A recap of my week via my iPhone. Just add in a busy work week, a migraine headache, and shuttling my son back and forth to his last week of summer camp.

Miracles do happen! I made ribs and mashed potatoes for dinner. The kid likes it! Ok, I outsourced the meal to Costco but I did heat everything up, and put it on plates.

Miracles do happen! I made ribs and mashed potatoes for dinner. The kid likes it! Ok, I outsourced the meal to Costco but I did heat everything up, and put it on plates.

Home Office Organization Semi-Complete. In between my headache today, I purged.

Home Office Organization Semi-Complete. In between my headache today, I purged.


Craft cabinet was also cleaned out. Everything in it’s place. A day later, I saw that my husband and kid attacked this cabinet looking for “something”.

As seen on my run tonight. Pretty sky! Four miles added to my monthly total. 34/42 miles #42milesinAugust

Beautiful sunset while I was running four miles the other night.

The bane of my existence. Putting in these contact lenses.
The bane of my existence. Putting in these contact lenses. Don’t be shocked, but I’ve already had Lasik.

3 miles done! Wore the new neon @Saucony Kinvara 3's tonight. Tomorrow I rest. 8 miles on Saturday. #42milesinaugust

3 miles done. Wore my new Saucony Kinvara 3’s. Tomorrow is rest day. I have an 8-miler on Saturday.

life rearranged

Galvanized Steel Magnet Board Project

Around two years ago, I bought a large wood frame from a builder’s surplus store.  I had no project in mind, but I knew that it was a good size (48 inches by 30 inches), and the price was right, around $10. We moved it around our garage several times, and eventually the frame ended up underneath our bed.  I can’t stand clutter, and it was driving me crazy.  While remodeling my son’s room last year, I finally came up with a project for the frame.  I was going to frame a cork board or chalk board on the wall in my son’s room with that wood frame.  I then realized that doing cork or chalk was not the best idea for a six year old’s room.  I knew my son would not do well if cork = push pins, and chalk, well chalk = mess.

Galvanized Magnet Board

I saw several magnet board projects on other blogs involving sheets of galvanized steel in picture frames.  I thought that this was an excellent idea for my frame project and headed towards our local hardware store.  I went to Home Depot and Lowe’s to look at their galvanized metal. Unfortunately, the frame was WAY TOO BIG, and the sheets of steel that these stores sell, is WAY TOO SMALL.  My co-worker told me awhile ago that her dad deals with metal.  It is a good thing that I remembered this.  I asked her if her dad could get me a large piece of galvanized steel and she said, “YES”.  I gave her the measurements and within a few days, she brought me the piece of galvanized steel.  I placed the piece of steel and the frame against my husband’s work bench in the garage, and there it sat, for another month.

Galvanized Magnet Board Before It Was Hung
Of course, I begged and asked my husband to help me with the project but we were both swamped. One day, he finally agreed to start on it.  He placed the galvanized steel against the wall, and pre-drilled the four corners, after measuring and making it level.  He then took it off the wall, and then checked the drywall to see if he needed anchors, or if he was drilling into the studs.  The reason that we were mounting the steel directly to the wall, and not to the frame, was because it was HEAVY, like VERY Heavy. If we used some kind of glue or epoxy to mount the steel to the frame, it would eventually come loose because of the weight.

Pre-drilling the wall for the magnet board mounting
After pre-drilling the steel, Angry Husband mounted the steel to the wall with dry wall screws. We use these screws a lot in our house. We buy them in bulk.  Angry Husband was moving at a very fast pace, so I took pictures with my iPhone.  Like they say “the best camera to use, is the one you have”.

Magnet board mounted to wall

After mounting the galvanized steel to the wall, Angry Husband then placed the unpainted frame against the wall around the steel.  He then marked the spots where he would place the screws.  He did some measurements, and then pre-drilled the frame.  He then pulled the frame away from the wall.  He then took the frame into the garage and counter sinked the holes so that the frame would lay flat.  I would have never thought of this.

