Renegade Racing: Summer Trail Series #1-3 Race Recaps

Last summer, I ran the July and August  races at Renegade Racing’s Summer Trail Series at Peter’s Canyon. The July race was my first trail race ever. I did not know what to expect. I had hiked before, but I had never done a trail race. I survived both races luckily, because I came back this year to do more!

I actually started off the series with a 3-mile trail run at the XTerra Renegade Off Road Triathlon in May. That was a hard hot race. Even though it was only three miles, it was one of the hardest races that I’ve ever done. I rewarded myself with some Yogurtland after the race as lunch.

Renegade 3-Mile Trail Run Challenge

Race #1 (June) of Renegade Racing Summer Trail Series was not bad at all. I carpool’ed with Heather and we usually run around the same pace. Neither of us had trained very much for the race. Because I did two of the series races last year, and I hike there frequently, I knew the race course. Going into a trail race and knowing the race course is half the battle. I knew where the hills, and where the flat spots were along the way. I also made sure to bring water with me. Even though it was past 6pm at night, it was very hot and I needed lots of water during the race.

Renegade Racing Summer Trail Series Course

The Race Course-5 Miles

June-Counter Clockwise


August-Counter Clockwise

Renegade Racing Summer Trail Series #1 2014

Heather captured this photo of me while I was running the race. You can see my hydration belt in the photo on my waist. It has two 8 oz. bottles on it. Heather and I both PR’ed the race and we were pretty stoked, for ummm not training. After the race, there is a BBQ which is always awesome!

A PR tonight for @hmgiraffy and I @renegaderaceseries Summer Trail Series! We conquered the hills together! #renegaderacing #renegadereps #summertrailseries #teamsparkle

Heather and I took a picture together post race to celebrate our PR victory! Heather wrote about the race and our awesome 5-minute PR on her blog.

Race #2 (July) of Renegade Racing Summer Trail Series was super hot and humid! I already knew that it was going to be. We were leaving for vacation a few days after the race and I was not very focused but I still PR’ed from last year’s race, yippee! Heather did not make it to the race this time, which made me sad. But I finished, which is always a good thing! It appears that I pretty much copied Heather’s outfit from June’s race for race #2.

Completed Race #2 of the @renegaderaceseries tonight! Survived the heat and humidity! #renegaderaceseries #renegaderep #teamsparkle #fitfluential

and now for the last race, Race #3.

Race #3 (August) of Renegade Racing Summer Trail Series  was faster than last year but a total bust. Let’s just say that I will blame it on lack of training and problems/issues with my feet. Oh, and hydration. What’s that? Ya, Julie…it’s summer, you might want to drink some water. The running wasn’t super hard for me, it was more of an endurance issue. But oh my goodness, I was soo happy to be done. My pace for race #3 was the slowest of all three. I did get a new pair of trail shoes between races #2 and #3, the Brooks PureGrit 3, which I love the new design. I realized after race #2 that I needed a new pair of trail shoes, and bought my PureGrit 3 the day after the race.

Starting Line of Renegade Racing Summer Trail Series #3 with Andrea

Andrea (WeRock Coach, Badass UltraRunner, and Badwater Finisher) and I at the starting line of the race. We look so happy to be racing! She is much faster than I am, and obviously, she has been running a lot lately. She finished way faster than me. I was just happy to complete the 5 miles.

Conquered Race #3 of the @renegaderaceseries Summer Trail Run Series! 5 miles done! Technically Race #4 for me since I competed the #dirtyseries. #renegaderacing #summertrailseries #teamsparkle

Yippee!!!! I’m done. You have no idea how happy I was to finish the race. I wore my Sparkle Athletic skirts for every race. Yes, you can trail run and race in a skirt!!! It makes everything more fun!

Now to wait for the medal…

Renegade Dirty Series

I think there were only like 30 people who completed the entire “Dirty Series”. We will be receiving our medals in the mail soon. I cannot wait to receive mine.

Have you raced lately? Why not! Now’s the time to sign-up for some great Fall events!

I’m a Renegade Racing Representative also and wanted to share a discount with you!!!!

