Some Angry Toddler Artwork

I posted some pictures on Angry Toddler’s blog. But I thought I would share with you all. Here is his most recent artwork from preschool!

Breach of Security

My parents watched Angry Toddler while AH and I were at work. They have been watching him every Saturday. They mentioned something about him opening the garage door, but I really didn’t think anything about it. I went to the bathroom when I got home, as Angry Toddler was watching TV. As I came out […]


Where have we been? Well it’s been a busy week. We decided to renew our season passes to Disneyland. We went to Disney two times this week. Angry Toddler was really excited to see Mickey Mouse. But, oh boy, it was expensive. We had to get two season passes and two parking passes. Angry Husband […]

Life Dealing with AT’s Preschool

As I have posted previously, we’ve had some issues with Angry Toddler and preschool recently. His behavior has been atrocious. We’ve had some serial biting incidents that came out of nowhere. The first time they happened, we realized it was being caused by some allergy meds, Singulair, that he was taking. Apparently he was the […]

Dear Angry Toddler

I know that you are 33 months old now. Which to most people means, you’re almost 3. You are a big boy now. But there is one thing, you have not mastered….the potty. Angry Toddler could you please learn to use the potty. You are wearing a size 7 diaper now. Did you know how […]

The Aftermath

Well for me, the Holiday Season is officially over. I’m so glad, really I am. Last week, Angry Toddler came home from school with a slight runny nose. Uh oh, the sickies have come home for the Holidays. Saturday night before Christmas, boom, he had another febrile seizure. The kid’s temperature was 104 when we […]

Angry Toddler got a haircut!

Angry Toddler has this weird hay-like hair. It’s straight as a board and doesn’t lay flat. When it starts to get past an inch, it just looks awful. He never had those cute baby curls. He had this weird hair that grew over his ears and just laid there. He got his first haircut at […]

Daylight Savings Not

So I crashed on the couch this morning when I got home from work. I really truly wanted to sleep in our bed. But, alas, angry Toddler was lying horizontal on my side of the bed, snoring. I grabbed my blanket, drug it down the hall, and plopped myself on the couch. I woke to […]