Hello Monday…It Has Been Awhile

Hello Monday!

Hello to the start of a new week!

Hello to bad things happening last week.

I miss-judged a pole in my work parking lot and hit it. Dumb! Luckily that portion of my bumper is soft plastic. My husband banged most of the dent out. I still have some scratches on my bumper but it doesn’t look as bad as it did before.

So ya, this happened today. I'm an idiot. And I obviously need more sleep!

Hello hydration!

I’ve not been drinking a ton of water lately. I had to amp it up! I bought a 40 oz. Hydro Flask so that I could be cool like my husband and all his friends. But I have to admit, this container always stays cool. I used to use a Sigg water bottle before I got this one. My water did not stay cold. I also use Nuun in my water.

Morning routine. Filling up the 40 oz. @hydroflask with watermelon @nuunhydration. Just received a huge order of watermelon after I freaked out that it was going away! #hydroflask #nuun #workdaymusthydrate

Hello Panera Bread salad!

Hello Apple iOS7!

I waited patiently until it was promptly 11am the other day so that I could get a salad at bbq chicken salad at Panera Bread.

I downloaded the new Apple iOS7 for my iPhone5 last week also. They added filters into their stock camera function. I used the these filters on this picture. I think the color is very rich and perfect for this photo.

I went and looked at a lot of tips, tricks, and tutorials about iOS7 online this weekend. I’m not so confused about the features any more and I’m very pleased with it. I am helping friends and co-workers to figure out the changes on their phones also.

My husband got the iPhone 5s and he loves it!

Early lunch @PaneraBread today. Starving!

Hello sandbox mischief!

We live relatively close to a park. My son loves to dig holes over there. Well he dug the hole so big over the weekend, that he could sit in it with the sand around it at his shoulder level. I just knew that this was going to cause trouble.

Sure enough the next day, while he was digging in the sand with his friends, the HOA people came by. I went to the front yard of our house and grabbed the shovel. You can only guess who filled in the hole! The HOA employees went on and on about someone falling in the hole, etc. Sigh….

My son's job this week is to apparently piss off our HOA. He has been digging huge holes in the sand at the park nearby.

Hello arm party!

I have a thing for wearing bracelets. I had to add a new one to my collection. I added the black leather “As I run. As I run, the universe is running with me” from Endorphin Warrior this past week. I then have my Boston tribute bracelet, GoSportID, paracord bracelet, and “Conquer” bracelet from Endorphin Warrior, and “Sparkle On” one that I got made at Walt Disney World. Oh yes, I have more. I just don’t wear them all at once.

Arm party going on. New black @endorphinwarrior bracelet, @GoSportID bracelet plus Boston bracelet, paracord bracelet, old @endorphinwarrior bracelet and some Sparkle On! #armparty #armcandy #runningbracelets

Hello to a new week!

Hello to hockey playoffs for my son’s summer season!

Hello to keeping up with the chaos of homework, school, and back-to-school night this week!

As always, I’m going to try and blog some more. I just need to fit it in with working, keeping organized, laundry, cleaning, homework for the kid, running, and whatever else comes my way!

Oh, and I have a 5K race next Sunday also! EEEK! It’s been awhile since I’ve ran a 5K race!

What do you have planned this week? Is it starting to feel like fall for you?

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Aloha Monday

Aloha, is my way of saying, “Hello Monday”, today!

How is everyone? Can you feel summer creeping up on you? Is it almost the end of the school year? Where did the time go?

Hello to some speedwork on the treadmill!

A little over a week ago, I ran the OC Marathon Half. I had no issues with my race, yippee! But I had to get back into my running post-race. My only problem was that the temperature is getting warmer out there, making it difficult to run during the day. I’ve had to work on my relationship with the treadmill, which has always been a love/hate thing.

I was cracking up though because everyone had been staring at the back of my leg. I realized that I still had my “Team Sparkle” tattoo on, and it looked brand new.

Fast treadmill run today brought on my @brooksrunning PureFlow 2's and my @runteamsparkle tattoo from last Sunday's Half Marathon. #teamsparkle #runhappy

 Hello to the end of the spring soccer season!