Get 10% OFF on all Renegade Race Series events with the CODE: JULIEDISCOUNT

Disclosure: I’m a representative/ambassador for Renegade Racing. I was provided entry to these races free of charge. I was not compensated with cash or any other bribes to run these races and post about them on my blog. All my complaints about the heat and lack of training are true. All photos are mine except for the ones Heather sent me, and the one I stole from Andrea.

Renegade Racing Representative

I have been chosen as a “representative” or “ambassador” for Renegade Racing for 2014. I’m super excited to be a part of this group! They are a fabulous local company, and I love doing local races!

2014 Renegade Racing Reps

I had the opportunity to volunteer at two of their iTry events in the past year and had a blast. Because racing is not always about running. I think that sometimes you also need to “give a little back” and volunteer too. I had a great experience helping out, giving information, and assisting with the race staff.

And it is probably a good thing that I have umm excellent customer service skills because athletes can get a bit cranky and rude at race events. Geez people, we are just trying to follow the rules on put on a fantastic event. Be nice to the race staff and volunteers, they are here for you!

Race volunteering at the @renegaderaceseries iTry in Laguna Niguel today! Come visit me at the Renegade booth! #renegaderaces #iTry #triathlon #running #race

Renegade Racing always has awesome awards for their division and overall winners! And I never leave one of their races without an amazing medal either! They even have kid’s race which is great for getting your entire family involved!

Reflecting on last weekend's @renegaderaceseries #coasterrun and thinking about my next race. Waiting to hear about the @marinecorpsmarathon lottery, and searching for my "A Game" race to kick ass and PR! I will always have my @sparkleathletic skirts on t

 So be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with news about upcoming races, discounts, and even race entry giveaways from Renegade Racing!!!

Renegade Race Series
You can find Renegade Racing online here:
Website • Facebook •  Twitter •  Instagram

Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not {Discovery Science Center}

My 8-year old son is a huge science nut. Math and science are his favorite subjects. When I told him that we were going to Discovery Science Center a couple of weeks ago, he screamed with excitement. We were going to see their newest exhibits Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Spooky Science at Discovery Cube

Discovery Science Center is celebrating Halloween Time 2013 from October 5-October 31st, 2013 with a Spooky Science exhibit. Explore pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors and investigate the seeds inside them. Learn about the phases of the moon, explore a spooky 3-D maze, check out spiders of all sizes and colors, and much more!

On weekends, you can make your own slime to take home, join their costume parade extravaganza, see a SPOOKtacular light show, enjoy Spooky Science stage shows, and trick or treat.


Photo via Kelly

On October 26 & 27th-A special weekend event is filled with pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns. Guests can enjoy a display of expertly designed Jack-O-Lanterns and a giant pumpkin from Tanaka Farms.

One of my favorite things todo is catch @according2kelly staging her Instagrams. She is so precise when she does it. She was taking pictures of the pumpkin while her daughter was decorating a pumpkin @discoverycube last night #spookyscience #scienceripley
 Kelly taking some pumpkin pictures while her daughter decorates a pumpkin.

The Science of Ripley's Believe It Or Not

The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Notis a new exhibit which is open until January 5, 2014. The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! features an extraordinary collection of intriguing objects and astonishing artifacts from Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Go places you’ve never imagined and explore the real science behind the unbelievable.

  • Crawl through a life-size model of a prehistoric snake and revel at its incredible size
  • Measure up against Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man, who grew to 8 feet 11 inches tall
  • Marvel at intricate micro-sculptures so small, they fit in the eye of a needle

Oh look it's Bumblebee @DiscoveryCube #spookyscience #scienceripleys

Mr. Ripley was an explorer extraordinaire who traveled the world, collecting artifacts and stories from the remarkable people and places he encountered.

Hear from the adventurer himself about what drove his curiosity into the unknown, and see some of the actual objects that he collected. Browse through decades of cartoons by, letters for, and video of the man behind the Ripley Entertainment Inc. franchise.

Did you know?

An ocean current from a tsunami carried a boy’s soccer ball from Japan all the way to Alaska!

It's not everyday that you end up in the mouth of a snake. #SpookyScience #ScienceRipleys

We live on an amazing planet that is full of incredible phenomena, which may appear unbelievable at a first glance. From geologic formations such as gigantic mineral crystals, to exploding killer lakes, there is a scientific explanation behind every wonder of the natural world. We can learn about how different our earth was in the past by studying evidence such as fossils preserved in the rocks.

