Big News with Angry Toddler

When I went to pick up Angry Toddler last night, one of his teachers advised me to bring pull-ups today to school. She said, “He goes in the toilet every time, you should have done this weeks ago.” Umm, ya, just tell me.

I discussed it with some friends, and alot of people are anti-pull-ups. But I’m not the one cleaning up his mistakes, his teachers are. If they want pull-ups, they get pull-ups.

He wore pull-ups all night last night and did great with the potty.

And just think, about 2 weeks ago, I was bitching about the price of diapers.

Vampire Toddler

I am usually funny and joyous on my blog. I discuss the interesting things that happen in my daily life. But the past two weeks have been a real downer in our house.

Angry Toddler is having some major issues at preschool right now. I’m sure I’ve discussed this before, but he’s in a really really really bad biting phase right now. At first we thought it was his medicine, it got a little bit better after we stopped some of his medications. Then a few days later, the behavior returned.

Last Tuesday was the worst day he ever had at preschool. He bit 4 kids and hit one kid. Angry Husband picked him up at 5:30pm and the teacher advised him (AH) that he needed to meet with the Director of the school. AH met with the Director and she advised him that Angry Toddler was on the verge of getting kicked out of the school.

AH came home and told me about this. I was in total shock. I was determined to meet with the Director the following morning and discuss the FULL situation of what was going on. I met with HER (i.e. evil Director), and I was not pleased. The woman was very PC and kept saying we do this because of privacy, social services, etc. All I wanted to know is, if other kids were having issues? Was he biting the same kids every day? Is it a certain time frame? I got none of that from her. She made it out like we were bad parents and my child was the bad seed.

I left frustrated. AH and I discussed the situation. We love his school, AT loves his friends, so far everything was working out great in the situation. AT was on better behavior Wed, Thur, and Fri. We were pleasantly surprised. We rewarded AT with a special trip to Brats R’ Us.

Well, today was a whole new ballgame. While, I was working, I received a call on my cellphone from Angry Toddler’s teacher. She told me that he had bit a kid and asked if I could come and pick him up. I finished what I was doing, talked to my boss, and left work. I arrived at the preschool, in my work uniform. Nothing better than someone coming to a preschool 12 noon in a police uniform. Angry Toddler wanted a toy from another kid, so he bit the kid. This was the worst bite ever, he broke the skin and the kid was bleeding. Ugh, what a mess. I seriously don’t know what is going on with AT.

We’ve tried everything at home with him. We’ve read him the books, we’ve talked to him. I still don’t know why this biting is going on.

I called my mom, trying to vent, but she was no help. She said that she would watch AT on Mondays and Fridays. Seriously, there is no way she can physically handle him for that long. I would be even more stressed out at work. I tried to explain to her, that he responds better to the teachers, but something about not being able to express himself to the other kids at school.

I have discussed this with a few of my friends. After many phone conversations, I decided to make an appointment with the pediatrician. We need some outside advice on what to do, make even some references.

I know that I can find another school, switch him, etc. But in reality, I know that he will keep on biting kids. I can already instinctively feel this. I want to be able to resolved the problem effectively.

Luckily, I’ve been exercising quite a bit lately, which is relieving some of the added stress.

Life Dealing with AT’s Preschool

As I have posted previously, we’ve had some issues with Angry Toddler and preschool recently. His behavior has been atrocious.

We’ve had some serial biting incidents that came out of nowhere. The first time they happened, we realized it was being caused by some allergy meds, Singulair, that he was taking. Apparently he was the .00005% that was have aggressive behavior, seizures, and bronchitis.

Last week, on Tuesday, he had a really bad day. Angry Husband had to meet with the school’s Director after school. I also met with her the next morning. She told me that Angry Toddler was on the verge of getting kicked out of school. This woman would not help me with when the biting was happening, where it was happening, or if it was always the same kid. I was quite frustrated. I wanted to know why my little boy was being soo aggressive. He is not like this at home.

I think the RUDE Director realized that we were not going to give into her. They really worked with Angry Toddler on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. His behavior had gotten better and he realized that biting was bad.

Unfortunately, AT got bitten on Friday by another little boy. Just because the kids were trying to look out the same window. Apparently, AT told the little boy that “Biting is bad, and you don’t bite.”. I know that this little boy is one of AT’s problems at school. The teacher advised me that they were going to have a meeting with the other kid’s parents.

I’m soo frustrated and stressed out because of this situation. I know AT is a good kid. I know that other kid’s behavior is having an influence on him. I’m glad that his teachers are working with him. As I’ve told my friends, they can kick him out, but really another Angry Toddler is going to come along right after him. They will always be dealing with this in the 2-3 year old room.

Hopefully, Angry Toddler will grow out of this stage soon. Cause literally, every preschool in the area is FULL!