I signed my son up for soccer last minute this season. He was bored, and needed something to focus on. I think we totally lost the lack of focus a few games into it. I think the league is much smaller in the spring, so they had to merge some of the age groupings. He was older than most of the kids on his team, which was very noticeable.

So after Saturday’s game, the husband and I were quite relieved for it to be over. Although my son randomly got really good at defense in the last half of the game. Go figure!

Last soccer game of the season! What will we do with all our free Saturdays now?

 Hello gluttony!

I am admitting publicly that I have a love for Mexican food. I can’t get enough of it. One of the main reasons that I keep running, so I can eat all of the good things…but not all of the time.

Solo dinner while working tonight. Total glutton. Another reason why I run. #eatallthethings

 Hello to Mother’s Day!

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! We went to brunch with some family friends in Newport Beach. I was a hot mess trying to cover up all of my awkward tan lines with a dress. It was pretty funny. I should also work on drying my hair before taking photos. At least the kid and I clean up well!

Happy Mother's Day!


Hello to a new week!

Hello to a heat wave!

Did you have a good weekend? SoCal people, what is with this heat?

Hello Monday…Almost March

Hello Monday!

Hello to starting a fresh new week! Eeek…

Hello to school {for the kid}, work {me and the hubs}, dentist appointments, run club {kid}, running {me}, and soccer {kid}!

Things You Find In A Runner's House: @nuunhydration & @runTeamSparkle water bottles everywhere, along with running clothes taking up the shower curtain rod. #teamsparkle #running #runchat

Hello to never catching up!

You know how you always wish for a week free of commitments so you can just be lazy? And then that week happens, and you are totally bored and unmotivated?

Ya, that never happens around my house. I remember those times. But mostly, my house and life is chaos. My kitchen looks like this {with water bottles everywhere}, and my son’s bathroom looks like this {running clothes hanging}.

Trying out chairs with super tall backs @Homegoods.

Hello to taking the kid out shopping!

My mom wanted my opinion on some things at Homegoods. We also made our way to Costco. My son was not impressed. But the chair he was sitting in, super cool!

Totally bought this cute swimsuit @DownEastBasics tonight. I needed a new swimsuit bad! #downeastbasics
Hello there new swimsuit!

I went to a blogger event at DownEast Basics last week and came home with a new swimsuit. I tried on a couple of things and went back and forth on them.

I’ve become really picky about clothing recently. I make sure that I really love something before I purchase it. I used to grab something off the rack, guess my size, and then I would live with it.

But…I did take a chance….that night. I LOATHE swimsuit shopping. But this blue and green tankini with cute little anchors caught my eye. And it fit! Super cute! It covers most of my lumps and bumps, and I feel comfortable in it! Win! Win!

My wild and crazy mutts setting themselves up to brawl.
Hello crazy dogs!

If it is sunny outside, our dogs love to go out and play in the front yard. Our backyard is like a concrete jungle so they get bored. As soon as I open the front door, they are practically begging to race through the house and run into the front yard.

And about five seconds later you hear growling amongst the two dogs. They love to play-fight with each other. I caught them in a stand off the other day.

Who's gonna rock Race on the Base in her @runTeamSparkle camouflage skirt today??? Me! #raceonthebase #teamsparkle
Hello there camouflage sparkle skirt!

Saturday morning, I ran my first 10K race with my friend, Monique. I’ve ran many 5K races, and 4 half marathons, but never any 10K’s. I love wearing this green camouflage skirt from Team Sparkle.

Hello to race curse being over!

I will write my race recap later, but I was happy to finish the race without any “issues” like I usually do. Yippee!

So Hello Monday!

Hello to March 1st at the end of this week!

Hello to Spring Soccer Season!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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Disclosure: I attend an event at DownEast Basics and was given a $25 giftcard which I used towards the purchase of my swimsuit.

Hello Monday, The Mid-January Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello Blog!

I’ve been super swamped the past few weeks, and I’ve neglected my blog a bit. You know it’s bad when one of your husband’s friends mentions that you haven’t blogged. He told me that I better have a post up so that he has something to read when he gets in to work on Monday. So Pete….look at me, I’m blogging!

