The Ghosts of Halloween Past at Disneyland

Last month we headed to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party and HalloweenTime. We have been attending HalloweenTime events at Disneyland Resort since 2006, when my son was almost 18 months old. It has become somewhat of a tradition for us.

Mickey’s Treat 2007

Halloween 2007, Mickey's Treat at Disney's California Adventure

Mickey’s Treat 2008

Mickey's Treat 2008 @DCAToday. A Throw Back Thursday photo of my Jedi watching California Screamin' take off! It gets me excited for tomorrow night's "Mickey's Halloween Party" @Disneyland #HalloweenTime #TBT #JustGotHappier #Disneyland #Jedi

Mickey’s Halloween Party 2010


Mickey’s Halloween Party 2011

HalloweenTime at Disneyland

Mickey’s Halloween Party 2013

HalloweenTime 2013

We had a blast, and going to Disneyland anytime during HalloweenTime always starts off the Fall season with a bang! I love to see all of the costumes that everyone is wearing whether they are store bought or homemade. And the adults costumes are always super fabulous!

Although today is Halloween, and the last day of HalloweenTime at Disneyland, it is time to start thinking about next year. Maybe it will be the perfect time to plan a Disneyland trip with your family? Seriously, the weather is perfect, and the decorations are fantastic!

And oh my goodness, my son has really grown up since he wore that adorable pirate costume!

Disclosure: I was invited to Mickey’s Halloween Party along with my family. We were given free tickets to enjoy the night. I was not paid (compensated) with cash. All opinions and photographs are mine.

Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not {Discovery Science Center}

My 8-year old son is a huge science nut. Math and science are his favorite subjects. When I told him that we were going to Discovery Science Center a couple of weeks ago, he screamed with excitement. We were going to see their newest exhibits Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Spooky Science at Discovery Cube

Discovery Science Center is celebrating Halloween Time 2013 from October 5-October 31st, 2013 with a Spooky Science exhibit. Explore pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors and investigate the seeds inside them. Learn about the phases of the moon, explore a spooky 3-D maze, check out spiders of all sizes and colors, and much more!

On weekends, you can make your own slime to take home, join their costume parade extravaganza, see a SPOOKtacular light show, enjoy Spooky Science stage shows, and trick or treat.


Photo via Kelly

On October 26 & 27th-A special weekend event is filled with pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns. Guests can enjoy a display of expertly designed Jack-O-Lanterns and a giant pumpkin from Tanaka Farms.

One of my favorite things todo is catch @according2kelly staging her Instagrams. She is so precise when she does it. She was taking pictures of the pumpkin while her daughter was decorating a pumpkin @discoverycube last night #spookyscience #scienceripley
 Kelly taking some pumpkin pictures while her daughter decorates a pumpkin.

The Science of Ripley's Believe It Or Not

The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Notis a new exhibit which is open until January 5, 2014. The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! features an extraordinary collection of intriguing objects and astonishing artifacts from Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Go places you’ve never imagined and explore the real science behind the unbelievable.

  • Crawl through a life-size model of a prehistoric snake and revel at its incredible size
  • Measure up against Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man, who grew to 8 feet 11 inches tall
  • Marvel at intricate micro-sculptures so small, they fit in the eye of a needle

Oh look it's Bumblebee @DiscoveryCube #spookyscience #scienceripleys

Mr. Ripley was an explorer extraordinaire who traveled the world, collecting artifacts and stories from the remarkable people and places he encountered.

Hear from the adventurer himself about what drove his curiosity into the unknown, and see some of the actual objects that he collected. Browse through decades of cartoons by, letters for, and video of the man behind the Ripley Entertainment Inc. franchise.

Did you know?

An ocean current from a tsunami carried a boy’s soccer ball from Japan all the way to Alaska!

It's not everyday that you end up in the mouth of a snake. #SpookyScience #ScienceRipleys

We live on an amazing planet that is full of incredible phenomena, which may appear unbelievable at a first glance. From geologic formations such as gigantic mineral crystals, to exploding killer lakes, there is a scientific explanation behind every wonder of the natural world. We can learn about how different our earth was in the past by studying evidence such as fossils preserved in the rocks.

