Big News with Angry Toddler

When I went to pick up Angry Toddler last night, one of his teachers advised me to bring pull-ups today to school. She said, “He goes in the toilet every time, you should have done this weeks ago.” Umm, ya, just tell me. I discussed it with some friends, and alot of people are anti-pull-ups. […]

Vampire Toddler

I am usually funny and joyous on my blog. I discuss the interesting things that happen in my daily life. But the past two weeks have been a real downer in our house. Angry Toddler is having some major issues at preschool right now. I’m sure I’ve discussed this before, but he’s in a really […]

Life Dealing with AT’s Preschool

As I have posted previously, we’ve had some issues with Angry Toddler and preschool recently. His behavior has been atrocious. We’ve had some serial biting incidents that came out of nowhere. The first time they happened, we realized it was being caused by some allergy meds, Singulair, that he was taking. Apparently he was the […]

Update on the Angry Toddler Conference

I met with his teacher yesterday. We agreed that his asthma medicines are making him, well let’s just say it, an Angry Toddler. She said that his behavior has been different for the past two weeks. I told her that we would work on it at home. We read the “Teeth Are Not For Biting” […]

My first parent/teacher conference

Well, Angry Husband and I went to pick up Angry Toddler from preschool today. There was a note in his folder. AT had bit a kid 3x. The teacher wanted a meeting with us. Also, AT had been bitten by a kid on his back this morning. Angry Toddler was trying to take a toy […]

The Kid Sleeps Like a Teenager

It is a constant struggle with Angry Toddler and his sleep habits. Ever since we lost the crib, moment of silence for “THE CRIB”. His sleep habits have been Crap! He refuses to go to sleep in his bed. We’ve tried all the methods, even Super Nannying him. Nope, didn’t work. Basically AT falls asleep […]

My Pre-School Drop Off Attire

Angry Toddler started preschool in June. I used to get up before him, take a shower, get dressed and pulled myself together. I was ok with doing this, because I was awake. Also, Angry Husband took the small child to school most of the days. At the beginning of the September, AT started school 5 […]

The house of ill

Angry Toddler and I are both sick right now. AT picked up some kind of bug from preschool, I’m sure. He went to doctor on Tuesday and was diagnosed with double ear infections. So they give him some antibiotics and send us on our way. I noticed that I was getting a sore throat Tuesday […]