Did you know?

The human body is very adaptive-like one woman who lived with a thermometer in her lungs for 44 years!

The Science of Ripley's Believe It or Not

Did you know?

Humans, dogs and cats can be born with extra fingers and toes, a condition known as polydactylism.

The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not is included in general admission. Tickets can be purchased at the science center or online.


We had a blast and my son learned a ton of new science facts. He was in heaven there. Seriously, Discovery Science Center is his favorite place to visit in Orange County.

I highly recommend going there soon to check out these new exhibits!

Disclosure: We were invited to attend an event at Discovery Science Center to check out their new exhibits. We were given admission to the center and also The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. All photographs are mine unless noted. All opinions are mine. I was not compensated with cash for this post.


Anaheim Ducks Learn To Play Hockey Program

Last Christmas, we gave our son equipment to play inline hockey. Several of our adult friends play inline hockey, and the kid wanted to play. We finally decided to get him the equipment. We debated on this decision for quite some time, because hockey is not a cheap sport, and we weren’t going to take this lightly.

First rule of playing hockey. Learning to skate.

In January, the BFF, Stacey and I took the kids inline skating at Irvine Inline. It was pretty much one of the first few times that Angry Kid had been on his skates. He was still getting used to them and very wobbly.

I added a video of him that I took that morning. He is a hot mess, but he did not fall down a ton, which is a good thing.

Embedly Powered

In March, my husband decided that it was time for some “formal hockey lessons” rather us just taking our son out to skate, and playing around on some of the local outdoor rinks.

While attending one of our friend’s hockey games, he picked up a flyer for The Rink’s “Learn To Play Program”. He then went online and signed our son up for the next session.

He would be attending four lessons, every Thursday for that month. My son already had all of the gear, so he did not need to check out any from the facility. He also had a hockey stick, which was really a broken adult stick from our friend, Alex. It was a little short, but it did the job.

First official hockey lesson. Other than the hockey time he has had with his adult "hockey mentors".

The Anaheim Ducks offers a “Learn To Play Hockey” program, FREE OF CHARGE, for first-time hockey players which also includes equipment rental. Participants in the Anaheim Ducks Learn to Play Program will be provided with an equipment bag, helmet, shin guards, hockey pants, elbow pads, shoulder pads, gloves and a jersey to use for the four week session in order to be fully protected on the rink. They offer the program monthly at all of their ice and inline hockey locations in Southern California, and it is recommended for children under 10 years of age.


Obviously, my son got a good workout after his first lesson. He was super sweaty, and very tired after. But he loved it!

He continued on with three more sessions and graduated the program. He was definitely into it and wanted to play hockey. He asked to play on a team, and we decided that we would try out hockey leagues in the summertime.

After he finished the “Learn To Play” program, we got him a stick for his birthday which is perfect for his size, and worked on his skating and other skills.

We felt more confident in him and signed him up for the summer league which started in July. Ironically, the playoffs for that league are today. Wish us luck!

Anaheim Ducks Learn To Play Hockey Program

Photo courtesy of Irvine Inline’s Facebook Page

The graduates of the March 2013 “Learn To Play” program at Irvine Inline.

Renegade Summer Trail Series #3

Obviously, I did not learn my lesson, and I signed up for a 2nd trail race within a one month time frame. In July, I did the Renegade Summer Trail Series #2, which was race 2 of the 3. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t do the first one so that I could say that I did all 3. But I did end up doing race #3 in the series on the 1st of August! Renegade Racing hosts this Summer Trail Series every summer.

Renegade Summer Trail Run Series

But after doing my first trail race, I realized that if I was going to do more races/trail running, that I probably should get some trail shoes. I went with Brooks of course. I usually wear Brooks PureFlow 2 as my current running shoe, so I wanted a trail shoe that had a similar fit. So I headed to the store and came home with a pair of Brooks PureGrit 2 to run trails in! I love the color of them!

Can't wait to wear my new @brooksrunning PureGrit2 at @renegaderace Summer Trail Series #3. Yippee! #pureproject #runhappy #runoc

This time I actually got to the race in time, and didn’t have to rush to the starting line. I’m sure that made me a little less stressed. Heather found her way to the start also.We run a similar pace so it only makes sense to do the race together!