Did you know?

The human body is very adaptive-like one woman who lived with a thermometer in her lungs for 44 years!

The Science of Ripley's Believe It or Not

Did you know?

Humans, dogs and cats can be born with extra fingers and toes, a condition known as polydactylism.

The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not is included in general admission. Tickets can be purchased at the science center or online.


We had a blast and my son learned a ton of new science facts. He was in heaven there. Seriously, Discovery Science Center is his favorite place to visit in Orange County.

I highly recommend going there soon to check out these new exhibits!

Disclosure: We were invited to attend an event at Discovery Science Center to check out their new exhibits. We were given admission to the center and also The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. All photographs are mine unless noted. All opinions are mine. I was not compensated with cash for this post.


The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Last Thursday night, I attended Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor with my friend, Nicole. I’m not usually one to go to Halloween events, but I had never been to the Queen Mary.

I think that I’ve always been afraid of The Queen Mary because it is such a large ship. Or maybe because of all of those stories about it being haunted? It has been voted as one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America by Time magazine. Or maybe because it reminds me so much of The Titanic? Seriously, they even have a comparison of The Queen Mary vs. The Titanic on their website.

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event occurs 17 terrifying nights this October with a sinister new circus themed maze, horrifying freak shows and more. Experience thrills and chills in mazes so daunting you’ll sell your soul for a chance to survive. This year, the Captain celebrates Dark Harbor by raising a circus of horrific spirits, malevolent circus entertainers and other unfortunates.

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

I was a little speechless when I approached this ginormous ship. I had to take a picture of it from my view on the ground.

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

A little photo action on the step and repeat before the event. The sun was glaring our face so I’m surprised the picture came out so well.

Not your average carnival...@QMDarkHarbor #darkharbor #qmdarkharbor

I had not really researched the event prior to arriving. I had only heard a bit about it, and thought that it was just full of mazes and scary monsters.

But really, it had a great carnival with attractions also. I loved the bright colors on this rock o’plane, but they also had a zipline, mechanical monster (like a mechanical bull), and a freak show which also had an extra charge to enter.

The Rhythm Coffin playing at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

When we arrived this great band, The Rhythm Coffin was playing in the central area of the carnival. I loved their costumes and they were very entertaining.

Dark Harbor has live music from DJs and bands every night.

The Carnival Area at The Queen Mary Dark Harbor

I took this photo which shows an overview of the carnival area. It also shows the “freak shows” which are inside shipping containers.

The Captain and Graceful Gale at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Graceful Gale and The Captain are the stars of the show at Dark Harbor. They are the featured monsters and pop up just about everywhere during the event.

The scariest thing I see is actually the Queen Mark @QMDarkHarbor. I have "Titanic Issues"...#bottomoftheboat #irish #qmdarkharbor #darkharbor

And like I said before, The Queen Mary is the scariest thing at the event for me. Totally eerie! Especially at night!

Monster Child at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Or maybe it was Scary Mary waiting for me by the pool inside The Queen Mary? The rumor is that Scary Mary drowned in the pool approximately 50 years ago…

We had a blast at Dark Harbor and I highly recommend it. The costumes and make-up on the monsters were amazing! They did a fantastic job with the props and decorations within the mazes also. It was very detailed!


The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event is from 7-12pm and is open the following dates: October 11,12,13,17,18,19,20,24 (sold out),26,27 (sold out) and November 1, 2

FAQs and Tips for Attending Dark Harbor

Random Factoids:

This event is not child friendly. My son, age 8, would have completely freaked out. It is dark and scary. Yes, I totally judged those parents who had small children present. A child maybe preteen age, 12 and above might be okay.

Costumes are only allowed October 31st, and November 1st and 2nd.

The hours of the event are from 7pm-12am.

Dark Harbor tickets can be purchased online at or purchased onsite.

You cannot bring your own food into the event. There are food sales within the event. The food/drinks are your typical county fair style. Bring CASH.

