Airing My Dirty Laundry, Literally

I’ve always been on top of my organizing and cleaning.  I admit that I pay someone to clean my house, but otherwise I’m pretty organized.  We live in a small house so every bit of space counts. We have cabinets, drawers, shelves, and containers throughout the interior of the house.  But, our garage, well, lately […]

A New Closet for the Angry Kid

Angry Husband took vacation a few weeks ago to work on Angry Kid’s bedroom makeover.  Maybe it was highly suggested by me, for him to take off.  I just wanted it to be done, and not take six months.  I took a ton of photos during the process, so I’m going to talk about his […]

To clean a house, is to make a mess

I typically go by this theory of things..”I have to make a big giant mess to clean anything”.  I pick one room at a time and trash it.  I dump everything out, I purge, and then I put it back. This is how I function. Angry Husband does not think like this.  He hits every […]

Another house project begins

This closet may look organized. You see the Elfa System from the Container Store and the Expedit Shelf from Ikea.  But oh no, not so organized.  It actually drives me crazy.  We are getting ready to start our next big project.  We are redecorating Angry Kid’s room.  Angry Husband is tired of the dinosaurs. Angry […]

Our “Real Simple” Closet Makeover

I was reading my latest issue of Real Simple Magazine, about two months ago. I saw an article about re-organizing a front closet. It had before and after pictures from the makeover. I’ve been telling Angry Husband for awhile now, that I want to re-do our hallway coat closet. I knew that the space could […]

Spring Cleaning

I’m in the midst of it right now. I’ve been on a roll for about three weeks now. Exactly when I started my vacation. I do this every year, without fail. I purge, I organize, I recycle, I sell. This is what Julie does. I’m pretty successful at it too. I’ve even had Angry Husband […]

Trying to Organize

I’m sorry that I’ve neglected my blog for a few days. I’ve been trying to organize my house and life more. Part of my Spring ritual is listing all of Angry Toddler’s clothing on e-bay. So I organized it all last week and I did pretty good. I only had one tote full, which I […]

Organizing for 2009

I went to a seminar last night through Junior League. It was put on Jenny LeBel from Organizing Angels. She gave us a list of tips for better organizing yourself. *Keep an Action File on your desk or kitchen counter for current and ongoing lists in alphabetical order: Bills to Pay, Birthdays, Coupons, Pending/Follow-Up, Recipes, […]