Renegade Summer Trail Series #3

So before we started the race, Heather kept telling me that the race course would be so much easier this time. She said, that it was the opposite or reverse course from Race #2, and that we wouldn’t have all of those hills at the beginning. Umm Heather, you are a “liar liar pants on fire!” It was totally harder!


Oh look it’s a hill. It’s warm outside, even at 6pm at night. Let’s totally run up that hill! Yay, we love hills! That is what I was totally thinking when I was running this, right?


I had to get an action shot of Heather, since she was the main photographer for the last race. Look at her go in her Sparkle Athletic Skirt!

Renegade Trail Series #3

It was beautiful at the top of the hills. I had to take in all of my surroundings! It was about 6:45pm when I took this photograph. I had a perfect view of Peter’s Canyon.

Renegade Summer Trail Series #3

If you couldn’t figure it out, there was awesome signage telling you to “run this way” along the course. Besides the people running the race, there were a ton of walkers/hikers/mountain bikers out and about on the trails that night.

Renegade Summer Trail Series #3

Post-race obligatory blogger group photo. Heather, Me, Sheila, and Sheila’s son. Heather and I ran like gazelles that night, ok may not. But we ran race #3 three whole minutes faster than race #2, which is a total PR for us! Woot woot! And of course, Sheila is the fastest and was quite speedy!

I didn’t get to stay for the BBQ this time, unfortunately. I had to meet my family at the OC Fair. So I said my goodbyes and went on my way. I was quite impressed with myself, and the PR.

That Sunday, I actually took my husband, my son, and several of our friends out for a hike on the same course that I had ran. They really enjoyed it. Although they might have been a little too slow for me, giggle. I actually ran up the hills. Geez, what have I done with myself? Am I a trail runner now?

Renegade Racing’s next event is the iTry Series on August 24, 2013 which features a women’s and youth 5K and triathlon.

Disclosure: I was provided entry/bib for the Renegade Summer Trail Series #3. I was not compensated with cash, but rather sweat and a PR on a trail race! All photographs, and humorous opinions are mine. I’m not a professional athlete but rather a 37-year old mom who is attempting to figure out this running thing, one race at a time!

A Girl’s Day Out and BBQ at BJ’s Restaurants

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and BJ’s Restaurants  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BJsrestaurants

I wonder what has been seen through the lens of these?

Last weekend, Kelly and I had a girl’s day out. We started in the late afternoon at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Have you ever been there? It was our first trip and I’m not sure if we were very prepared. It was enormous! I had to take a picture of all of these awesome cameras for sale!

My beach parking today. Such an ummm interesting beach.

And then we wound up in Venice Beach. Venice is quite an interesting town. We walked around for a few hours and got some sun. Well, I got a little too much sun. Somebody (me) forgot to put on sunscreen. I had hot arms and a bright red nose. Thankfully, I didn’t take a photograph. I was looking quite scary.

But after trolling around in Los Angeles all afternoon, Kelly and I were hungry. We wanted some real food besides the random stuff that we had snacked on during the day. So we headed to BJ’s Restaurant, which was right along the freeway in Huntington Beach.

Big Poppa Smokers' BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich at BJ's
BJ's Blue Ribbon Big Poppa Smokers' BBQ

Now you are probably thinking, doesn’t BJ’s sell pizza? Well of course they do, but BJ’s has a very large menu with a variety of items. We actually go there often, and everyone usually gets something different. But on our girl’s day out, Kelly and I decided to get some Big Poppas’ BBQ Specialty Menu which BJ’s is currently featuring. Maybe it’s because my husband has been watching all of those BBQ competition shows on TV lately, because a BBQ sandwich sounded delicious!

Bj's Pork Sandwich

Kelly and I both ordered the Big Poppa Smoker’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. It was delicious! Kelly and I differed on our choice of fries but we both loved everything. They give you a choice of three sauces with your Blue Ribbon BBQ and I chose the mild. It was super yummy! The pork sandwich had crunchy fried onions on top that were delightful also. I highly recommend it! The serving size for the sandwiches were quite generous and we had some left to take home. But of course, we had to save our appetites for dessert, right? Because you can’t go to BJ’s without ordering a pizookie. And yes, it was as delicious as it looks!