Update on the Angry Toddler Conference

I met with his teacher yesterday. We agreed that his asthma medicines are making him, well let’s just say it, an Angry Toddler. She said that his behavior has been different for the past two weeks.

I told her that we would work on it at home. We read the “Teeth Are Not For Biting” book about 5x last night.

We also discussed what things that they are working on in the classroom. She told me that she is making them slow down, and not running. She also said to emphasize putting away toys to Angry Toddler.

AT put all his toys away last night. He was great!

My first parent/teacher conference

Well, Angry Husband and I went to pick up Angry Toddler from preschool today. There was a note in his folder. AT had bit a kid 3x. The teacher wanted a meeting with us.

Also, AT had been bitten by a kid on his back this morning.

Angry Toddler was trying to take a toy away from the other kid, that’s why he bit the kid 3X, in 3 separate instances.

Ugh… I know it’s the meds for his bronchitis. His behavior has been awful since he started on the breathing treatments almost 2 weeks ago.

We are not giving him a treatment tomorrow morning.

My mom was like, “I hope he doesn’t get kicked out of this school. What are you going to do, Julie.” Thanks Mom for the encouragement.

I’m meeting with the teacher on Thursday morning. Happy fricken Valentine’s Day to me.

The Kid Sleeps Like a Teenager

It is a constant struggle with Angry Toddler and his sleep habits. Ever since we lost the crib, moment of silence for “THE CRIB”. His sleep habits have been Crap!

He refuses to go to sleep in his bed. We’ve tried all the methods, even Super Nannying him. Nope, didn’t work. Basically AT falls asleep on the couch in our living room. He usually falls asleep watching TV. This is how it is for naps and bedtime. His naps range anywhere from 1pm-4pm. His bedtime ranges anywhere from 8pm-10pm. Yes, that’s right 10pm.

He actually went to bed around 9pm last night. Today, he goes to preschool. I walk into his room. His is asleep on his stomach with his blanket covering his head. I say, “Angry Toddler (I used his real name), Get up, It’s time for school.” The kid actually grunts and rolls to his side. He now covers his entire body with the blanket and curls into the fetal position.

So I roll him over. He growls at me. Then I take off his pajamas. He then gets onto his stomach, pushes up his knees, and sticks his butt in the air, and says “Night Night”.

Then I have to flip him onto his back, change his diaper. I then continue to put on his jeans, shirt, socks, and shoes, all while Mr. Lazy is laying there. Then I leave the room. He comes walking down the hall, scratching his head, dragging the blanket. He’s got those red sleep scars all over his neck and face. The kid sleeps in the strangest positions.

We jump in my car, and head to preschool.

The owner of the preschool just laughs when she sees him. She said, oh rough morning. I said my 12 year old, oops I mean 2 year old didn’t want to get up. He gives her the “Angry White Man” look, which is typical in my household, and then says, “What”? She proceeds to then take him into the school and get him some breakfast. Why does the preschool teacher have to feed him? Because the kid is stubborn and never wants to eat breakfast right away. He’s just like me and has almost all of my bad habits.

Then I jump into my mommy mobile car and head home. I race into the garage, take off my jeans and throw on my pajamas again. I then jump into my bed, and watch all my DVR’ed shows. Yes, it’s a hard life for me, don’t be jealous.

I couldn’t wait to get home and watch my new favorite show, Private Practice. I love that show, but alas that’s another post to come later!

My Pre-School Drop Off Attire

Angry Toddler started preschool in June. I used to get up before him, take a shower, get dressed and pulled myself together. I was ok with doing this, because I was awake. Also, Angry Husband took the small child to school most of the days.

At the beginning of the September, AT started school 5 days a week. My morning went to, grabbing jeans and a shirt from the closet, with no shower.

Today, I’m picking my pants from the floor, throwing them on, putting on a t-shirt (no bra), grabbing a pink fleece jacket, and putting on blue Crocs. I combed my hair, because I looked like a rooster. I then grabbed the kid and off we went.

I’m a complete mess today, oh well…

Believe me, if I didn’t have to go sign the kid in, I would be wearing pajama pants every day.

The house of ill

Angry Toddler and I are both sick right now. AT picked up some kind of bug from preschool, I’m sure. He went to doctor on Tuesday and was diagnosed with double ear infections. So they give him some antibiotics and send us on our way.

I noticed that I was getting a sore throat Tuesday night. Well sleeping from Tuesday to Wednesday morning was awful. I woke up several times throughout the night, coughing myself. AT came into our bed at 5:30am, Wednesday morning, coughing also.

It just made for a miserable day yesterday. No preschool for him. No breaks for the momma. So today, we are both sick. It totally sucks! I want someone to take care of ME, for once. I want to be able to sleep this off, take meds, go into a coma.

Hopefully, the AH will come home soon and relieve me from childcare.

Poor Angry Toddler, he does love his preschool and he’s sooo bored at home with me.