Hello Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year! I’ve been eating there since I was in high school. I usually eat there at least once a week now, sometimes more. I love their blackened chicken.

Lunchtime! @wahoosfishtaco

 Hello To More Running in 2013!

Yes, I’m still running. I know, I’m crazy, right?

I have two half marathons coming up soon. I’ve been pretty good about following my training plan.

I’m working on a new “running songs” playlist for 2013. My music tastes are quite varied. Please don’t judge. My husband can’t stand my music, most days. The kid, well, he loves my music.

Working on a new for 2013 Running Songs Playlist! Need some tunes for my 12-miler tomorrow! cc: @bringingupburns

 Hello To Inline Hockey!

My son is learning to play a new sport. Several of my husband’s friends play inline hockey, and our son was quite interested.

The kid received a ton of hockey gear {wow, an expensive sport} for Christmas. He needs to learn how to skate on inline skates first.

We did an open skate session last week with the BFF. The kid is slowly learning.

First rule of playing hockey. Learning to skate.

 Hello Ice Hockey!

Speaking of hockey! Did you hear? NHL Hockey is coming back! I know several people who have been patiently waiting for hockey.

We attended a collegiate ice hockey game last Saturday night, USC vs. UCLA. Poor USC lost. They need to work on their defense.

Yes, USC has an ice hockey team. Game vs. UCLA tonight!

Hello New Year, Hello House Projects!

There is always something going on in our house. I have several different projects going on…in my head.

But my husband decided that he wanted to re-do the “storage” in our garage. Which means, longer beams….sawdust…messes..and chaos.

He is partially done. And although we may have more storage, there is no way that I’m climbing up there.

But my son was delighted to climb up the ladder…and do a little Gangnam Style dance for us!

Husband is re-doing garage rafters. I found my son up there...dancing Gangnam Style.

Hello Busy!

So if you are wondering what I’ve been up to, that’s it! All of my photos were from my Instagram account. My Instagram account pretty much shows my daily activities {boring life}.

 Is everyone else excited that it is Monday? A new week, a new start?

Ya, that’s what I thought!

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Hello Monday {Decorating, Food, Running, and Soccer}

Hello Monday!

Hello Busy!

Since I have no time to edit all of the fancy photos that I’ve taken with my DSLR lately, I thought I would share a view of this past week via my iPhone. My iPhone4 y’all, not an iPhone5.

Love the "Dance, Just Dance" typeography art that @caseyruns picked up for me @Homegoods. Perfect for my bedroom gallery.

Hello Bedroom Gallery Wall!

My friend, Casey knows me too well. She picked up this “Dance, Just Dance” typography for me at Homegoods. It looks perfect up in the top right corner of my gallery wall in the master bedroom. My husband doesn’t quite get the “gallery wall” theme, but I just keep adding to it anyway.

Kid loved dinner tonight! Thanks to @keepupwithjj and her crock pot bbq chicken recipe! One of our favs!
Hello BBQ Chicken!

With two busy working parents, and a kid with a huge social schedule, dinnertime is getting difficult. The husband and I worked on a menu list for dinners last week. We had Jessica’s BBQ Crockpot Chicken one night for dinner last night. This meal is always a huge hit in our house. We pair it with beans and King’s Hawaiian rolls.

Yoga and a little @nuunhydration this morning. Hopefully I can stretch out my aches and pains this morning before my long run tomorrow.
Hello Yoga!

I admit that I am not a yoga devotee, but a yoga class every once in awhile feels good. Luckily, my friend Doris teaches the class. It is not fancy yoga in a studio, but I don’t mind, mid-morning yoga in a 24-Hour Fitness at a mall. I had my water with Nuun Hydration in it, to help with all of the sweating that I do. I’m quite the Nuun addiction, and I totally blame Kelly!

GoSportID and my Garmin, 11 miles done!

Hello Early Morning Run!

Hello 11 Miles!

