A recap of my week via my iPhone. Just add in a busy work week, a migraine headache, and shuttling my son back and forth to his last week of summer camp. Miracles do happen! I made ribs and mashed potatoes for dinner. The kid likes it! Ok, I outsourced the meal to Costco but […]

Galvanized Steel Magnet Board Project

Around two years ago, I bought a large wood frame from a builder’s surplus store.  I had no project in mind, but I knew that it was a good size (48 inches by 30 inches), and the price was right, around $10. We moved it around our garage several times, and eventually the frame ended […]

A garage makeover

I made an offer on our house before my husband had even seen it.  He trusts my decisions, and he was ok with it. Well, really, he didn’t have a choice.  I knew that this was “the one” when our realtor opened the garage.  Literally, the previous owner had not done anything to the house […]

Project: Simplify: Angry Kid’s Toys and Clothes

We’ve reached the end of Week 3 of Project: Simplify with Simple Mom.  Project: Simplify will be five weeks in total.  I’ve organized our master bedroom closet, paper clutter, and now Angry Kid’s room.  My husband thinks I’m nuts as usual.  I have a bad habit of going on late night cleaning sprees when I’m […]

Project: Simplify: Paper Clutter

I was on vacation from work for two weeks during Christmastime. I used that time of to de-clutter and organize my house.  My husband and I went through tons of plastic tubs in our garage, and tossed a ton of stuff.  On one of the last days of my vacation, I organized our file cabinet.  […]

Project: Simplify: Master Bedroom Closet

I’ve been working on our Master Bedroom project for approximately one month. We’ve got the walls painted, the nightstands paint, and now I’m doing some cleaning in between our decorating process.  I’m joining up for Simple Mom’s: Project Simplify. Last week was the first week of project: simplify.  The task was to organize the master […]

Project Garage

In between all of that chaos and mess, is our brand new Bosch washer and dryer.  I think we bought it in July.  It is awesome.  But sigh, our garage junk is taking over once again. This picture looks like one of those in a magazine, where it gives you a list of things and […]

How To Get A Kid To Clean His Room

I have a little obsession with reality TV. I admit that. Perhaps they were having a Hoarders mini marathon on, Sunday night.  I LOVE watching that show.  I think it is appeasing to my inner OCD, and justifies my obsession with throwing things away. I know that my friend, Kim, will understand my need to […]