, we ran into Danica and Shea.  We all pushed up to the front of the group, so we were able to be in the first wave of people. That was a huge deal, because we didn’t have to wait forever to start the race.  We had some laughs before the race as we deemed it “The Hipster Race”.  I said, all we need is fedoras and fake mustaches.  Danica then pointed to a group of people wearing fedoras.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA

Photo via Danica

Danica was really good at taking pictures as we ran through each other station.  I took some pictures but they were super blurry.  We had another runner take this group picture of Megan, me, Danica, and Shea after we had gone through three color stations (yellow, green, and purple).  After the first station, yellow, we learned how to get proper coverage of colorEach station we alternated, left-right-left-right.  Then we going through the station, we would do a 360-turn to get color everywhere.  Otherwise you would only get color on one side. And everyone else in our group was smart to wear sunglasses.  I was a total fail and forgot mine at home.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA

Since, we were in the first wave of runners, there wasn’t a ton of people done yet.  I took a photo of the finish line and everyone post-race.  This was born the “Color Drop” when you got pretty much submerged in color.

And I took this photo after the “Color Drop”. When you pick-up your race packet, you get a packet of color to bring to the race with you. Megan and I both got green packets. I placed it inside my SPIbelt during the race.  They were doing announcements every fifteen minutes or so with count down.  When they said it was time, everyone opened their packets and let the color go in the air.  You are probably wondering what the color actually is?  The color is food grade cornstarch per The Color Run’s website.

I also took a video of a Color Drop with my iPhone (it is a bit pixelated):

And some after photos of Megan and I.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA

Me Post-Race
The Color Run-Irvine, CA

Megan Post-Race

The Color Run-Irvine, CA

Megan and I together.
Photo via Danica.

It was like they knew I would be here. A huge Slurpee truck @thecolorrun today! #thecolorrun
After the race and color drop, I may have spotted a very large Slurpee truck. I heart Slurpees so I made Megan wait in line. The Slurpees were tiny, but also tasty.

Megan and I post @thecolorrun!!! We are vivid!! #thecolorrun #teamsparkle cc: @wmgg

A portrait of Megan and I while waiting for Slurpees.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA

I took this hilarious of photo of Shea and Danica with their iPhones.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA
Danica sent me this super cute picture of me and her.
Photo via Danica.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA
My Team Sparkle Skirt, Knee High Socks, and Shoes post-run, along with Megan’s.

The Color Run-Irvine, CA
And you are probably wondering if we got clean? Megan and I both got “blown off” by this guy. It really got rid of a ton of powder that was just sitting on us. After we got back to the car, we bathed in baby wipes. The wipes took a ton of the color off from our faces, legs, and arms. When I got home, I stripped down in my garage. I had color everywhere, even on my feet, which had been covered with socks and shoes. I used soap and baby oil to get most of the color off. I had stains for a few days in the crooks of my arms, and my armpits.

Overall it was a very fun race.  I went in expected nothing, as it was not a timed race.  It was fun seeing everyone dressed up in costumes, tutus, and of course our Team Sparkle Skirts.  I also loved doing it with Megan, Danica, and Shea.  It was FABULOUS for picture taking also!!!  If you get the chance and there is a color run in your area, sign-up! You don’t have to be a runner to do it. I saw several people walking it. Plus, the races are selling out fast, so don’t hesistate!

Run Julie Run

Since it is that time of the year, running season, I should probably be running.  For the past few years, you would see tons of races posted on my blog.  I have not run one race at all in 2010.  I really haven’t run at all.  I’ve been too busy with work and the family, and well, everything else.  But I re-arranged my running music list today, so hopefully I will feel a little more inspired to run.  I do have some races coming up, that I’ve already paid for; so I need to get my feet into those shoes, put on that Garmin, turn up the iPod and get out on the road.

You are probably thinking? What type of music does Angry Julie listen to when she runs? Angry music, of course.  I thought I would share my list with you.

Angry Julie’s Running Playlist

  1. Black Eyed Peas-Boom Boom Wow
  2. The Ting Tings-That’s Not My Name
  3. White Zombie-Electric Head (The Ecstasy Pt. 2)
  4. AC/DC-Back in Black
  5. Metallica-Through The Never
  6. Britney Spears-I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll
  7. Dramarama-Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)
  8. Britney Spears-Womanizer
  9. Metallica-Broken, Beat, and Scarred
  10. Pussycat Dolls-When I Grow Up
  11. Fergie-Fergalicious
  12. Salt-N-Pepa-Push It
  13. P!nk-So What
  14. Social Distortion-Ball and Chain
  15. Britney Spears-Gimme More
  16. Metallica-Cyanide
  17. Rihanna-Disturbia
  18. White Zombie-More Human Than Human
  19. Metallica-Seek & Destroy
  20. Metallica-Of Wolf And Man
  21. White Zombie-Thunder Kiss 65′
  22. Metallica-Sad But True
  23. Shop Boyz-Party Like A Rock Star
  24. Metallica-The Day That Never Comes
  25. Rage Against The Machine-Killing In The Name
  26. Pennywise-The Western World
  27. Metallica-Green Hell
  28. White Zombie-Electric Head (The Agony Pt. 1)
  29. Metallica-Fuel
  30. Metallica-Creeping Death
  31. Jane’s Addiction-Stop
  32. Metro Station-Shake It
  33. Metallica-Master of Puppets
  34. Metallica-The End Of The Line
  35. Bush-Machinehead
  36. Metallica-Frantic
  37. T-Pain-Church
  38. Missy Elliott-Ching-a-Ling
  39. Powerman 5000-When Worlds Collide
  40. Social Distortion-So Far Away
  41. Ke$ha-TiK ToK
  42. Miley Cyrus-Party In The U.S.A.
  43. Black Eyed Pea-I Gotta Feeling
  44. Lady GaGa-Paparazzi

This list is 44 songs, and 3.3 hours of FUN! Yes, I have the most random taste of music! Don’t HATE!

