Orange County, California

Today, Kelly from Kelly’s Korner Blog is doing a Blog Carnival about “Show Us Where You Live”. Rather than show you my particular town, I thought I would highlight the entire county that I live in, Orange County.  The town I live in, is decent size but I do many things throughout the actual county […]

My Precious… Fiestaware

I do not cook very much, rarely, or ever.  Angry Husband will probably say that I’ve cooked maybe 5 times in our marriage. I know it’s more than that, like 10ish.  I’ve always said, my skill is making money.  I can’t cook. I don’t clean very well. And I’m not very crafty.  But oohhh, I […]

Getting My Fit On

I kicked butt in 2008 and early 2009. And then I hit the wall.  Seriously, life can get quite hectic, and you start forgetting what is important.  I get so caught up in family life, working, and hobbies (cough, cough, cough…blog) that sometimes, I forget about me.  I need to remember that my health, and […]

Some Crafty Moms and Their Sites

Kelly’s Korner is doing a carnival celebrating handmade items. Since I’m not crafty at all, ok, well I’m learning. I thought I would post some of my favorites. 1. Allbug Bowtique 2. Tote and Tee 3. Bliss Clothing Co. 4. Eli’s Lids 5. Harmonia30 6. bubsie designs 7. Sunnydaytags 8. Sweet Baby James Stitches 9. […]

Team Spirit, USC

Today on Kelly’s Korner, we are discussing our teams. Around here in Southern California, we have The Los Angeles Lakers, The Los Angeles Clippers, The Los Angeles Kings, The Anaheim Ducks, The Los Angeles Dodgers, and The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. We do not have a local football team. But really, I’m not a […]

Show Us Your Life-Baby Gear

Kelly’s Korner is doing a tribute to baby gear today. Angry Toddler is almost four and a half now, so he’s not quite a baby anymore. But it hasn’t been that long since he was a baby. I definitely remember my haves and have-nots. I will start with my must-haves: The Swing: We had the […]

Show Us Your Life-Wedding Party and Flowers/Ceremony

Today on Kelly’s Korner, she is featuring “Show Us Your Life-Wedding Party and Flowers/Ceremony”. Last week, she featured our wedding dresses. I’m so glad that I picked the wedding dress that best represented my personality. Our wedding party was very small. Angry Husband had his dad as Best Man and I had a friend as […]

SHOW US YOUR LIFE-Wedding Dresses

This week on Kelly’s Korner, we are talking about wedding dresses. I got married in 1998, so the wedding dress fashion has changed drastically since then. I only went to one store for my dress, Jessica McClintock. It was located in our local mall. I picked out around ten dresses and headed towards the dressing […]