Alcohol is available for purchase at the event.

Parking Information:

Parking is $20

VIP Parking (up close) is $25.


General Admission Pricing starts at $24 and goes up to $34 depending on the date (purchased online).

VIP Admission Pricing starts at $84 and goes up to $99 depending on the date (purchased online), and includes: VIP line entrance, (1) GA Ticket, (1) Fast Fright Pass (cut-in-line) & (1) admission to the R.I.P. Lounge, where you can rest in peace with only occasional monster encounters, located above Dark Harbor with a ghost-eye-view of entire event, including (4) drink tickets and made-to-order street taco station.

Season Pass allows you to return to Dark Harbor all season long (black out dates: Oct. 18, 19, 25, 26 & 31). Includes General Admission adult ticket and Fast Fright front of the line pass – all for the low price of $65. But act now as supplies are limited.

Disclosure: I was invited to Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event and given VIP access for myself and a friend. We received free admission to the event. I was not compensated with cash. All photos and opinions are mine.

Almost Wordless Wednesday (ok maybe not): Darth Vader and Alice in Wonderland

Last Friday, we (the family) and I went to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. We have attended the event for several years and my son loves it. Actually we all love it. It is our favorite time of the year at Disneyland, HalloweenTime.

I had already purchased a Halloween costume for my son, several weeks earlier. He was a spartan. Yes, totally random, but totally him. I had never worn a costume to Mickey’s Halloween Party before, but my friend, Kelly, was wearing a costume. So of course, I went into total panic mode. I came up with a costume, and the shirt that I needed for my costume, did not arrive in time.

About 12pm on Friday, I had a freak out and pretty much considered not dressing up. I think pulled out all of my running costumes and attempted to pull something together. And I did. I ended up dressing up as Alice in Wonderland. Almost everything that I wore that night was found in my house. The turquoise shirt was a dry-fit from Costco. My turquoise skirt was a Sparkle Athletic skirt. The white knee highs were from a previous race, bought at Target. The Mary Janes were from Goodwill, purchased over a year ago (brand new). So you are probably wondering where the apron and peter pan collar came from?

Well my son came home from school that day with a stomach ache. I knew that he wasn’t super sick, and most likely was overly tired and had not eaten enough earlier in the day. So going to the fabric store was a no-go as he refused. I went and hunted through my fabric stash in my office and found no extra fabric but I did find a white pillow case. So I proceeded to chop up and sew an apron and the collar. If you look at the detail close-up, my craftmanship was janky but it worked for one night. I wanted some eyelet lace for the apron straps, and my husband got that on the way home from work. So yes, I actually made the apron and collars, from a pillow case. Who knew? I was crafty, but also cranky! Because I kept pulling up tutorials and was working on my project up to the very last minute.

Darth Vader and Alice in Wonderland

So after constructing my costume, enjoying a fabulous night at Disneyland with all of the super cool activities during HalloweenTime, my night ended with a bit of the dark side. Yep, I stood in line at 11:45pm to get a photo with Darth Vader before Disneyland closed for the night. Yes, my night was made. And my son was super jealous the other day when he saw this picture.

Mickey’s Halloween Party was an absolute blast. This was probably my most favorite visit ever. Maybe because I wore a costume to the event for the first time ever?

I will be writing about Disneyland, Mickey’s Halloween Treat and HalloweenTime more at a later date, but if you are even thinking about attending the event (dates are selling out FAST), here are some of the awesome events that take place:

  • Monsters U Dance Party at Tomorrowland Terrace featuring Mike & Sulley in a spirited Monster Scare-Off.
  • Halloween Screams, a boo-tiful fireworks spectacular —exclusive viewing for Mickey’s Halloween Party Guests.
  • Special trick-or-treat stations with candy and healthy goodies.
  • Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade, a Halloween parade presented for Party Guests.
  • Access to nearly all attractions, including all the Halloween-themed attractions such as Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday.
  • Disney Villains encounters as they prowl the grounds.
  • Photo ops with popular Disney and Pixar Pals, and Disney Villains.
  • Dance parties with lively music, creepy crafts and activities for the whole family, and the chance to eat, drink and be (not so) scary throughout the park.