Pizookie from BJ's Pizza

And you are probably wondering, where are the cute girls that had a fun day out? Well I was quite sunburned but I got a covert photograph of Kelly snapping a picture of her food. We chose a BJ’s location that was pretty dark {romantic, I guess} inside and it was impossible to get photographs. We tried all types of angles etc. to get photos. I think the people across from us were probably wondering what the heck we were doing.

@According2Kelly photographing her food

Yum! Now I’m craving BBQ! Those sandwiches and pizookie look so good that I want some now!

What do you get when you go to BJ’s Restaurant?

BJ’s Restaurant is social:  Follow them on Twitter – Facebook

Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and BJ’s Restaurants  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BJsrestaurants

First Week of Summer In An Instagram

My son got out of school over a week ago on the 20th, and we have been going non-stop! We packed all of his stuff and put him on a boat to Catalina Island Camps last Monday. We’ve been enjoying the daily uploads that the camps sends to their Bunk1 account each night. Gotta love technology!

During the middle of the week I attended a fun event with Bosch Appliances locally and had a blast. I met some great new people, coveted some awesome appliances, and gorged on tons of tasty food. I even got to dress up for once, rather than wear running clothes!
First Week of Summer

Hopefully soon, I will be able to find some time to blog about all of these fun events individually.

Follow me on Instagram to see my day-to-day experiences!

Are you or have you been doing fun things during summer? Any good ideas to share? This is only the beginning for us, so I’m always looking for fun stuff to do.

life rearranged

Surf City Half Marathon Race Recap

At the beginning of February, I ran the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA. This was my 4th Half Marathon. I had run Disney’s Tinker Bell Half Marathon two weeks prior to the Surf City Half Marathon.

Surf City Half Marathon Race Expo

The Friday before the race, I went to the race expo with my friend and co-worker, Monique. We got to the expo right when it opened and there was quite a long line.

We eventually made our way in to get our race bibs, shirts, and other goodies. I walked around the expo, and ended up buying a tank top. We made it around the entire expo and found Surf City’s own version of the step and repeat. I love their ocean/surfboard and race medal set-ups.

Unfortunately, I had to walk most of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon due to my knee buckling on me because of an injury to my psoas. The next day {Saturday} prior to Surf City Half, I made a visit to an awesome chiropractor/physical therapist. He was able to diagnose my problem and instructed me about stretching out my leg. He then applied some KT Tape for precautionary reasons and sent me on my way.

Irony. Knee injury taped with @kttape after physical therapy & @runnersworld "Injury Prevention Special" issue which came in the mail yesterday.
After leaving physical therapy, I came home and rested for awhile. And read my most current copy of Runner’s World, because, why not?

I then went to work for a few hours as I was only working a partial shift. After work, I went to Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for some pre-race dinner fuel. I got a kid’s chicken bowl and some chips + salsa.

Pre-Race Dinner at Wahoo's Fish Tacos for Surf City Half Marathon
After eating, I went home and showered. I noticed that the KT Tape on my knee was starting to peel. So I headed over to my KT Tape specialist, Kelly’s house. I needed a re-application to my knee. I brought some pink KT Tape Pro with me, because it would match my race outfit, of course!

I showed up to Kelly’s with some frozen yogurt from Yogurtland as a bribe! It worked. She did a great job taping my knee. My knee wasn’t hurting at all. But I didn’t want to take the risk of something happening while I was running.

I then went home to sleep, because I had a VERY early wake-up. I can’t remember what time I woke up exactly, but it was sometime in the 4am time range. Eeek!

@AngryJulie ready to run Surf City Half Marathon 2013

Hey look at me! Wide awake at umm 6-ish in the morning and ready to race! Monique and I carpool’ed. We found Casey and Jenn amongst the race chaos before the race started.