What, you didn’t get up at 5am to run 11 miles on a Saturday morning? Running, it is the new cool thing to do. I survived my 11 mile training run for the Long Beach Half Marathon. Two more weeks and I will be doing my first half marathon.

Had a yummy BBQ pizza @BlazePizzaIrv today prior to @mormishmom #pinterestparty
Hello Blaze Pizza!

A yummy lunch at Blaze Pizza in Irvine with friends. This was a pre-party for Kyla’s Pinterest Party.

My view of tonight's @LAGalaxy game. #soccer
Hello LA Galaxy!

We went to the LA Galaxy game on Saturday night. It was our first professional soccer game. It was a blast and highly entertaining. I was amazed at the player’s skills.  It was an event for my son’s AYSO Soccer League.

Hello Monday!

Hello to another busy week with work, school, soccer practices, a 12-mile run, a wedding, and anything else that comes our way!

Is your week as busy as mine?

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Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Hello to the start of a new week!

Hello to the end of summer camps!

Angry Kid is all done with summer camp.  He doesn’t start school until the Wednesday after Labor Day. He still has a little over 2 weeks of summer vacation left.

Hello to Long Runs!

I set my alarm on Saturday morning and got up at 4am, to run! I had an 8-mile run scheduled on my 1/2 Marathon Training program.  I didn’t want to wait till late at night to do it, because of the heat.  My Garmin Forerunner 305 would not turn on, and I almost ended up in tears, right before my run.  I ended up using MapMyRun on my iPhone to track my distance.  I finished my run before my husband had to leave for work that morning.

Goodbye to my Garmin Forerunner 305!

I knew that it was slowly dying. I bought it over three years ago, almost four.  I did some research and realize that I purchased it in November of 2008. I think that I got my money’s worth.

8 miles are done. My Garmin    is no longer working, sigh. I didn't sleep through all of my alarms. 44 miles for the month. #42milesinaugust is done! #running

Hello Summer BBQ’s and FROYO!

I went to a friend’s house for a summer BBQ and to celebrate her starting nursing school. I will miss my friend and almost former co-worker, Jen, but I wish her the best.

It was super hot on Saturday also. I had to get a little treat from Yogurtland.  It had strawberries in it. That totally counts as healthy, right? Just ignore the crushed up Butterfinger and the gummy bears, ok!

Yum! Yogurtland, just what I needed right now.

Hello Garmin Forerunner 310XT!

With the recent death of my Garmin Forerunner 305, I needed a new GPS watch for running.  It is too difficult to use my phone with tracking because I put in the pocket of my fuel belt and cannot look at the distance/pace/etc. without stopping to pull it out of the pocket.

I researched all of my options for GPS running devices/watches and decided that I did not want one with a touch screen.  I chose the  Garmin Forerunner 310XT because of the non-touch screen capabilities.

I told Angry Husband that I NEEDED to buy a new Garmin before Tuesday night, which is my next scheduled run. I got this little orange and gray baby last night. I love new toys.  I cannot wait to run with it, tomorrow night!

My new BFF, the Garmin 310 XT. Unfortunately, my 305 went to the running gps graveyard. #running

Hello Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny Ponytail!

I was finally able to get my hair into somewhat of a ponytail on Saturday and today.  I used between 6-8 snap clips to keep all of the hair up plus gel and some hair spray. I’m trying to compete in the hair Olympics with all of those gymnasts.  All I need now is some spray glitter to make it sparkle.

It only took 8 snap clips but there is a teeny tiny itty bitty ponytail in my hair for the second time this week. cc: @teraraestephens

Hello Monday!

Hello to catching up from the weekend, and past week, as usual!

Hello to chaos!

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Hello Monday: The NYC Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello Reality!

Hello Post-Travel Coma!

I got back late last night after being in New York City for the past five days.  I was there for the BlogHer12′ Conference.

Hello NYC at Night!

I arrived at JFK Airport at around midnight Wednesday night.  I didn’t make it to my hotel until about 1:30am or so. Luckily, I caught a cab from the airport with my friends Janice and Susan from 5 Minutes For Mom.

Hello NYC!

Hello Central Park!

Hello Six Miles Done!

