Hello Monday…It Has Been Awhile

Hello Monday from Angry Julie Monday

Hello Monday! Hello to the start of a new week! Hello to bad things happening last week. I miss-judged a pole in my work parking lot and hit it. Dumb! Luckily that portion of my bumper is soft plastic. My husband banged most of the dent out. I still have some scratches on my bumper […]

Aloha Monday

Mother's Day 2013

Aloha, is my way of saying, “Hello Monday”, today! How is everyone? Can you feel summer creeping up on you? Is it almost the end of the school year? Where did the time go? Hello to some speedwork on the treadmill! A little over a week ago, I ran the OC Marathon Half. I had […]

Hello Monday…Almost March

Hanging out in tall chairs

Hello Monday! Hello to starting a fresh new week! Eeek… Hello to school {for the kid}, work {me and the hubs}, dentist appointments, run club {kid}, running {me}, and soccer {kid}! Hello to never catching up! You know how you always wish for a week free of commitments so you can just be lazy? And […]

Hello Monday, The Mid-January Edition

Hello Monday! Hello Blog! I’ve been super swamped the past few weeks, and I’ve neglected my blog a bit. You know it’s bad when one of your husband’s friends mentions that you haven’t blogged. He told me that I better have a post up so that he has something to read when he gets in […]

Hello Monday {Decorating, Food, Running, and Soccer}

Hello Monday! Hello Busy! Since I have no time to edit all of the fancy photos that I’ve taken with my DSLR lately, I thought I would share a view of this past week via my iPhone. My iPhone4 y’all, not an iPhone5. Hello Bedroom Gallery Wall! My friend, Casey knows me too well. She […]

Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Hello to the start of a new week! Hello to the end of summer camps! Angry Kid is all done with summer camp.  He doesn’t start school until the Wednesday after Labor Day. He still has a little over 2 weeks of summer vacation left. Hello to Long Runs! I set my alarm […]

Hello Monday: The NYC Edition

Hello Monday! Hello Reality! Hello Post-Travel Coma! I got back late last night after being in New York City for the past five days.  I was there for the BlogHer12′ Conference. Hello NYC at Night! I arrived at JFK Airport at around midnight Wednesday night.  I didn’t make it to my hotel until about 1:30am […]

Hello Monday: Busy As Usual

Hello Monday!!! Hello Day 2 of My Work Week! Hello to starting off the weekend without any rest. Hello Cake! I met an old friend for frozen yogurt and umm cake last week.  We went to the 85C Bakery. It is super popular here and always crowded. Hello to the fabric store. I’ve been away […]