Mickey’s Halloween Party dates for 2014 are: Friday, Sept. 27 (sold out); Tuesday, Oct. 1; Friday, Oct. 4 (sold out); Tuesday, Oct. 8 (sold out); Friday, Oct. 11 (sold out); Tuesday, Oct. 15; Friday, Oct. 18 (sold out); Monday, Oct. 21; Wednesday, Oct. 23; Friday, Oct. 25 (sold out); Monday, Oct. 28; Wednesday, Oct. 30; and Thursday, Oct. 31. 


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Disclosure: I was invited to Mickey’s Halloween Party along with my family. We were given free tickets to enjoy the night. I was not paid (compensated) with cash. All opinions and photographs are mine. I apologize for all of my rambling, but seriously, Darth Vader?

Our Halloween 2012

Halloween came so slow but yet so fast this year. The past two months have been crazy around here, and luckily we decided on a costume for the kid in September.  That relieves a ton of stress in our house. Although, I remember purchasing his costumes in July, when he was a baby. How time flies!

I’m a little late in doing a post-Halloween blog post but seriously my photo editing monkey was on vacation or something. Ok really, I don’t have a photo editing monkey or even a photo collage making monkey. But wouldn’t that be rad!  I love taking the picture but post-editing is NOT my favorite thing to do.

2012 Halloween Decor

I usually go all out when I decorate for Halloween, but I got a bit distracted this year. I got all of the totes with the decorations out and only finished putting up about 1/2 of them. Every year I put the previous year’s Halloween costume photo in a cute frame. I usually get the frames from Homegoods. Last year I made Halloween fabric buntings. I put them up again this year, and even made some extras for friends. Everything else is a hodge podge of random decorations that I’ve bought here and there the past few years. I have some bowls and several platters that I’ve acquired also. They were left in the totes.

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch Annual Visit

The BFF {Stacey} and I took the kids on our annual visit to Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch. We have been doing it almost every year since they were about 18 months old. They were hilarious on the car ride there. They kept talking about school, and random things. Last year my son was cranky and did not want to participate. Of course, my camera was cranky that day. If you have any tips on removing the fog/glare on my photos, please let me know. I have about 30 awesome photos similar to this.

Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Style

We attended a Halloween Party at a friend’s house. Since the men folk in my house are a bit obsessed with zombies and the zombie apocalypse, they went as zombies. My husband followed an online tutorial for Walking Dead Make-Up. I’m not quite sure if red Solo cups will be around during the apocalypse.

Butterfly Costume with Team Sparkle Skirt

I did not go with the “zombie theme” for Halloween. I went as a butterfly. I wore my orange Team Sparkle skirt along with a tank top, black shorts underneath, tights, and some wings. My son kept asking why, “I was wearing my running clothes on Halloween”. Husband took the photo with his cellphone. And ignore the beer pong table and Solo cups next to me.

Pumpkin carving earlier today. Star Wars themed "Rebel Alliance" symbol. #starwars #rebelalliance #halloween

The day of Halloween, my husband and son carved a pumpkin while I was out running {as usual}. The carved a Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol into the pumpkin using a template that I found online. Super cool!

Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween 2012

Angry Kid with a friend at a Halloween party pre-Trick-Or-Treating. We had a fun time eating some delicious food and seeing all of the kiddos in their costumes. But they were super excited to go Trick-or-Treating.

Oh you know...just doing a little blood spatter on a bag for my little zombie. He needs a treat bag. Good thing I have proper education and training in blood spatter techniques. #zombie #halloween #walkingdead

Of course, I had to make a treat bag for my zombie. I bought a plain canvas bag from Michael’s. I used “spray blood” that we got at the Halloween store and applied some spatter on both sides of the bag. I was quite impressed with my craftiness.

Jack O' Lanterns Seen on Halloween

While we were out Trick-Or-Treating, I took some photos of some awesome Jack O’ Lanterns. People get super creative these days. Obviously, there are tons of ideas and templates online. I was pretty impressed with our Star Wars pumpkin though.