OC Mud Run-Race Recap

On Saturday morning, I participated in the Inaugural OC Mud Run. This was the race of 2009 for me. I had been anticipating it for a few months, every since I heard about it on Twitter. I was competing in this race as an individual rather than a team, even though there were four of us doing it together.

We arrived in the parking of the venue, approximately one hour before the race began. We knew that we had to pick up our race t-shirts and check in our bags. What we experienced was absolute chaos. We hiked our way in, trying to find the t-shirt line. We found our places and were handed our t-shirts. Yea, my shirt is extremely small, and it’s an adult large. I’m not a huge person, but I weigh a little more than 100 lbs.

We then went to check-in our bags. This was somewhat organized. We wrote down the last 4 numbers of our social security number on a tag, attached the tag to our bag, and then handed the bag to the attendant. This is where I got lost from my friends. I turned around and they were gone. The start line was another hike from the bag check-in. I just decided to find the start line and wait for my friends there. I barely made it to the start line before the race started. While I was waiting at the start line, I was able to check out everyone costumes and outfits. I finally got caught up with my peeps and the race started. The race start was very anti-climatic.

We went from a dirt trail up the hill to the asphalt parking lot. There was an obstacle that everyone was supposed to go over. The line backed up. I ran around the obstacle because, I really did not want to eat it and fall on the asphalt. That would have been very bad. I did see some people fall when I turned around to look back. After running around the parking lot (what the heck?), we headed back down to the dirt trail. We finally got to experience some mud, but really not a lot. I think this was the most mud I saw that entire race and it last like 5 minutes.

I’m going to do a short re-cap of the rest of the race, because this blog post could go on for hours and days. There were some mini obstacles along the way, nothing worthwhile. There were also some hairpin turns which could be considered somewhat “dangerous”. I think I heard “be careful, watch yourself, this is dangerous” at least ten times, and this was from race volunteers. Umm ya, a race is not supposed to be dangerous.

At one point in the race, at the almost end, we hit a standstill. There was a wall of people and we were not moving. I couldn’t see ahead of me, because I’m a troll (5’4″ and short legs don’t help). What were we waiting for? Well the line finally moved. We were about to cross the lagoon/inner tubes of “stench”, “duck shit pond”, “the sewage pond”, etc etc etc. There were inner tubes and an open water area to cross. I think we did this at least three times. I chose to go through the open water, because there was a huge line for the inner tube area. What the hell was I thinking? As I was wading through this, I keep tripping on unknown things? Seriously, I really did not want to know what was in that water. It smelled nasty, like sewage nasty. We went through some more mini obstacles and made it to the finish line.

There were two choices at the finish line: a slip and slide mud area or the timed finish. Really, I don’t think that they wanted you to do the timed finish. I climbed through the mud pit at the finish and did not do the slip and slide. Why? Because the plastic was DRY, no WATER. How can you slip and slide on dry water?

I waited at the finish line to re-group with my friends. I did not see any event staff there. There was no drinks, no water, nothing at the finish line. Seriously people…it was almost 90 degrees and no water! I’m really getting tired of races not having water at the end. We finally all found each other and the complaining began. We were all in agreement about the race. I thought that the SBSD Mud Run was bad last year. The SBSD Mud Run was a vacation compared to this mess.

We got our bags from the bag check and waited in line for the meager showers that they assembled. Some PVC attached to the back of a baseball backstop. We probably waited in line for at least 45-60 minutes. I did not have that much mud on me, because I really did not make an effort during the race. I had a feeling that the showers were going to be sub-par and I did not want to make a mess of my car.

After changing, aka wrapping a towel around ourselves and removing our clothes “surfer style”, we left the venue. There were vendors there “selling food and drinks”, but nothing was free. Seriously $3 CASH for a water. Umm, I paid $40 for a race, got a crappy t-shirt that will never fit me, and I didn’t even get water.

We headed out of there and towards Wahoo’s at the Irvine Spectrum for some decent food!

I tweeted with several people on Twitter about the race for a few days after the event. We were all in agreement about how it sucked. Really, I think the people involved just wanted to run away with the money. They had a good idea, but they dropped the ball on this one. There was a ton of promotions and PR done for the event in the early spring months, but then it just seemed to drop off the radar.

One of the people I talk to on Twitter, Reggie, otherwise known as “OakleyOC” was a VIP Entrant at the race. He actually paid extra to have VIP status which included food, swag, beer tickets, a special showering area, places to view the race course, etc. His general opinion about the race was the same as mine though, even though he was VIP. Because really, it’s all about the race, not really the perks.

My running pal, Monique, took some pictures during the race with a disposable camera. She hasn’t taken it in to be developed yet. I will post the pictures in another post when she gets them back. Luckily, Reggie was soo gracious to let me use some of the pictures that he took. Ok, perhaps I took them from his Facebook page, but I did tell him that I would give him some recognition.

Next year, I’m going to sign up for Camp Pendleton’s Mud Run. Everyone says that this is a wonderful event, but it always sells out right away. The OC Mud Run people better get their act together if they want to hold their Second Annual Event next year. But they might be too busy deals with all the “issues” that happened at this race. I saw a lot of negative comments on their Facebook page, which I think they have removed now.