Of course, I went on some errands, and Angry Husband had spray painted the frame while I was gone.  He used a can of primer black that was already in our garage.  We went with a primer black between the rest of the colors in the room are flat, and not shiny.  The orange chair rail is also a flat non-shiny orange. I had already sanded the frame prior to this project being started.

After the spray paint had dried for about a day, Angry Husband mounted the frame on the way.  He used the dry wall screws to secure it once again.

Galvanized Steel Magnet Board
I think that this project was super easy and turned out great. Just don’t get an extremely large frame and expect to find galvanized steel the same size at your local store, because you won’t.

I think Angry Kid’s room is finally done. It is about time!!  Now I just need to finish our master bedroom.

Get Your Craft On Tuesday

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A garage makeover

I made an offer on our house before my husband had even seen it.  He trusts my decisions, and he was ok with it. Well, really, he didn’t have a choice.  I knew that this was “the one” when our realtor opened the garage.  Literally, the previous owner had not done anything to the house besides upgrade the garage with a nice floor and cabinets.  Angry Husband loves being in the garage, we consider our garage as a “room” in our house.

We’ve lived here for five years and our storage needs have changed.  We are more settled now.  We have accumulated more things, i.e. Christmas Decorations, tools, and you know, stuff.  We have a small house, so we have to be organized.  In the past six months, we have done some re-arranging. We had plastic shelves in different areas throughout our garage.  The shelves were overloaded and were starting to break.

Overview of garage

The picture above was taken last Monday after a final garage cleansing.  You are probably thinking, why is this garage so clean? Well, in about two weeks, we are hosting our son’s birthday party at our garage.  Since we have a smaller house, we are going to have the main part of the party in the garage.  We have a ton of space.

A few months ago, our garage was chaos.  Angry Husband pulled stuff off the shelves and into the middle of the garage.  He gave some of our shelving units to the neighbor, and we tossed the rest.

Messy garage picture

We already had the white cabinetry, but my husband built a shelving space/frame with a desktop also.  He uses it several times a day.  Ok, maybe because I kicked his computer out to the garage. He bought the lumber at Lowe’s and the desktop is from IKEA.  He drew out the plans himself to build around our  trash cans and storage totes.

Overall view of side of garage
Desktop in garage

I’m pretty sure that Angry Husband built this shelving unit while I was at some kind of blog conference last year.  I remember him sending me pictures via text message.  Luckily, I saved many of the text messages to show a picture of the wood framing while he was building it.

Garage shelving un-painted

Our Bosch Vision Washer and Dryer are stackable, which is great for saving space.  We used the stacking kit to do this.  Yes, there is an official kit, and it took over an hour to figure it out.  In the corner of the garage is our water heater.  We have a tiny bit of space so we also store our ironing board (NEVER used), a step stool, and a five foot long folding table.  On the left side of the washer and dryer is a barrier for our dogs.  We have two small dogs and they are quite nosey.  My husband set-up this barrier so that they can’t see outside the garage.  It has cut down on some of the barking.  It also leads to a door, which is the door to our outside patio area.  We have a doggy door installed for the dogs to access that area.

Washer and Dryer

My latest project in the garage was a shoe storage and bag organization area.  We use our garage to enter the house.  We rarely enter through our front door.  I’m constantly tripping over shoes.  We used to have a bucket to toss the shoes into, but it was always overflowing with junk.  We used an IKEA Expedit cube and mounted it to the wall with L-Brackets. We also put some hooks above the cube and staggered out the spacing for hanging jackets and/or bags.

Storage cube

The pretty vacuum hanging is my new Dyson.  We’ve had way to many handheld portable vacuums die on us.  We spent a little bit more money this time and got something better. I heart this Dyson.  The bucket is our son’s t-ball bucket. They use the buckets as seats. And we have his baseball bag tossed under the cube.  Usually these things are in my car.  We mounted the shelf higher to be able to sweep and clean underneath it.