We actually didn’t stay out very long, maybe a little over an hour. The kid stocked up on some candy, but not a ton. I think that the candy was all gone by the next day.

Until next year, Happy Halloween! Time to pack up the stuff and put it away, until two weeks when Christmas stuff comes out. Yikes!

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween From My Little Zombie

My family has somewhat of a “Zombie Obsession”.  It was “decided” in September that Angry Kid (age 7) was going to be a zombie for Halloween. The costume was ordered and the make-up was being considered.  It is a good thing that I am an excellent Internet researcher. I found a great video on AMC’s Walking Dead Website with easy and cheap tips for Walking Dead-Like Zombie Make-Up.

My husband did my son’s make-up all by himself with a little Halloween make-up, liquid latex, and oatmeal for the texture/skin/scars.  We did a test drive for a friend’s party last Friday night. We are all ready for Halloween now!!

Yikes! We have been invaded by zombies! Time to prepare for the apocalypse! #walkingdead

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Project 365: Week 44

We survived Halloween events, parties, and Trick-or-Treating. Homework with Angry Kid is going well, and somewhat humorous…Two weeks with my new hair color and I still love it, along with new glasses! We are heading into our last week of soccer, which gives us a ton of extra free time. I’m starting to think about Christmas shopping….and burrrrr it is getting chilly here in SoCal.

Project 365 301/365: After work cream cookie sandwich from that fancy place, Trader Joes.Project 365 302/365: After work dessert…ice cream cookie sandwich from that fancy place, Trader Joes.

Project 365 302/365: Only my son would ask for a hazmat symbol to be painted on his face. #pumpkinsandpancakesProject 365 303/365: Only my son would ask for a hazmat symbol to be painted on his face. #pumpkinsandpancakes

Project 365 303/365: I volunteered in Angry Kid's class today. We made crafts.Project 365 304/365: I volunteered in Angry Kid’s class today. We made crafts.

Project 365 304/365: First grade journal writing tonight. Topic is random!Project 365 305/365: First grade journal writing tonight. Topic is random!

Project 365 305/365: Starting from the beginning...because of an upcoming wedding! Do you see this @bringingupburns?Project 365 306/365: Starting from the beginning…because of an upcoming wedding! Do you see this @bringingupburns?

Project 365 306/365: My son keeps checking out library books about crabs....Project 365 307/365: My son keeps checking out library books about crabs….

Project 365 307/365: Got a second pair of glasses. Black Oakley's for work. More tactical...But a little hipsterProject 365 308/365: Got a second pair of glasses. Black Oakley’s for work. More tactical…But a little hipster

life rearranged

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Night

Last year was the first year that we stayed in our neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  Angry Husband stayed home to hand out candy while I took Angry Kid with his friends.  I came really late that night, and told Angry Husband all about the awesomeness of the local neighborhoods.

Angry Husband was sure to not miss out on the trick-or-treating fun this year.  He invited his friends and their kids.  It was fun to see Angry Kid interact with the little ones.

Calvin and Angry KidCalvin was a firefighter. He got a ton of attention with his battery-powered inflatable firetruck. Angry Kid was a ninja. A great combination!

Halloween Decor while Trick-or-Treating
JAD_6485The houses had some awesome Halloween decor. It was super dark outside so I didn’t want to blind everyone with my flash. I got a few shots of the decorations.

JAD_6473Angry Kid ran into a friend from school. Actually, he ran into several friends, but all of the kids were running around like crazies. It was hard to catch them to take photos.

Disney Princess Carriage Pumpkin, from the neighborhoodThis was my favorite thing of the night. A house was decorated with Disney Princess pumpkins all over their front yard. The pumpkins were amazing. But there were so many people, it was hard to get photos. I hear that they go all out every year. Seriously, this carriage took my breath away though.

Angry Kid got quite the haul of candy. He stopped several times to have Angry Husband dump the candy into a backpack. The kids lasted from 6:15pm to 8:00pm which is pretty good.


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