I followed my training plan and my 6-mile long run for the week. Yippee!! Worst run ever though. It was hot, humid, and muggy outside.  I was also having side pain the few days prior to leaving for New York. I held my side a ton while running.  I also did the BlogHer 5K the next day.  Nine miles of running done while in New York.

Oh hai...just a little run around Central Park. 3 miles of 6 done.
Hello Subway!

I have never taken the subway. I took the subway all by myself to meet Carrie in Chinatown at The Garment District. Go Me!

I posted on my personal Facebook that I felt like I was in an episode of Law and Order.  I didn’t get attacked running in the park, and I braved the subway.  Silly Julie. But seriously, the subway was so much cheaper than taking a cab. Silly bloggers were spending tons of money on cabs.

Hello Garment District!

Hello Jem Fabric Warehouse!

Jem had great stuff. I was overwhelmed.

Jem Fabric Warehouse

Hello Times Square!

I went to an event at a very tall building overlooking Times Square!

I had to get a shot of The Hunger Games DVD Release Advertisement from above.

Taken from above, Ad for Hunger Games on DVD, NYC! #latergram

Hello Good Friends!

I was super excited to see my friend, Cynthia aka Nap Warden.

I met Cynthia in person at BlogHer in 2009.  She lives in Chicago so we see each other only once a year. But we talk on the phone or text at least once a week.

I may have had a glow stick in my hair as a headband.

The lovely @NapWarden and I at #sparklecorn last night. #blogher12 #latergram

Hello Tired and Sore Feet!

After tons of walking and nine miles of running while in New York, my feet were done!

I was hungry and lazy. I totally wore my pj pants and flip flops to Chipotle. I dressed it up with my Lululemon jacket. I’m fancy like that.

I totally just wore a @lululemon jacket, Target Pants with Koi fish, and black rainbow sandals to @chipotletweets tonight. Yes, I walked three blocks in NYC in my pjs to get Chipotle. #blogher12 #nyc

Hello Reality!

My flight got in at 8pm last night. Got home at 9pm. Work at 7am.

Busy day at work, and a ton of laundry to do.

I hope to post more about New York soon with photos, stories, etc.

Hello Monday!

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Hello Monday: Busy As Usual

Hello Monday!!!

Hello Day 2 of My Work Week!

Hello to starting off the weekend without any rest.

Hello Cake!

I met an old friend for frozen yogurt and umm cake last week.  We went to the 85C Bakery. It is super popular here and always crowded.

Afternoon cake date with an old friend.

Hello to the fabric store.

I’ve been away from the sewing machine for quite some time.  I went to the fabric store on Friday and saw all kinds of goodness.

I got some patriotic fabric which I actually went to the store for…and USC fabric….and my Star Wars fabric.

If I see Star Wars fabric, I buy at least one yard if I don’t have it already.  You never know when you might have to do a Star Wars project, right?

There is way too much going on in this shopping cart. Stocking up for future projects.

Hello Early Saturday Morning at Discovery Science Center!

We were treated to an early morning preview of their Wild Summer Program.

Angry Kid made a new friend, a green tree frog.

Angry Kid with a green tree frog on his arm @DiscoveryCube. #wildsummer

Hello Summer Races!

After leaving Discovery Science Center, we headed to Snail’s Pace where I signed up myself and Angry Kid for Huntington Beach’s 4th of July 5K Run. Angry Kid is doing the one mile kid’s run.

Hello New Shoes!

I blame my friend Casey, for this purchase of Saucony Kinvara 3’s. Totally her fault!

I completed 18.7 miles in the first week of June for the #40milesinjune challenge!

Showing off my new pretty @Saucony Kinvara 3's. My week 1 reward for #40milesinjune. Like I needed an excuse to buy them, right? Actually I blame @caseyruns! 18.7 miles done!

Hello Monday!

Hello to running in my new fancy shoes!

Hello to catching up with blogging.

I have some reviews and other fun things to work on!!!!

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Disclosure: I was invited to Discovery Science Center for a preview of their summer programs. Angry Kid and I were admitted free of charge. All opinions are mine. I will blog more about their summer stuff this week.