We have our home theater equipment in our garage also. We use a RF remote control system to access everything.  It is better suited in this area, because it allows air to circulate and we don’t have to hide all the wires.  Angry Husband is in the home theater biz, so we have a complicated system.  I can barely use our remote most days.

Home Theater Equipment

As with all of my projects, I’m linking up.  Go and check out the other awesome stuff.  I find so many things to do from all of these great sites.  I just don’t have enough time in the day.  I hope that you were able to get some ideas from our garage project.  I’m not going to show you what is inside those cabinets though.  Everything is stuffed to the brim.

Get Your Craft On Tuesday

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Thirty Hand Made Days

Project: Simplify: Angry Kid’s Toys and Clothes

We’ve reached the end of Week 3 of Project: Simplify with Simple Mom.  Project: Simplify will be five weeks in total.  I’ve organized our master bedroom closet, paper clutter, and now Angry Kid’s room.  My husband thinks I’m nuts as usual.  I have a bad habit of going on late night cleaning sprees when I’m pissed off about something.   But really, it is hard to declutter this much when the family is awake, so I have to clean late at night.  I used to move around my furniture when I was little at like 11pm. So this is nothing new.

Angry Kid tends to get a bit chaotic with his toys and clothes. I’ve learned that about him over the past five years and ten months that he has been alive.  He tends to get some of his habits from his father….the apple doesn’t fall far, let’s just say that.  I’m constantly picking up clothes and shoes from the floor of his room.  I’ve created stations and places for everything in his room.  His closet has toy storage area, and his clothes going in dresser drawers, the drawers under his bed, or the closet.

Here are BEFORE photos of his room, before I attacked it:

Angry Kid's bookcase beforeThis is the view of Angry Kid’s room when you walk in the door.  The Legos are taking over the top of the bookcase and the books are falling out.

Angry Kid's dress before photoYes, we have a problem with Legos in our house. They are taking over the top of Angry Kid’s dresser too.  The dresser seems to be the catch-all for random stuff that we find throughout the house.  I had to go through Angry Kid’s clothes too.  I yanked all of the too-small shirts and faded stuff to donate.

Angry Kid's floorAngry Kid has a clothing hamper and he knows how to use it, well most of the time.  And the Nerf darts, well they are throughout our house.  We tend to have Nerf wars daily.

Angry Kid's closet before cleaning

Angry Kid's Closet Before

The closet is not too bad.  I went through some of the bins in the closet and put things in the donate bag.  I also had to put stuff that was on the floor and dresser into the right spots.

Here are the AFTER photos:

Bookcase After PhotoI put all of the excess Legos in their spot and re-arranged the books.

Angry Kid's DresserIt is shocking but you can actually see the top of the dresser.  I have seen the top of the dresser for at least a month.  Several things went into the trash.

Angry Kid's floor afterThe bed is made and the floor is all picked up. Not toys scattered, and no Nerf darts.

Angry Kid's closet after

Angry Kid's closet afterEverything is put away in the closet.  I put all of the Lego City buildings and vehicles on the top of the shelves.  We’ve had a few accidents with these sets.  The fire station fell off the dresser once.  It was a tragedy.  I’m not sure who shed more tears, my son or my husband.  Do you know how many pieces those Lego kits have? Let’s just say a lot.

I have about three bags full of stuff to donate in the garage.  I’ve donated at least 2-3 bags every week for the past month.  I’m excelling at this delcuttering thing.

And I’m sure I will get some questions about the decorating of Angry Kid’s Room.  I did a post in October of 2010 with pictures from the room makeover, and how everything was done, including the closet.

Project: Simplify: Paper Clutter

I was on vacation from work for two weeks during Christmastime. I used that time of to de-clutter and organize my house.  My husband and I went through tons of plastic tubs in our garage, and tossed a ton of stuff.  On one of the last days of my vacation, I organized our file cabinet.  I had a ton of paperwork that I no longer needed. Let’s just say that the shredder was my friend.

