Instagram has killed my blogging mojo

Instagram AngryJulie

I’m sure that you have heard or seen this written by several bloggers already… Life is just getting busier, and when I sit down to the computer, I can’t find the words to actually blog. I’ve done several races, attended several events, and even a conference recently. I want to recap all the awesomeness.. But […]

Instagram Gets Video! And I Made One!

How to Stop Auto-Play on Instagram Video

I have loved the app, Instagram, ever since I first downloaded it. I’ve been an avid user since 2010. I even wrote a post in 2012 titled, “Instagram, What Not To Do”. But wow, they have grown in the past two and a half years! Four days ago, Instagram announced that they now had VIDEO! […]

My Insta-Week 12-2 to 12-7

It’s been awhile since I posted my week through Instagram. I really need to start doing that more. Actually, I need to use Instagram more also. I figured that everyone got sick of my running pictures and would be like, “geez Julie, you are running exciting…not so much”! But it was a busy and […]


I’m way behind in everything right now. I think I have a bazillion photos to edit that were taken on my Nikon. I rely on my iPhone as a point-and-shoot camera.  Luckily, I have that awesome app Instagram to share all of my photos online with everyone.  I swear that I’ve left Instagram over my […]

Instagram, What Not To Do

Instagram is my most favorite app on my iPhone.  I posted my first picture on Instagram on December 28, 2010. How do I even know that? A little awesome website called Statigram told me so.  Statigram also told me that there are 4257 comments and 17,779 likes on the photos that I’ve posted on Instagram.  […]


I miss sharing all of my random photos with you every week. Now that I’m not doing Project 365, you don’t get to see all of my food, and other random crap that I take photos of. Well today, you will get to see all of my randomness! Lunch at Cafe Rio with my husband, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Squawking Plants

I saw this grouping of Bird of Paradise plants and had to take a picture. Ok, I might have taken about ten trying to get the right shot. I love how all of the blooms look they are birds squawking at each other. Photo Information: Photo taken with iPhone4, Camera+ App with Clarity and Vibrant […]

How To Organize Project 365 and Stay Sane

It is the first week of January and I’m already seeing all of the Year Long blogging projects being spoken about. Everyone seems to have some kind of blogging resolution and they want to start new and fresh. I can totally relate, but my motto is “chillax” this year. Last year, I started a year […]