The Ghosts of Halloween Past at Disneyland

Halloween 2007

Last month we headed to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party and HalloweenTime. We have been attending HalloweenTime events at Disneyland Resort since 2006, when my son was almost 18 months old. It has become somewhat of a tradition for us. Mickey’s Treat 2007 Mickey’s Treat 2008 Mickey’s Halloween Party 2010 Mickey’s Halloween Party 2011 Mickey’s […]

Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not {Discovery Science Center}

Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley's Science Center at Discovery Science Center

My 8-year old son is a huge science nut. Math and science are his favorite subjects. When I told him that we were going to Discovery Science Center a couple of weeks ago, he screamed with excitement. We were going to see their newest exhibits Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or […]

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Last Thursday night, I attended Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor with my friend, Nicole. I’m not usually one to go to Halloween events, but I had never been to the Queen Mary. I think that I’ve always been afraid of The Queen Mary because it is such a large ship. Or maybe because of all of […]

Almost Wordless Wednesday (ok maybe not): Darth Vader and Alice in Wonderland

Darth Vader and Alice in Wonderland

Last Friday, we (the family) and I went to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. We have attended the event for several years and my son loves it. Actually we all love it. It is our favorite time of the year at Disneyland, HalloweenTime. I had already purchased a Halloween costume for my son, several weeks […]

Our Halloween 2012

Halloween came so slow but yet so fast this year. The past two months have been crazy around here, and luckily we decided on a costume for the kid in September.  That relieves a ton of stress in our house. Although, I remember purchasing his costumes in July, when he was a baby. How time […]

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween From My Little Zombie

My family has somewhat of a “Zombie Obsession”.  It was “decided” in September that Angry Kid (age 7) was going to be a zombie for Halloween. The costume was ordered and the make-up was being considered.  It is a good thing that I am an excellent Internet researcher. I found a great video on AMC’s […]

Project 365: Week 44

We survived Halloween events, parties, and Trick-or-Treating. Homework with Angry Kid is going well, and somewhat humorous…Two weeks with my new hair color and I still love it, along with new glasses! We are heading into our last week of soccer, which gives us a ton of extra free time. I’m starting to think about […]

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Night

Last year was the first year that we stayed in our neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  Angry Husband stayed home to hand out candy while I took Angry Kid with his friends.  I came really late that night, and told Angry Husband all about the awesomeness of the local neighborhoods. Angry Husband was sure to not miss […]