I’m usually pretty good about tossing things, but I have a pile problem.  I like to leave little piles of paperwork, mail, and magazines throughout my tiny house. It drives my husband crazy, but he does the same thing.

I’m participating in Week 2 of Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify.  This weeks challenge is paper clutter. I noticed that there were several little piles of paperwork scattered throughout our house this week.  Of course, I was totally lazy and waited to clean up the piles.  I’ve been busy this week, so I worked on this task today. I ran around and took these pictures tonight, so it was quite dark inside. Forgive me for my poorly lit photographs.


This is what our kitchen counter looks like most days. My husband checks the mail and places it here on the counter.  It is my task to go through all of it.  I’ve been walking past it since 10am.  Really, do I want to check out more bills?

Dining Room Table Clutter

Our dining room table is also the catch-all for many random things.  I see kindergarten homework, art projects, Legos, old clothes belonging to Angry Kid, iPhone chargers, a camera, and my camera bag.  It tends to stack up. This is probably two days worth of stuff.


Angry Kid has his own art/craft table in our office.  It is a lovely table from Pottery Barn Kids.  Kids are rough on furniture and we got it discounted because it was scratched and dented.  It was an excellent deal.  I think the chairs are in the garage.  Angry Husband’s computer is out there, and Angry Kid tends to play on that computer.  But all of the paperwork, well it is not crafts and most of it belongs to the adults in this household.


Our desk is pretty clean and free of paper clutter. Because all of the clutter is on Angry Kid’s table.  I found a random Nerf Gun printout and Down East catalog on the desk.  Angry Husband’s and my laptops are also on the desk.  There is also a desktop computer. We have “computer” issues.


Paper clutter is pretty easy to organize.  There are only a few things that you can do with it.

1. Toss the paper into the trash or recycle bin.

2. Shred the paper.

3. File the paper.


Almost all of the mail in the pile was useless.  I placed the Netflix video on Angry Husband’s desk, and the MacLife magazine went on my nightstand. I’m a Mac addict.  Look how shiny and pretty the counter is now.

Dining Room Table Cleaned.

I put everything away in the cabinets, closets, and dressers that they belong in.  I went through all of the kindergarten artwork and homework.  The artwork ended up on the bulletin board in our office, and the homework needs to be turned in.  This actually looks like a table that you can eat on now.


Angry Kid really loves paint. Can’t you tell? I think he went on an unsupervised painting spree while daddy was on duty.  The paper clutter is all gone.  I just need to remove all of the paint that is everywhere (rug on floor included).  My awesome Lazy Susan Craft Caddy is on this table.  I need to do a tutorial for this.  It is EASY.

Desk top all clean

The bin that is on this desk was full of random paperwork on Angry Kid’s craft table previously.  This is actually the spot where it goes.  I organized the random computer cables also.

I feel so much better that I tamed all of this paper clutter.  I’ve really cut down on the excess paper.  I get most of our bills electronically, and rarely print those out.  I only save a few of Angry Kid’s art projects and leave them up on the bulletin board for about a month.

Like I said before, the shredder is my friend. We have a good long lasting relationship. Just don’t ask me about all of those baby pictures that I shredded a few years ago.

Project: Simplify: Master Bedroom Closet

I’ve been working on our Master Bedroom project for approximately one month. We’ve got the walls painted, the nightstands paint, and now I’m doing some cleaning in between our decorating process.  I’m joining up for Simple Mom’s: Project Simplify.

Last week was the first week of project: simplify.  The task was to organize the master bedroom closet. It is the perfect time to organize, as we are heading into Spring.  We have a TINY bedroom, and we need all of the storage that we can get.  We have a walk-in closet, but really, it is not spacious.

