The Pumpkin Patch, Then and Now

We’ve gone to a local Pumpkin Patch with my best friend, Stacey, and her daughter, Stella, since the kids were about a year and a half old. Angry Toddler and Stella are two months apart. Looking at the pictures, you would think there was a bigger age difference between them, but there’s not. Stella just has extremely long legs. You can’t tell from this year’s picture, but she’s several inches taller than angry Toddler. I took a million pictures last week when we went to the Pumpkin Patch. But I really, there are million “patch” pictures on the blogs this week. I thought I would you show you our little tradition. Oh, and Stacey and I compared the kiddos from that time.

2006-The kids would not sit still. They wanted to explore everything. They loved the train ride.
2007-The kids were umm, bitchy. They refused the train ride and cried.
2008-The did not want to sit still, again. They did not want to be bothered with pictures. They wanted us to buy every pumpkin. They rode the train, but wanted to climb out.
2009-The kids posed for our pictures. They wanted to ride the train. They wanted to ride the train, multiple times. They sat together, without us.


BlogHop Tuesday: Favorite Picture

Welcome to Angry Julie Monday and thanks for visiting! I’m a married, working mom (law enforcement), with one son. We live in Orange County, California. I’ve been blogging for two years now and I love every minute of it.

We’ve probably taken thousands of photographs since our son was born. I have many favorites.

I thought that I would post a “recent favorite photograph”. I took this last Friday, July 3rd. Angry Toddler (my son) had just gotten a fresh haircut the day before. I love when he gets a fresh haircut. He made the barber leave it longer on top, so that he could have a “mohawk”.

He also was wearing a button-up shirt. He has probably worn a button-up shirt less than ten times since he was around two. I put the shirt on him and he did not fuss at all.

He got a little silly, since I was interrupting him while he was playing the Wii!!

Please feel free to stay awhile and check out my blog. I’m really not that Angry, only sometimes..

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What a Week

We started off the week with Angry Toddler getting a cold. Because of Angry Toddler’s history with bronchitis, asthma, and those lovely febrile seizures..we freak when his nose starts running. I swear our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are like a mini pharmacy. I should buy stock in the over-the-counter medications that we buy for Angry Toddler.

Angry Toddler also gave me his cold. Which really sucked. I had issues all week. I’m finally feeling better.

Angry Toddler missed preschool on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully Mr. XBOX and Ms. Wii were able to babysit in lieu of preschool. I had to take Angry Toddler to the doctor on Tuesday, because he was not getting any better. She diagnosed him with an ear infection, which equals prescription medications.

So Angry Julie heads to Target pharmacy and throws down the debit card for $95 (YES, ninety-five dollars) worth of medications. The only positive thing about my Target visit is their kick-ass prescription bottles. When we use other pharmacies (cough, cough CVS, you suck), you have to pour the liquid meds on a spoon and hope that you don’t spill it everywhere, will convincing the kid to lick the spoon. Target has these plastic lids on top of the prescription bottle, where you insert this plastic syringe and suck out the meds. Angry Toddler loves the syringes and he happily takes his meds. Yes, I know you can buy the syringes, etc. But I love how Target has these automatically built-in.

Wednesday came…Angry Toddler went back to preschool. Can I get a YIPPEE! And I got a wonderful delivery from the Fed-Ex man. The PR peeps from Sonic Drive-In sent me a $25 gift certificate and some goodies for Angry Toddler. They saw my post about Sonic and wanted to thank me for it. I also felt a little better and worked out Wednesday night. I did a TKB (Turbo Kick Box) class at 24Hour Fitness. It literally kicked my butt.

Thursday, I had to go to the dentist and get two crowns done. I’ve had the temporaries for 2 months. I should have gone back to the dentist within 2 weeks. I just hate sitting there. It really wasn’t that bad.

On Friday, I cleaned the house. I haven’t cleaned that much in a really long time. It actually still looks clean. I’m very proud of Angry Husband and Angry Toddler for keeping it that way.

Today, well Saturday, so now yesterday…I took Angry Toddler to his sports class and a birthday party. Angry Toddler’s sports class did track and field today. He loved running around. I didn’t like the misty rain that was coming down on us. And of course, I dressed my son inappropriately again. He was wearing shorts, while everyone else was wearing pants.

Father’s Day..well I ran around and picked up some things tonight while working. I’m not as prepared as usual. BUT I spent $10 on CARDS. Seriously, I should have just drawn some or something. I’m really anti-card right now, because they are like $4.

Hopefully I will get to sleep in this morning…and maybe I can dream about some really good blog posts for next week…maybe…

Happy Star Wars Day!

Today is the “Unofficial Star Wars Day” as noted via Twitter. Technically it should be May 25, since May 25, 1977 is when Stars Wars came out. But people have changed it to, May in “May the 4th be with you..or better known as “May the Force Be With You”.

Star Wars is an interesting topic in the Angry Household. Angry Husband and his BFF love the Star Wars. Star Wars was even included in the birth of Angry Toddler. He was born on May 19, 2005..the day that Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, was released. That’s a whole other post.

I thought I would add a picture of Angry Toddler with this post, looking well, like an Angry Jedi. This was taken on Halloween 2008.

I Didn’t Order This

Today is my last day working the night shift aka swing shift until May. It’s been a pretty sucky four months. On Saturdays, I’m usually woken up by Angry Toddler stating, “It’s daylight time, time for clothes, and get me some chocolate milk”. Aww good times, when you’ve had three to four hours of sleep.

