Some Angry Toddler Artwork

I posted some pictures on Angry Toddler’s blog. But I thought I would share with you all. Here is his most recent artwork from preschool!

Breach of Security

My parents watched Angry Toddler while AH and I were at work. They have been watching him every Saturday. They mentioned something about him opening the garage door, but I really didn’t think anything about it.

I went to the bathroom when I got home, as Angry Toddler was watching TV. As I came out of the bathroom, I noticed the access door between the garage and house was open. I was perplexed, thinking, maybe I left it unlocked.

Well, I managed to get AT back in the house. I made sure I locked the door this time. Well sure enough, within two seconds of closing the door, Angry Toddler was at the door. I watched him easily flip both locks open. He then opened the door, stepped in the doorway, and reached up to open the garage door.

I was soo frustrated. So we played in the garage a little. I then tried to distract him with a new puzzle that we had in the garage. I put the puzzle on the kitchen table inside the house, and coaxed AT into the house. He sat there for like 5 minutes while he completed the puzzle, then he was back at trying to unlock the door again.

Well I had one of my usual moments and flipped out. I called Angry Husband and asked him when he would be getting home, as we had a “situation”. Angry Husband was about 30 minutes from getting home. So I literally sat in front of the door until he got home. Angry Toddler gave up and went and watched TV.

When AH got home, we immediately made a trip to Lowe’s. We went to the lock section, trying to figure out what to do. Angry Husband got an idea while we were there and it only cost us $.95.

So we went home. AH stayed in the garage with his tools. I proceeded to play on the computer while AT watched some Noggin. Within 5 minutes, AH said, all done!

Well what Angry Husband did was, reverse the lock. AH put the keyed part of the lock on the interior of the house and the twist part on the garage side. He then screwed in a little hook ($.95 item) next to the door on the interior part of the house so we could hang the key. Problem solved!

Within 2 minutes Angry Toddler was at the door again. He tried to unlock the door, but then realized that he couldn’t. He got this pissed off look on his face and walked away. That’s right, Angry Toddler was defeated.

Oh, and we moved up the button which opens the garage door too.


Where have we been? Well it’s been a busy week. We decided to renew our season passes to Disneyland. We went to Disney two times this week. Angry Toddler was really excited to see Mickey Mouse. But, oh boy, it was expensive. We had to get two season passes and two parking passes. Angry Husband got parked too. He wants to take AT to Disney sometimes when I’m working, what a good daddy.

The first time we went to Disneyland, it got really cold all of a sudden. We didn’t realize that it would be so cold. Ugh, of course parents of the year forgot to bring a jacket for their toddler. So we went in one of their many stores and bought a lovely zip-up hoody for the nice price of $39 plus a $10 ball that AT couldn’t live without.

Last night, we went again. We picked Angry Toddler up from preschool at 3pm and drove to Disney. It was a nice calm day there. I think everyone thought that it was going to rain all night, so they didn’t go to Disneyland. It was fantastic. We jumped right on the rides. We even got to the go on Finding Nemo. Seriously, we’ve been to Disneyland at least 15 times since this ride opened last year. We have never been able to get on the ride, since there was like a 2 hour wait.

My review of the ride? It wasn’t all that. I don’t know why we wanted to go on it so bad. Angry Toddler loved it though. We were under the water and there were the Nemo cartoons. He thought it was fantastic. Angry Husband didn’t like being trapped underwater with stinky people though. Ahh, one less ride we can ignore from now on!

Life Dealing with AT’s Preschool

As I have posted previously, we’ve had some issues with Angry Toddler and preschool recently. His behavior has been atrocious.

We’ve had some serial biting incidents that came out of nowhere. The first time they happened, we realized it was being caused by some allergy meds, Singulair, that he was taking. Apparently he was the .00005% that was have aggressive behavior, seizures, and bronchitis.

Last week, on Tuesday, he had a really bad day. Angry Husband had to meet with the school’s Director after school. I also met with her the next morning. She told me that Angry Toddler was on the verge of getting kicked out of school. This woman would not help me with when the biting was happening, where it was happening, or if it was always the same kid. I was quite frustrated. I wanted to know why my little boy was being soo aggressive. He is not like this at home.

I think the RUDE Director realized that we were not going to give into her. They really worked with Angry Toddler on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. His behavior had gotten better and he realized that biting was bad.

Unfortunately, AT got bitten on Friday by another little boy. Just because the kids were trying to look out the same window. Apparently, AT told the little boy that “Biting is bad, and you don’t bite.”. I know that this little boy is one of AT’s problems at school. The teacher advised me that they were going to have a meeting with the other kid’s parents.

I’m soo frustrated and stressed out because of this situation. I know AT is a good kid. I know that other kid’s behavior is having an influence on him. I’m glad that his teachers are working with him. As I’ve told my friends, they can kick him out, but really another Angry Toddler is going to come along right after him. They will always be dealing with this in the 2-3 year old room.

Hopefully, Angry Toddler will grow out of this stage soon. Cause literally, every preschool in the area is FULL!

Dear Angry Toddler

I know that you are 33 months old now. Which to most people means, you’re almost 3. You are a big boy now. But there is one thing, you have not mastered….the potty. Angry Toddler could you please learn to use the potty. You are wearing a size 7 diaper now. Did you know how hard it is to find these diapers?

Mommy went to two Targets today to look for diapers for you. She finally found them and bought the last 3 packages that they had. Umm, these should last maybe a week?

Plus, mommy loves Target and she spent another $75 in addition to the diapers that she did not have to.

Maybe we could make this your birthday goal? We have 3 months still?