Here are the BEFORE photos:

Closet Before

Closet Before

Closet Before

After looking at the BEFORE photos, I decided to organize the clothing first.  I pulled everything out from the floor of the closet, and piled it up in our main bedroom area.  I then started organizing my shirts by long sleeve, short sleeve, button up shirts, and tank-tops.  I then went through my cardigans (I’m an addict), jackets, skirts, and dresses.  I only have a few pairs of pants.  I pulled out a ton of stuff and put it in a donate pile while moving things around.

Organizing the contents from the closet

After organizing my stuff, I asked Angry Husband to go through his clothing.  He did a great job of getting rid of those old faded t-shirts, along with some excess work shirts.  He probably removed one-third of his clothing.  He was sure to point out how much stuff he tossed.

Some of the things that were on the floor of the closet were blankets, plastic totes with purses, a laundry basket full of hangers, and some toys that I need to sell on Craig’s List.

I worked on the closet all last week, but mostly, I finalized it all on Friday and Saturday.  I tried to finish the project to link up on Friday, but I was nowhere close to being done.

Here are the AFTER photos:

Master bedroom closet after

Master bedroom closet after

Master bedroom closet after

I bought some plastic totes to place my purses in at the top of the closet.  I usually keep them in bigger totes in the corner of the closet. I also bought a dresser from IKEA to place my swim suits and workout clothing in.  I have clothes stashed all over the bedroom, and I needed a place for my things.

Angry Husband usually piles his stuff up on the metal shelves in the closet.  He always knocks over his pants when he is looking for a certain pair.  I get annoyed, because I ended up picking up the disturbed pile.

Although I moved my purses into the plastic totes in the top of the closet, I used the former totes to place extra sheets and blankets in, in the corner of the closet.

I still have to place my items on Craig’s List, and go to Goodwill, but my closet is way more organized now.  I can’t wait for the next project.

Project Garage

Garage Pre-Makeover

In between all of that chaos and mess, is our brand new Bosch washer and dryer.  I think we bought it in July.  It is awesome.  But sigh, our garage junk is taking over once again.

This picture looks like one of those in a magazine, where it gives you a list of things and you have to find all of them in the picture.  This is only a corner of the garage.  If this corner looks this bad, well, you can imagine what the rest of the garage looks like.  We use our garage so much, and honestly, Angry Husband and I are tired of tripping over things.

So he is moving around cabinets, because he wants to.  I am going through boxes and Rubbermaid totes full of my important stuff, you know junk…

Can you spot the dogs? Oh, the poor dogs…

I’m not sure when we will be done, but I feel so cleansed now that some of this crap is gone.  Seriously! I worked on the Master Bedroom closet tonight too.

The trashcan is my friend!

How To Get A Kid To Clean His Room

I have a little obsession with reality TV. I admit that. Perhaps they were having a Hoarders mini marathon on, Sunday night.  I LOVE watching that show.  I think it is appeasing to my inner OCD, and justifies my obsession with throwing things away. I know that my friend, Kim, will understand my need to throw things away.  It is very hard to live in my house sometimes, especially with all of the little toys lying around.


After the first episode, Angry Kid came and sat down with me. He wanted to see what I was watching.  I told him the title, Hoarders.  He did not understand, but he say it with his own eyes…that was enough.  It was really sad though when they started showing children’s rooms.

I explained to Angry Kid that these people keep a lot of stuff, and don’t clean up. I told him that never put things in the trash, give them to charity, or put things away.  Angry Kid instantly looked at the floor in the living room.  I saw that there were Legos, and other small toys all over.  He immediately started picking up his toys and placing them in boxes nearby.

Angry Kid then said, “I don’t want bugs in my room.”  One of the children on the show had bugs in his bed.  I think that completely freaked Angry Kid out. So every time his mess gets a little out of hand, I might have to remind him about watching Hoarders.

Angry Kid's "Hoarding" Mess

This is what the living room/family room table looked like after he picked up his mess.  I’m pretty impressed.  He did it all by himself.

P.S. I’m pretty excited. There’s a Hoarder’s Marathon on Memorial Day.  I’m working that day, but totally setting the DVR.