I chose to wear a Team Sparkle skirt for race day. I wanted to wear one of their newer designs, a pink/yellow/black cheetah print Team Sparkle Skirt. I wore my Lululemon run shorty shorts {no longer made, boo!} underneath the skirt. I wore a Nike sports bra and a Lululemon black cool racerback {crb} on top. I switched out my plain black visor at the last minute for a pink Team Sparkle visor. And I wore my brand new Brook’s PureFlow 2 running shoes to race in. I totally committed a race sin also, because I had bought my Brooks the week before and had only worn them 2 times, but they felt fine. I had my Garmin 310XT ready to go on my wrist, along with a Nathan Hydration Belt around my waist. I have to ALWAYS run with water because I take a daily medication that dehydrates me and gives me cotton mouth.

Monique and I before Surf City Half Marathon

Monique and I were able to get a photo together before the race. There are some official race photos of us together, but they are super pricey. So unless a discount code comes along, I’m not buying any.

We then got into the corrals {sections} to start the race. We didn’t really go with our predicted pace times. We pushed up to the front groups because otherwise, it would be FOREVER before we started. I’m glad that we started right away because it was super hot at the end of the race and I would have been dying from heat stroke.

Great photo of me by @caseyruns when I was trying to post a photo on @Instagram at the @lovesurfcity 1/2 Marathon yesterday. I couldn't get any cell service. #surfcity #teamsparkle

Photo via Casey.

But oh wait, I need to send an Instagram out before the race starts…Ya that didn’t happen. I had barely any cell service the entire race. I heard a ton of people complaining about the cell service after the race. Not that the race management company could do anything about the service. But unfortunately, many people tried to run with Internet-based music apps. I made a music playlist prior to the race based on the music from this post I did. Everyone complimented me on my music along the way. I don’t wear any earbuds while running, so the music just blasts out.

Race: We started running on PCH then we turned on Seapoint right before mile 3. It was a nice change of pace cause running PCH was boring…While we were taking a little 3 mile detour {part of the course though} from PCH, we ran downhill, then uphill, then around, then downhill again. I was able to pick up some speed before mile 6.

We then continued down PCH until mile 8, where we did a u-turn. I seriously thought it took forever from mile 6 to mile 8 turn-around. And then we keep running on PCH. On my way back to the finish line, I noticed a ton of injured people. I saw ambulances on their way. I’m not sure what type of injuries had occurred, but I had never seen so many medics working on people at a race.

At about mile 11, the sun was glaring, and it made me a bit nauseous. I’m pretty sure it was the salt in the air, the ocean view, and the sun glaring at me. I think my usual mile 11-13.1 wall. But I kept going on.

I finally finished the race and I grabbed a water, and my medal of course. I had to sit down for a few minutes because I felt icky. I eventually got up and walked to the finish line photo area. After that, I met up with some friends while I waited for Monique.

After I found Monique, we took some photos and then started walked towards my car. I still didn’t feel quite right, so I asked if I could sit down for a few minutes.

Umm ya, post-Surf City Half Marathon

And then this happened…

Monique left to fetch me some water to drink…and came back with the medics a few minutes later. They advised me that my color did not look right. I said that I felt queasy and just needed some water. They hooked me up to heart monitors and tested my blood sugar, which came out fine. They suggested that I go to the hospital but I refused.

So eventually, I made it back to the medical tent via Huntington Beach Fire Department, and got some water. I sat there for a few minutes drinking water while Monique went and got my car. She ended up driving us back to my house.

I had Monique stop on the way home for some Gatorade, which I slowly drank. I felt like I needed to dry heave/throw-up but I couldn’t. When I got home, I drank some water slowly, and then some Coke. I seriously felt a ton better after resting and drinking the sugar/caffeine.

Later that night, after resting, while my husband had 15 people over for a Superbowl Party, I ate some carne asada tacos and felt 150% better.

Surf City Half Marathon Finisher's Medal 2013

When all was said and done, I realized that I had PR’ed {personal record} the race by at least 7 minutes from my fastest time. I had no issues during the race, but rather post-race. Stacey the BFF told me that I have a race curse because SOMETHING always happens. And I qualified for Half Fanatics!

Half Fanatics

I qualified for Half Fanatics by completing two half marathons {Neptune} within 16 days. I’m Half Fanatic #3607. I also completed race #2 of #3 for the Beach Series Challenge Medal.

So as of right now, my next half marathon will be the OC Half Marathon on May 5th. I’m sorta having a hard time training right now because my work schedule changed and I’m not used to running during the day. But I am training!