Hello Monday, Hello Summer

Hello Monday! Hello Summer! Hello to my new running coach! Isn’t he cute? He’s kinda mean. He yells things at me, like “Mama, you run too slow. You need to catch up! Run Faster!” Hello to the end of the school year! Hello to photos from the first day and last day of school!  Hello […]

Wordless Wednesday: Artistic and Crazy

Yesterday I posted a picture of a worksheet from my son’s Open House at school. He kept writing that he was “artistic and crazy”. I think I capture that tonight while he was working on his homework. He even smiled for me. That’s a first! Welcome to “Angry Julie Monday’s Wordless Wednesday Linky”! If this your […]

Wordless Wednesday: Star of the Week

Angry Kid is “Star of the Week” at school this week. As usual, the Angry Family likes to wait till last minute to do everything. It is how we roll. I’m sure that you can guess what time I was up until on Sunday night.  Angry Kid knows how Type-A and umm crafty I am […]

Celebrating Stella’s 7th at Sky High Sports

My best friend’s daughter, Stella, and my son are two months apart in age. On the 16th of March, Stella turned seven. Angry Kid turns seven in May. This year Stacey held Stella’s birthday party at Sky High Sports in Costa Mesa.  Because Stella’s party was held on a Saturday, Stacey rented a private room. […]

How To Catch A Leprechaun, Our Trap

My son’s first major elementary school project assignment came home last week.  The instructions were to build a Leprechaun Trap and then explain how it works.  This was somewhat of a challenge for me as my husband was out of town for two weeks.  He is the project person in our house. I wanted something […]

Wordless Wednesday: Chapter Books

Angry Kid is in first grade. Unbeknownst to us, he was/is a great reader. He is plowing through chapter books. I took this photo tonight while he was reading his book for homework. The book was 36, yes thirty-six pages. Ye gads!! Welcome to “Angry Julie Monday’s Wordless Wednesday Linky”! If this your first time […]

Hello Monday-The President’s Day Edition

Hello Monday! Hello to No School for Angry Kid. Hello to another work day for me! Hello to Angry Kid’s first grade journals. Should I be proud that he knows how to spell assassinated? Hello to a busy work week last week. Hello to going shooting with the boys on Saturday. I survived. Angry Kid […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Wishing Everyone A Happy Valentine’s Day Today! I volunteered in Angry Kid’s class today. We split the 1st graders into three different groups. They each had a project to do. Our project was sewing this puppy puppet with yarn. It was super complicated for the kids to figure out so most of the puppets were […]