Luckily, my BFF, Stacey, was able to help me entertain Angry Toddler for a few hours every Saturday morning for most of the four months. If I get Angry Toddler out of the house for a few hours in the morning, he’s a better kid, and he will also take a long nap.

Stacey was available this morning, so we met up for breakfast with the kiddos. It only took me an hour to get out of the house, because Angry Toddler refused to take off an USC (University of Southern California) jersey that he had been wearing for THREE days. Seriously kid, yes, I know they won the Rose Bowl, but take off the shirt. I told him that he clothes smelled bad, he immediately ripped off the shirt and willingly put on a new one. Of course, I was barely awake, so I was sporting my jeans, Converse, a shirt from a running event, and the non-optional baseball hat.

I met them at Ruby’s Diner, a local restaurant. Stacey and Stella were already sitting in a booth waiting for us. Of course, I’m Ms. Residence People Watcher, so I’m looking around with my usual annoyed look. I see a family sitting behind us, they had just sat down and were looking at their menu’s. The Dad walks in after Angry Toddler and I order some drinks. The dad is carrying two Starbucks cups. Seriously, couldn’t you wait until after your breakfast to get your fix? Is the Starbucks coffee that much better? I just rolled my eyes, and Stacey laughed. I even make a joke about it to our waiter, but he didn’t get it. Well really, I don’t even think the waiter spoke English.

We had another waiter take our food order, the previous waiter only took our drink order. Seriously, the second waiter was just as dumb. We ordered off the kid’s menu and he kept asking suggestions for the combo, Stacey and I got very confused. We were like, “Umm, there are no combos on the kid’s menu.” The waiter checked and sure enough, he came back “oh, ya, I guess there is no combos for the kid’s.” Ya, umm duh…

So approximately 20 minutes later our food arrives, and this is what I see:

Why are there French fries with my eggs? I gave the waiter a look, Stacey giggled..and then I said, “Why are there fries with my eggs, I didn’t order this?” The waiter says, “Didn’t they tell you, we are out of Ruby’s Spuds, so they are serving fries.” I respond with, “Umm, no. They didn’t tell us that.” I would have ordered something else.

This was how my last morning of our fun Saturdays went. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing and this all my made up for the fact that, Angry Toddler was being a total pain in the ass and I needed a very large Margarita at 9am.

Naughty and Nice

Stacey, my BFF, and I took the kiddos to the local outdoor mall last weekend. We bought them coordinating shirts from Amy at Tote and Tee. I also had some custom bows made by one of my mommy friends, Becky, Allybug Bowtique. Oh, and I borrowed the red pettiskirt from another friend, Stacie. I’m such a planner.

We never know how the kids are going to be. We promised them a train ride if they were good and took pictures. I took over 200 pictures. Alot of them were craptastic, due to lighting, etc. But I thought I would share some of the better ones. Even though, I take photographs at work 40+ hours a week….my photography hasn’t improved. Learning to work my camera is one of my New Year’s Resolutions among other things.

Yep, We got on the cupcake bandwagon!

We hopped up on the cupcake bandwagon this past weekend. Saturday, is Operation Entertain Angry Toddler so I can sleep day. Stacey, my BFF, and I took the kids out to breakfast at IHOP (nasty, will never ever set foot in that establishment again!) and then went to a little mini-mall area in Newport Beach.

While we were leaving breakfast, Stacey asked where Sprinkles Cupcakes was? I said, ohh, the land of the almost $4.00 cupcake. Well I gave her the directions and we went on our way. We did some walking around when we got there.

I found all kinds of lovely things that I wanted at Tommy Bahama. I wish everything wasn’t $100+. Me and my expensive-ass taste. It always gets me in trouble.

So we finally arrived at Sprinkles. Stacey got (3) cupcakes for her family and I got two. Angry Toddler picked out the vanilla one and I picked out the coconut flavor.

I made Angry Toddler wait until we got home to eat the cupcake. For $3.25, he was going to ENJOY IT. Ok, well maybe I wanted to enjoy mine. Angry Toddler ate (2) bites of his when we got home. Angry Husband ate most of mine, as I only ate one bite. I’ve brought Sprinkles home before, and Angry Husband was not very impressed. It seemed like he liked their stuff this time.

Had a Parent-Teacher Conference Today

Angry Husband picked up Angry Toddler at preschool on Monday. He saw a note to sign up for Parent-Teacher conferences. I got the “hey, you need to sign up for a time frame” comment Tuesday morning.

I had the meeting this morning at 9:30. Angry Toddler is doing well. Six months ago, the kid was running around, biting kids, not listening, and basically just being a little turd.

Today, he was “our brightest kid in the class, he has excellent fine motor skills, he knows all his numbers, and letters”. I’m soo proud of him.

Plus, as of November 1st. He’s OFFICIALLY potty trained.

His teacher recommended that we work with Angry Toddler more at home. Apparently the kid is trying to himself to read and write. I didn’t know that they did that at 3. So of course, I went to the teacher supply store and spent $35 on workbooks and shit. Like a good mom!

Oh, and the damn teacher, also told me that tomorrow is her last day. Can I get a heck ya. She totally annoyed Angry Husband and I. Plus, the woman didn’t even know what ADHD was when I met with her today. Bye, bye, bye!