The Aftermath

Well for me, the Holiday Season is officially over. I’m so glad, really I am.

Last week, Angry Toddler came home from school with a slight runny nose. Uh oh, the sickies have come home for the Holidays. Saturday night before Christmas, boom, he had another febrile seizure. The kid’s temperature was 104 when we took it. Where do these fevers come from? I swear the kid can’t regulate his body temps. So we drag him the ER, to get him checked out. They run a ton of tests, doing a breathing treatment (he was kinda wheezy), and send us on home.

Throughout the next two days, we battled his fever. Seriously, I think we went through 4 bottles of Motrin and Tylenol. Finally on Monday, I took him to the Dr. She diagnosed him with yet, another, ear infection, and sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics. We gave him the antibiotics and they stopped the fevers.

We went to a family friend’s house for Christmas Eve and Angry Husband’s Birthday. It was a great time. Angry Toddler loved playing with my friend’s kids, whom are 5 and 8. We then went home and anticipated the arrived of SANTA!

Santa came and all the goodness that comes along with Santa. Angry Toddler came out of his room on Christmas morning, and was quite delighted. He unwrapped all of his presents, yet kept asking for “more presents peas”! Thankfully, my parents showed up a few hours later with some more goodies for him.

Angry Husband and I unwrapped some gifts from my parents. I got a new Louis Vuitton make-up bag (yippee), some pajamas, and some perfume. Angry Husband got a HUGE gift certificate to the local fish store, and some Bettie Page collectible crap. He loves Bettie Page. I will NEVER be Bettie Page.

Angry Toddler seemed to get sicker on Christmas Eve, Caden’s sickness was up and down. He was really weak still and all of the excitement wore him out. He took 2 naps that day.

We had a great dinner of turkey, stuffed, mashed potatoes, and some salad. Poor Angry Toddler missed dinner cause he was taking one of his naps.

Since Christmas, we’ve been trying to organize the house. We keep stepping on little Hot Wheels and Cars toys. Ouch, those little Cars hurt!

Mike and I hit the after-Christmas Target extravaganza. Mike went a little overboard on the lights. I’m sure you will be able to see our house from space next year.

I’ve been a really bad blogger lately. I will and try to blog more in the upcoming year. It’s been soo hectic with work, preschool, holiday shopping, food, sickness, cleaning, and sleeping! I will do another post later and include some Holiday pictures!

Angry Toddler got a haircut!

Angry Toddler has this weird hay-like hair. It’s straight as a board and doesn’t lay flat. When it starts to get past an inch, it just looks awful. He never had those cute baby curls. He had this weird hair that grew over his ears and just laid there.

He got his first haircut at about 10-11 months. We’ve been getting them ever since about every 2 months or so. He needs haircuts sooner, but well, it’s a complete nightmare doing it.

We thought we would try a new place closer to our house. We went to an actual barber shop. Of course, they had a toy area set-up in the back, so Caden wanted nothing to do with the rest of us. We tried to put him in the chair, and of course he screamed. We even gave him suckers. Nope, that didn’t work. Cause all he said was, “More suckers peas, more SUCKERS”.

He finally calmed down, but Angry Husband had to sit in the chair and hold Angry Toddler in his lap. One of the other barbers felt bad that AT was crying. He got a tissue and was wiping away his tears. It was soo cute!

The barber spent alot of time on his haircut and did an awesome job. Even AH said that she was worried at first, but it turned out really good.

I was able to take a picture last night when we got home. He was not happy when I took it. The husband had just promised him a bath, and he was anxious to get in the bathroom. He keep saying, “Mama, noo picture, noo picture!”

It’s more of a buzz cut than a hair cut, I know!

Oh, and the best moment of the night. I’m warning you….TMI. The kid pooped in the tub for the second night in a row.. Angry Husband told me that it was my turn to clean it up.

Daylight Savings Not

So I crashed on the couch this morning when I got home from work. I really truly wanted to sleep in our bed. But, alas, angry Toddler was lying horizontal on my side of the bed, snoring. I grabbed my blanket, drug it down the hall, and plopped myself on the couch.

I woke to the sound this morning, of AT screaming, “DADDY, DADDY”. I knew that my husband was getting ready for work, which meant it was like 7am. Oh, oh no, this is way too early for me. The husband put the toddler to bed especially late last night so I could get some extra sleep. His plan did not work.

The toddler is extremely wild and hyper this morning. I swear, it was like he was eating candy in his sleep.

So Angry Husband’s cellphone rings, can you wake me up even more… It’s his co-worker, AH is late. The husband looks at the clock, 8am, what? I mumbled from the couch, ummmm, I think your alarm switched to Daylight Savings. AH shouts back, “Is it Daylight Savings?” I reply, “No, Congress voted to push it back this year. It’s next weekend.”. AH grabs his keys and runs out the door.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, ok 8am is much better than 7am. I got to sleep in a little, 5 hours of sleep is better than 4. Meanwhile, the toddler is galloping up and down the hall. He’s crazy.

I then call my parents.. “What’s for breakfast?”, I say. “Meet us at Ruby’s, at 9am”, my mom says. Yay, free food. I don’t even think we have any breakfast-y food here anyway. We took Angry Toddler to breakfast last weekend also. He was pretty good for his usual self, I guess we will try it again.

Now, I gotta pick out an outfit for him. One of his many “Halloween” themed outfits. I decide on a lovely Gap shirt with Frankenstein, and Gap jeans. I have a slight obesession with baby Gap this Fall. I’m debating whether or not, it is cold enough for a sweater.