Insta Friday

Hello There! I thought that I would join in on today’s Insta-Friday held over at Life Rearranged. Here are some of the photos that I have taken this week. It has been CRAZY busy as usual…. Angry Kid is modeling one of Eli’s Lids newest products, a Fedorable. Yep, doesn’t he look cute with his […]

Obstructed Views

I was invited to Disneyland on Saturday for event celebrating the Holidays at the Disneyland Parks.  I big puffy heart everything about Disneyland. It is truly magical.  But things like parades and fireworks at the parks, give me a little road rage. That is the only way that I can describe it. I am not […]

Magic Moments

We have four computers in our house, two Macs and two PC’s, three iPhones, and two DSLR cameras.  You can imagine the amount of pictures that we have stored.  But they are all moments that document our lives. We’ve had some firsts this summer.  Even though we haven’t traveled the world, with some local day […]

Project 365: Week 12

I’m exhausted from a busy year already. One of our big events of the year occurred last week. We had a great day at my friend’s wedding, but sooo much work goes into the planning..and money, oh the money. It rained most of the week here. It is so hard to entertain a wild 5-year […]

Project 365: Week 5

I arrived home from Blissdom, the first day of Week 5.  I ended up editing photos most of the week, in between working.  It was chaotic and busy.  I’m still taking photos for Project 365, but I’m quite the slacker with tagging them in my Flickr account.  I’m going to try and be more organized […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Abyssinian

I went over to my mom’s house last night. I was promptly greeted and meowed at. Jake, the Abyssinian came to say hello. Jake or Jacob Ashton as he was official named, is my first born. Over the years, my allergies took over and I could not handle living with Jake. He was watching every […]

Project 365: Week 4

I think Week 4 of Project 365 was my busiest so far. It started off with a kid’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and ended with me coming home from the Blissdom Conference.  I’ve been at Blissdom most of the week.  I’m in post edit hell right now, as I took over a 1000 […]

Innocent Wonder

My son went on a field trip last week to The Centennial Farm at the Orange County Fairgrounds. He went with his kindergarten class.  This was their first field trip and for many of the kids, their first time on a school bus.  I stopped by and spent about an hour with the kids while […]